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The Love of Pets

Posted on: October 16, 2021

I missed my two fur babies while I was away, but they were safe at home with hubby. Fortunately, everywhere I went, pets were available to cuddle, play with and walk. My granddaughter has a menagerie of animals at her place. Here’s a few pictures of the pets I spent time with.

Lexi and Roni at my granddaughters place
Lexi, her first doggy
Lexi loves her pillow
Kisses for Roni
Roni and her favourite toy
Thumbelina with her aunty
Motorhead looking very handsome
Timothy, an elegant old man helping out in the office

She even has goats to play with.

Goat love. Granddaughter with her goats.
Me with Pickle and Wiener
Lola the pug, my son’s cute family dog

I got to walk my friend’s granddogs too.

Walking the labyrinth with Panda

But I was very happy to come home to my two girls.

Dot and Lia waiting for Mom to come home

98 Responses to "The Love of Pets"

So many fun animals! And goats!!! My fav! I have had a great time at the beach but ready to go home to my kitties!

Your kitties will be so happy to see you. I thought of you when I met the goats as I know you love them. xo

awe! How awesome that you got to spend so much time with the animals! That is great!

It was great. We are a family of animal lovers.

I’ve always thought that I’d love to have a goat in my family!

Goats make greta pets if you have the outdoor space for them. Fortuantely my granddaughter has enough space for three of them.

A wonderful menagerie! We always miss our kitties while we’re gone and after they get over being offended with us, it’s a happy reunion. 🙂

We had cats in Vancouver and when ever we went away, they would give us the cold shoulder at first when we returned. xo

A characteristic of the species! 😉 🙂

How fun to have so many animals to play with. Your family is surely an animal lover. I bet you were happy to go back to your two girls. Have a wonderful weekend, Darlene.

Thanks, Miriam. We are a very animal loving family to be sure. Have a great weekend yourself.

Wow! You didn’t want for animal company during your visit. What fun!!

It was a lot of fun. Animals wherever I went.

They must have made the visit even more enjoyable!

That’s a lot of fuzzy lovin going on around there. You are so lucky to have so much available to you. I would think the goats would be the most entertaining but there is nothing like coming home to your own furry family. I love petting neighbors and family member’s pets since I can’t have any myself. A real day brightener. Glad your trip went well and you are safe at home again.

Thank you so much. If you can’t have pets, the next best thing is to love on other people’s. Some of our friends like to pet and play with our dogs to get their pet fix in. Of course, our dogs love the attention!

How wonderful to be surrounded by all those pets!

It was great! All well behaved and fun to be with.

I’d call this a Pet Paradise! How wonderful. I’ll have to share this with my friend Diane, the one with the five pups that I helped to move. And I love those goats.

It was pet heaven for me. Diane will understand. I hope her pets have settled into their new home. Goats are the best!!

When I come home after being around another dog, my pooch looks at me like, “Just who have you been petting?”

Oh yes. They know when we´ve been cheating on them. I had a 13 hour flight between so I don´t think my girls noticed, although I think they detected the goat smell on my jeans. 😉

How lovely all those pets and those goats are delightful 🙂

Thanks, carol. The goats are so cute and fun, until Bean peed on my foot!

Oh no…maybe it will bring you luck!

I think it did. I arrived back in Spain safe and sound and didn’t get sick. So all good!!

All good memories. Glad your back safely

Beautiful pictures for animals. Got is owne. I like animals.you love to pets.

Nice to meet another pet lover. xo


Love this post. I agree with everything. Your dogs are darling. My daughter lives in a condo, not appropriate for a dog, so dogsits to get her puppy fix. She gets pretty booked!

Dog sitting is a good way to get your doggie fix! Good for her. Glad you enjoyed the post.

All the photos remind me of the sentiment, “Pets are people too!” 😀

They certainly are and they are an important part of the family.

Hi Darlene, what a lovely post about pets. I’ve seen goats at farms we’ve visited and people do become very attached to them. Your daughter certainly has her hands full with so many pets and animals.

She loves animals and is in her glory. She actually runs a boarding kennel for dogs. So there are usually lots of dogs around besides her three. Another example of someone following her dreams. I’m so proud of her.

Love the assortment of “pets”!! How cool….I love animals and could hug all of them!! The goats were super cool!! Thanks for sharing!!

Me too. I love them all but those goats are pretty cool.

I truly didn’t expect them as I was going through the captures! I had a big smile on my face with all the dogs and cats and then the goats really widened my grin!!

Hi, Darlene – I’m glad that you are home safe and sound. I bet Dot and Lia are very glad of this as well!

My girls were so happy to see me. When they picked me up at the airport, Lia´s tale wagged so hard and fast it hit Dot in the face as she tried to get to me. Too funny.

I’ve experienced many animals and the ones that are most unpredictable and entertaining are goats. It’s like they are clowns, sneaky, mischievous clowns that want a laugh and the greener grass on the other side of the fence.

Goats are the best. I´m glad my granddaughter has the space for them.

Lovely post, Darlene. And the two previous. I’m glad you had such a good trip home to Canada.

Thanks. Audrey. It was a great trip. Just what I needed.

You were indeed surrounded by a menagerie of animals, I’m sure you enjoyed them all.

They were so much fun to be around and kept me from missing my two, too much. We are a family of animal lovers.

A menagerie indeed! How wonderful to spend time with them. How long were you away?

It was great! I was away for only two weeks this time.

Love this!!! Oh they are all so gorgeous. Great pics! Especially love the one of Lexi with her pillow, it so captures the activity! And goats wow how absolutely amazing. As a huge animal lover totally relate to each and every photo. So heartwarming thanks for sharing!


So pleased you loved these pictures, Peta Lexi has been in our family for 11 years, my granddaughter’s first dog. She loves her pillow and sucks on it while she sleeps sometimes. Spending time with my granddaughter is so much fun as she always has a lot of animals around and now she has goats to play with! How lucky am I. Not surprised you are a huge animal lover like me. xo

Awww… adorable!

Wouldn’t your students love to visit the goats.

So many wonderful furry friends, Darlene – bet you got all kinds of snuggles and cuddles. And I love the name Motorhead for a cat, lol.

That is such a cool name and he is one cool cat too. Yes, lots of snuggles as well as fun with the goats too.

How wonderful to have lots of adorable pets on your visit – they all look so friendly!

They are all very friendly and well behaved. My granddaughter is very good at training her pets.

Glad you’re back home with your hubby and babies. They are adorable. Can’t believe one sleeps with a pillow. Mine would have chewed it up! Fun pictures of animals on your trip — loved the goats!

I had a great time with family, friends and pets but I am glad to be home. The goats were a real treat.

Darlene, you sure were surrounded by some awesome pets. You looked like you had a great time visiting your granddaughter. The pets (and your granddaughter) must have kept you from being lonely for your pets (and your husband). ❤

They were all so awesome and kept me in pet heaven until I got back home! Thanks, Carol.

Gorgeous pets and beautiful daughter, Darlene. Toni x

Oh my gosh, Darlene. I’m sitting here on (my) Thursday morning smiling ear to ear. I love animals. I love the smiles they bring to us. I love the cuddles. I love your post. 🙂

Just another thing we have in common my friend, the love of animals. So pleased you enjoyed the post. Each one of these pets gave me lots of smiles.

Dog hugs are a salve for my soul. I love the photos you post of your two cuties on Instagram and FB. 🙂

Those two got me through the pandemic!!

Makes me want to cuddle them all!

They were all very cuddlable. (is that a word?)

I love all your pets! They are so cute. Thank you for sharing them with us!

We tend to be a pet loving family so every where I went, there were pets to love. Thanks Wanda.

What lovely animals you have, I love dogs and goats.

I have the last two dogs. All the others belong to my family and friends. I love them all.

I suppose the nice thing is they are like grandkids then, when you have had enough you can give them back. Sorry couldn’t resist 🙂

LOL! We were just saying that the other day.

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Thanks so much, Esme. Today I signed a book for a young woman who’s name was Esme. I thought of you.

Mwah, thank you so much. Not many people with that name. I am sure she will love your book

Great, you are fortunate enough to spend leisure time with animals, you like. Nice pics.

Thanks, I am truly blessed. xo

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Wow! Great photos and no shortage of furry friends!

I´m glad we got some pictures of the pets. They are all wonderful.

It looks like the love of animals runs in the family Darlene. What fun to have so many to visit and cuddle, Including the goats! I bet your two special pups were very happy on your return.

Thanks, Sue. We certainly are a family of pet lovers. Lia was so happy to see me she wagged her tail so hard it hit Dot in the face as she tried to get to me too. It was so great to be back home with them. xo

All cuties but I’m lovin’ the goats!

I know, right. Those goats are awesome.

Wonderful photos of all these darling creatures! I love goats…so adorable!

Thank you so much, the goats are wonderful.

don’t show these to Dot & Lia… you are so pretty, Darlene!

Thanks! I know, I was careful not to show my girls about my Canadian pets. xo

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