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Rocky Mountain High

Posted on: October 9, 2021

You can imagine how excited I was when my friend suggested we take a drive to Banff, about an hour and a half from Calgary. The excitement grew as we drove through the picturesque foothills and came closer and closer to the majestic Rocky Mountains of Canada.

Foothills outside Calgary with Rocky Mountains in the distance
Getting closer
Wow! I had forgotten how incredibly amazing these mountains are.

We parked the car and went in search of a good place to have lunch when we encountered a gathering of Stony-Nakoda First Nations people preparing for a traditional dance performance. I am always amazed at my luck when ever I happen upon these cultural events. We were treated to an incredible performance by many members of the Chief’s family. This made my day!

Adorable in a jingle dance dress
Performing the jingle dance

I was delighted to see a jingle dance performance as I mention this dance in Amanda in Alberta: The Writing on the Stone

A gorgeous traditional dress with intricate bead work
An impressive performance by the Chief’s grandson
This splendid dance took my breath away
Another beautiful traditional dress
Some family members keeping the dance tradition alive for us to enjoy today.

The importance of family was highlighted when we were privileged to witness a baby naming ceremony for a great nephew, recently born.

A traditional baby naming ceremony
I was honoured to have a picture taken with the chief and his granddaughter in her jingle dance dress

Banff is Canada’s first national park, established in 1885. It is the most visited park with over three million visitors a year. The town of Banff has many wonderful museums, craft shops, and restaurants. We had a great lunch at Nourish Cafe. Although some say it has become too touristy, I feel Banff still retains its mountain village charm.

The town of Banff nestled in the mountains
We had coffee at the impressive Banff Springs Hotel
And visited the original Cave and Basin hot springs where hot water filled with minerals seeps from the rocks
Every where we went, we found incredible views.

And on the drive home, the mountains seen from another view.

Thanks so much Sheila for this wonderful day. A day to remember!

BFFs by the Bow Falls

79 Responses to "Rocky Mountain High"

What an adventure ❤️ I’m so happy you two for to experience this together.

It was a wonderful adventure! Thanks for visiting my blog.

You’re welcome! I have visited the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains❤️❤️ I love them so much more than any beach.

What an adventure indeed🌺

It was so much fun. Thanks for visiting.

A well photographed exciting trip with a splendid bonus

Thanks, Derrick. I couldn´t stop taking pictures. It was an amazing bonus to be sure.

I enjoyed your trip. The mountains are impressive, and your photos of the Indians are superb. We’ve seen dances by a local tribe on the reservation near us.

Thanks, Anne. Pleased you enjoyed the pictures. I took so many it was hard to decide which ones to share.

What a fabulous experience for you, and your photos are beautiful!

Thanks, Clive. I guess I should have attributed the title to John Denver.

I was half expecting the video to pop up at the end, but that’s probably just me 😂

Beautiful! It’s on my bucket list.
When I saw the title, I thought you were in Colorado!!

Yes, The Rocky Mountains are one of the many things we share with the US. You would love it there and fall is a perfect time to visit.

I’ve been to Kootney and Whistler!

What a lovely day you had! Great photos, Darlene.

Thanks, Stevie. It was a great day!

What a trip! This post is a real feast for the eyes. Another Amanda adventure in the offing?

So pleased you enjoyed my trip to Banff. Some of this is in Amanda in Alberta, just not Banff itself. So you never know.

This place looks so beautiful nestled between mountains.

Thanks, it is a beautiful place.

Beautiful photos, Darlene. Sounds like a great time!

It was wonderful. Thanks! WE will have lots to talk about when we see each other again.

That looked like a fun trip. We live near an Apache reservation in AZ for many years and always enjoyed their traditional dances and celebrations. These days, all towns need to cater toward tourists to keep the coffers flowing. It’s a sad but true reality. I’ve always wanted to go there but not made it yet. Maybe soon. You’ve made it seem well worth the trip.

It certainly is worth the trip. I lived in Calgary for 6 years and visited Banff often, taking it for granted at the time. It was so great to return after all this time. I would suggest going in the fall as there aren’t as many visitors. It is a popular summer and winter destination.

Leaving Banff and the Canadian Rockies, I didn’t want the scenery to end. So, I folded my knees on the backseat looking out the rearview window, so I wouldn’t miss a moment!

I know the feeling. I’ve been through them many times over the years and every time I am awestruck!!

Incredible journey and those gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to visit Canada again! I love those dances by the First People. They remind me of my visit to New Mexico many years ago. My friends and I had the good fortune of being able to watch the native people in the Santa Fe area perform the Deer Dance.

That would be amazing to see. I believe one of the dances performed on the day I was in Banff was called The Chicken Dance. I was so lucky to happen upon this performance.

Fantastic scenery, terrific photos and so cool to see the Native American cultural presentation!

Thanks John. The scenery is incredible, no wonder it s such a popular spot with photographers and painters.

Thanks so much for sharing this, Darlene. Fabulous photos. So very different from the Banff in Scotland where my son has now completed his first week’s teaching. Maybe Amanda could visit the Banff in Scotland – with you and me, of course 🙂

That would be so much fun. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I hope his first week went well. xo

[…] Rocky Mountain High […]

Thank you for the reblog. That is most kind.

Hi Darlene! I’m so glad I caught this post. Having just finished reading There There by Tommy Orange, I’ve been thinking about Native American dancing. The jingle dress is very pretty and I enjoyed seeing all the costumes and learning about Banff. A great day for you and your friend!

I will check out There There. I just finished reading Michelle Good´s Five Little Indians. It is so good and well worth a read. We need to read more form the First Nation/Native American´s perspective. I love the dancing.

I saw that book recently. I’m going to take a look. Thanks, Darlene!

What an awesome time you had!! Banff is so beautiful and having lived a number of years in the Colorado Rockies I have a strong appreciation for this chain of mountains running through both of our countries. You were also so lucky to have been there for the native dance and naming ceremony!! Again, awesome time!! Thanks for sharing Darlene!

Thanks, Kirt. I was moved to tears when I watched the dancing. These things need to be preserved in North America just as traditional dancing is being kept alive here in Europe.

What a wonderful visit, Darlene! I absolutely LOVE Banff. Thank you for reviving fond memories!

Banff is very special and it had been some time since I had visited. So it was a special day.

What a beautiful trip! I imagine the snow’s starting to appear now. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

There was no snow when I was there but I´m sure it will be there soon. It is very pretty in the snow but i prefer to visit in the fall. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. xo

What a fantastic day! The intricate details and colors on their clothing are magnificent. Isn’t it great that these Native American traditions continued to be passed on to future generations?

Great shot of you in the middle of the street with the mountains in the background.

Thanks, Pete. I have always been amazed at the traditional clothing of the plains First Nations. I am so pleased the traditions are being continued. I noticed in my great granddaughter´s history textbook, more of the native history is being included in their studies. North America´s history does not start at the arrival of the Europeans.

Wow!! Banff is gorgeous. The traditions with dance, music and stunning costumes are so important. I remember the jungle dance from Amanda in Alberta!

Thanks, Jennie. I am so glad to see these traditions continue, not just for tourists and visitors to enjoy, but for the future generations to appreciate their culture.

Oooh. I loved seeing this post, Darlene. Now I have another Amanda book to read! My husband and I just booked a trip to the Canadian Rockies for next summer, and I need lots of ideas from Amanda about what to do. Those hot springs look tantalizing and wouldn’t it be wonderful to stumble upon a First Nation’s event. Thanks for the great photos!

How wonderful that you have travel plans to look forward to. You will just love the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Glad you enjoyed the photos to give you something to look forward to.

The place looks spectacular, Darlene. And I do love mountains!

Hi Darlene, what a fabulous visit. Your pictures are excellent.

Thanks, Robbie. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Beautiful adventure. Amazing pohot. I like

Wow, thanks for sharing some spectacular shot of Banff, and the native costumes. I would love to watch one of those performances and have my photo taken with the Chief! ❤

It was a very special experience and I was moved to tears watching the dances. Having my picture taken was the icing on the cake. Banff never disappoints.

Fantastic memory. 🙂

Banff is beautiful in every season. The mountains are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. I recall visiting the sulfur hot water pond in December and seeing goldfish swimming. The water was bath water temperature. I recall walking past a fort to get there. Inside the fort they sold all sorts of locally-crafted items. I bought my nephew a raccoon hat, just like Davey Crocketts. I bought rabbit skins (for crafts) and mukluks.

Banff is just as popular in the winter as in the summer. Those hot pools are wonderful and how Banff was discovered and made so popular all those years ago. I recall my parents going to Banff when I was a child so dad could sit in the pools which helped his bad back. You have some great memories.

Oh, I could just imagine how those hot pools would soothe an aching back and relieve the soul.

The Stony-Nakoda People’s costumes are amazing! I wonder if they’re heavy?
Banff is lovely. The Rocky Mountains are a must-see!

Thanks, Jacquie. The costumes are something else. Those mountains never cease to amaze me. Everyone should see them at least once.

Loved these photos, Darlene – I would love to visit Banff. Toni x

Thanks, Toni. I hope you get to Banff one day. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Such an adventure, Darlene. I am green with jealousy over all of it. The culture of Indians has a lot to be admired.

Thanks, Jacqui. It was a great adventure, just what I needed.

How wonderful to see the sacred dance and the mountains! Great photos.

Seeing the dances made the trip extra special. xo

Nature – the ultimate adventure and beauty-maker. Thanks for sharing these incredible photos, Darlene!

So pleased you enjoyed them, Pam. xo

Thank you for sharing your trip with us! The mountains and the Chief and his granddaughter’s attire are beautiful!

So pleased you enjoyed the trip with me. I love the First Nations attire.

I smiled through the whole post Darlene. Lovely that you were able to spend a day in Banff while you were here. No matter how often one sees the majestic beauty it is a joy with each visit. How fortunate to witness the traditional dances and especially the baby naming ceremony.

I did think of you when I was writing this post as you have created some amazing articles on Banff and area. I hadn´t realized it had been such a long time since I had been to visit. We stopped driving to Alberta from Vancouver when flying was more time efficient and not much more expensive. Watching the traditional dance was a bonus!

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