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Book Review – Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady by Darlene Foster

Posted on: October 2, 2021

Just when I thought life couldn´t get any better, I woke up to this fantastic review the other morning. I love when the reader gets what I try to do with these books; inspire a love of reading as well as provide some interesting facts about a place. Thanks, Toni.

Toni Pike

My book review this week is a five-star review for Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady by Darlene Foster. This is the eighth book in the Amanda Travels series, mysteries ideal for children aged 9 – 12 years. If you’re looking for an exciting children’s adventure set in a fascinating country, then I can’t recommend this highly enough.

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44 Responses to "Book Review – Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady by Darlene Foster"

Celebrating your every success!

Thank you so much my dear!!

Thanks so much for the reblog, Darlene – I loved reading Amanda in Malta. Toni x

I was delighted with this review! Thanks.

Heading over to read the review now!

Thanks. I liked your comment.

You’re welcome, Darlene. Anything we can do to promote literacy for all we should do!

Great stuff Darlene, and well deserved.

M x

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Thank you, I appreciate that!

What a great way to start a weekend. Congratulations, Darlene!

What a wonderful review to wake up to. Thank you for sharing this!

Thanks, Donna. It made my day.

Congratulations, Darlene! Heading over to read Toni’s review.

I’m delighted with this review as you can imagine.

It was great that Toni had traveled to Malta. It gave special meaning to her review. Congratulations again, Darlene.

It’s wonderful how these books appeal to young and old alike- congrats!

Thanks, Jacquie. We are all young at heart anyway!!

Bravo! Well deserved!

Thanks so much, John.

Darlene Foster is so deserving. I’m an oldie who enjoys her Amanda series very much.

Thanks, my good friend. I’m sorry I didn’t make it to BC this time to see you but I didn’t want to do too much travelling. Next time!

What a nice way to start your day, Darlene!

Congratulations, Darlene! Keep them coming! Where will Amanda go next?

Thanks, Pete. Amanda will be going to France next, but that´s just between you and me. 🤫

Those surprises are the best, Darlene. Congrats on the review. I’m heading over to Toni’s to read the rest. 🙂

Thanks, Dianna. And now I just had another pleasant surprise when I read your recent post. Delighted to say the least.

Great review, Darlene. I enjoyed this adventure too.

Thanks, Norah. I have been over the moon with the reviews for this book. Maybe I´m doing something right.

That’s a definite, Darlene.

Thanks for the review. These reader reviews are so important to readers and writers alike. What a wonderful way to find literary gems like these. -Michael

Thanks so much. I agree, reader reviews are the best!

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