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Oh Canada!

Posted on: October 5, 2021

After two long years, I finally made it back to Alberta, Canada. As I landed in Calgary and saw the prairies unfold below me, I burst into tears. It was so good to see my family and friends again. I was given comfy beds to sleep in, yummy meals, pets to snuggle and great conversations. Four generations of women spent valuable time together at my granddaughter´s place. We celebrated mom’s life at a local park by talking about her life and how much she meant to each of us, and by sharing food, conversation and laughter. She would have liked that. Here´s just a few photos of the trip.

Mom’s sister and brother along with my brother and I celebrating mom´s life
Three generations of amazing women, all mine!
Grandkids and grand dog. Love them to bits.
With number one daughter
With number one son
My excellent chauffeur in Medicine Hat, the youngest grandson with his first car.

And I woke up to goats outside my window!!

Goats on the prairie. Wiener, Pickle and Bean
With my grand goats

I did a book signing event at a wonderful bookstore in Medicine Hat, called Unlimited Characters.

A book signing at Unlimited Characters in Medicine Hat, Alberta. A great turn out.
It was so great to see the prairies

A good friend took me to Banff for a day trip. What a treat. I had forgotten how amazing those Rocky Mountains are. I will do another post just about Banff soon.

The road to Banff
With a good friend at Bow Falls, she treated me to a fabulous day in Banff.
Those Rocky Mountains make a great backdrop.

And I got to see cousins I hadn´t seen for a long time.

Cousins are the best!
A dear cousin in her lovely back yard. She gave me a place to sleep and drove me around Calgary.
And I found the most amazing outhouse! I need to put this in a story somewhere.

It was time well spent and I have all these wonderful memories to keep me going.

More to come…

97 Responses to "Oh Canada!"

What an awesome trip you had Darlene! Your post with the pictures made it feel like we were there with you!! The reunion with family is one of the greatest feelings most of us have in our lives. Can’t wait for the Banf post!!

Thanks. One certainly appreciates family when world events prevent you from visiting them. There were times in the past two years when I wondered if I would ever see them again. Banff is an artist’s delight!

Glad you came to Riverside Girls supper….you sure know how to have a wonderful holiday. See you next time around I hope. Linda Gertner

It was so great to see you and all the Riverside girls. Thanks for including me. Why didn’t we take a picture??

I wondered the same thing. I ran off your article about Medicine Hat that you posted that was sooo discsripted, .you made me take a better look at where I grew up and are sooo good at making people imagine they are right beside you in your storytelling…you are truly blessed with such a wonderful talent. I wouldn’t mind getting some more of your books. Mygrandchildren are not interested in reading anything that is not electronic, it seems, but I would like to purchase some of the ones you have written… so email me a list and I will get back to you with how to pay you. I assume you are back in Spain by now.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am back in Spain now. Hubby and pups are glad to have me back. Unlimited Characters on Dunmore Road has some of my books if you would like to stop in there and buy a few. That might be the easiest way to get them.

Congratulations, Darlene! One can see you are happy to the max. Enjoy a great stay! xx Michael

Thanks so much, Michael. It was a wonderful time. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Thanks for the reblog too.

I am happy with you, Darlene! Nothing can be better than visiting the homeland. Thank you also for sharing these wonderful and impressive photos. Enjoy a nice week! xx Michael

What a fabulous trip home, Darlene. Your excitement comes across so clearly. Looking forward to more post about your trip. I especially want to know about Banff as my son stated teaching in our Scottish Banff today!

That’s right! I hope it all goes well for him. The Banff post will be along shortly. Hugging those kids was the best!!

I’d burst into tears too, seeing all 4 generations. The photos are all lovely but the one I can easily relate to is the one with a grandson and his first car.

Yes, I do expect to see that charming outhouse in one of your books. Ha!

They are so proud of their first car, aren’t they. He was pleased he could drive me around. That was some outhouse!

So glad you made it back! There’s no place like home! Especially in the beautiful Canadian Rockies!

I know. It was so good to be back, if only for a short visit.

I can tell you had a wonderful time, Darlene. That is just wonderful.

Thanks, Jacqui. It was a special time in many ways.

Wow! Love the gorgeous pictures in Alberta. Just like the “Heartland” show. Looks like a wonderful time with family.

Alberta is a special place with plenty of sunshine and wide open spaces. And of course it’s the place where most of my family is. My daughter came from BC to be with all of us which was great.

What a surreal moment to land in the airport after two years, Darlene! I love seeing your family and friends and grand-four-leg members. Beautiful and wonderful. We’re still planning to go to Banff even though we canceled the trip due to Covid.

I’m sure you will get to Banff one day soon. It is a gorgeous place. I’ll post more pictures soon.

I love to see more personal pictures, Darlene. Looking forward to your post.

Welcome home, Darlene! I love the Alberta feeling of open spaces, long horizons and the blue sky that goes on forever. Love your photos and am looking forward to seeing how you include the outhouse in your next Amanda adventure. Hugs!

Thanks, Rebecca. Alberta will always hold a special place in my heart, no matter where I live. That is some outhouse!

Welcome home, Darlene. I love the Rocky Mountains and Banff. I spent a winter there working and climbing mountains. I’d love to get back and see it in the summer.

Goats! I love goats. And that outhouse is something to replicate. Wow. I need one. Thank you for sharing. I’m saving the photo. It might even make it as a garden shed.

The goats were fun. My granddaughter loves animals and has three dogs, three cats and three goats on her acreage. She also has a boarding kennel so there are lots of animals around. Lucky you to have worked in Banff. Such a gorgeous place.

Wonderful photos of your trip! Glad you got back to see family and friends.

Thanks, Rebecca. It was wonderful.

Darlene, what a wonderful visit for you and your loved ones. Beautiful family, gorgeous landscape. Yes, two years is a long time. I can relate and can hardly wait to go back to Switzerland once more. But I just got to thinking how lucky we are today to be able to go back to our home country. Think about the early immigrants. They left and most of them never saw their original families again.

Christa, I think about that all the time. Back then, once they said goodbye to their family, they never saw them again. We are indeed lucky and two years seems like a long time but is nothing when you think of it. When was the last time you were back in Switzerland? xo

What a lovely adventure with family and friends in such a gorgeous setting. I’m looking forward to hearing more Darlene!

Thanks, Meg. I´m glad you enjoyed the post.

What a great family reunion – thanks for sharing all of the happiness with us!

Thanks, John. It was a happy time, something we all needed.

What a marvelous trip! Thanks for sharing all those great photos, too. And you have grand goats!!! Wow! Your children and grandchildren are the greatest.

They are pretty great! Thanks, Anne.

Very happy for you, Darlene. I’m sure your dear mother would have been very happy to have her life celebrated with a wonderful family reunion!

Thanks for stopping in and commenting, Angela. I think it was a fitting way to say goodbye as we couldn´t meet 6 months ago when she passed away. Getting together with family and friends was her favourite thing to do.

It’s great that you had such a wonderful time with family and friends. Those memories will be with you forever 😊

They will indeed, Clive. Thanks.

So great to come back home after living abroad. My favorites were the generational shots.

Thanks, Pete. Those are my favourites as well. Wish I had taken more of them.

An amazing feeling, I’m sure, to fly in after two years. Your smile in every photo says it all.

Thanks so much! It was a very good feeling. As you know, there is no place like home.

These are all wonderful pictures, Darlene. How lovely that you managed to finally go home for a visit. That outhouse is so cute.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. The pandemic was hard for everyone but even harder when far away from family. Loved that outhouse.

Sounds like a wonderful time. My hubby’s from Alberta too, but he’s from Edmonton. We got married over there during the time I lived there for six months.

Thank is so cool. My brother lived in Edmonton for many years and I visited there often. Thanks for visiting my blog. xo


How wonderful for you, Darlene. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. Loved seeing the photos!

Thanks, Laura. Nothing like spending time with family.

Thank you for sharing the photos of your trip with us, Darlene! Your family was certainly delighted to see you!!

Thanks, Liz. We were all happy to see each other. It just seemed like a long time. My daughter hadn´t seen any family members for almost two years either as she lives on the west coast. Strange times but we all managed.

You’re welcome, Darlene. Strange times, indeed. Dare we hope they become less strange in the coming months?

How wonderful, Darlene. I’m so happy for you that you could go at last. Hope the preparations and paperwork weren’t too onerous, and that you’ll continue to enjoy every minute of your stay xx

Thanks, Ruth. It was just what I needed. The paperwork and added stress at the airport was certainly worth it. I’m back in Spain now, with many fond memories.

Darlene, I’m so happy that you were finally able to visit your family and friends in Canada. Two years – Wow! Every single photo shows how happy everyone is, and if there’s any silver lining to the Pandemic it’s that it will be a long time before anyone takes family visits for granted. ~James

We were just talking about that very thing. I believe we have all come to appreciate family so much more since the pandemic. I was amazed at how the kids had grown and matured in 2 years. My youngest grandson has a car now and drove me around!! Although travelling is now more complicated and stressful, it was worth the effort.

I’m glad you were able to get together with your family to reconnect and reminisce about your mom’s life.
All those great smiles will keep you warm until your next visit ❤

Exactly. Thanks so much, Jacquie.

Darlene, I’m so glad you got to spend time in Canada with friends and family. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. Two years, wow. If the pandemic wasn’t an issue, would you have come home more often?

I usually try to get back once a year. I would have been back in June 2020 for a huge family reunion and my grandson’s graduation. We all know how that went thanks to the pandemic. It was a wonderful trip, even though there were still some restrictions.

Such a special times, Darlene.. Your grandsons first car he looks so chuffed
that beautiful outhouse.. The goats.. Everything looks just perfect… Xxx

It was as close to perfect as you can get. So glad I bit the bullet and did it.

What a wonderful trip back home, Darlene. I’m glad that you had such a terrific catch up.
And yes, definitely — you need to put that outhouse in one of your upcoming books!

Thanks, Donna. It couldn’t have been better and the weather was wonderful too.

Darlene, wow! What an amazing return to Canada and no wonder you broke out into tears! Family galore and they all look fantastic, so warm and kind! You must be SO proud! The trips look amazing and can’t wait to read more later. As for the outside loo, it is adorable and definitely one to feature in a book. Congratulations on the great turn out for the book signing. Are you staying in Canada for a while now? I have a feeling there are plenty more people to catch up with around the country.

Thanks, Annika. So pleased you enjoyed the pictures of my wonderful family and friends. I am back in Spain with hubby and doggies. I only went to Alberta this time as my daughter came from BC to be with all of us. Things were still restricted there as well so there was only so much I could do. The main reason was to say goodbye properly to mom and to hug my kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Banff pictures are on the way.

Beautiful pictures Darlene. Thanks for showing off a bit of our beautiful country ❤

Thanks, Debby. More coming!

How wonderful that you could return. I can understand why it would have been emotional to see the prairies from the plane window. I really enjoyed your social media posts along the way too.

Thanks Sue. It was a great homecoming in spite of some restrictions. Glad you enjoyed the posts as well. Are you aware of a town called Perdue, Saskatchewan?

I’ve heard of Perdue but haven’t been there. It’s about 2 hours west of where my Mom lives.

My granddaughter just inherited a used bookstore there. Go figure!

Wow that is quite the inheritance!

Your post put me in a good mood, Darlene. Oh! To be reunited with family after a Covid-forced time away. I could FEEL the joy through each of your photos. Wonderful!!

Thanks, Pam. The sadness of saying goodbye to Mom was tempered with the joy of being together after all this time. I know she was happy we were all together and probably pleased that she was the cause of the reunion.

I’m so excited you were able to see your family in Canada after such a long time away, Darlene! Wonderful pics – looks like you had a fabulous time.

Thanks, Teri. It was so great to see family and friends again. Glad you liked the pics!

Great photographs, Darlene. Lovely to be with your family again for a while. We drove many thousands of miles when in Toronto and eventually reached BC and Vancouver Island. Some breathtaking scenery! xx …

That drive across Canada is amazing. You would have driven through the Rocky Mountains too. I´m glad this brought back some memories. There is nothing like spending time with family. xo

There’s no place like home. I started humming “Oh Canada” when I read your post. It is really beautiful, from prairies to the Rocky Mountains. And, nothing beats family. Fabulous, Darlene!!

Exactly, no matter where we roam, there is no place like home! I kept humming Home on the Range as I saw antelope skipping over the fields. I didn’t get a picture though as they are very fast.

Exactly! I would have been singing the same song, too.

What a lovely family you have, Darlene – great photos!

Thanks! They are pretty special, if I do say so myself.

You must have had a delightful time with your family and friends again. Long awaited and wonderful moments with each of them.

Thanks, Karen. It was such a great time. So glad I was able to do it.

No place is better than our own home. Wish you all happiness in your home in Canada

Home is where the heart is. Thanks.

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