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#TenThingsYouMayNotKnow – About Darlene Foster

Posted on: September 26, 2021

While I was away, Marcia Meara featured me on her blog where I disclose ten things you may not know about me. There may be some surprises there. Check it out. There will be more about my trip home soon.

The Write Stuff

I hope you guys are enjoying this series as much as I am, because I don’t foresee it going away any time soon, especially with all the great guests we’ve had so far. And today is another list from a really super blogger and writer, Darlene Foster. I know you’ll enjoy it, so let’s get started. Take it away, Darlene!

(NOTE: Just heard from Darlene, who is traveling and can’t respond right now. She said she’s enjoyed reading all your comments and will be responding herself as soon as she’s home. That gal DOES do some serious traveling, as mentioned in her Ten Things List. 😁)

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me
by Darlene Foster

  1. I’m very short, barely graze 5 feet. What I lack in height, I make up for in enthusiasm and determination.
  2. I have worn glasses since I was in grade three. I feel…

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43 Responses to "#TenThingsYouMayNotKnow – About Darlene Foster"

Thanks so much for sharing this with your followers, Darlene. I hope some of them will stop by and read your entire list. It was so much fun to learn more about you and your adventurous life! Hope you’ll visit The Write Stuff more often in the future! 🤗 💖

Sorry about being so late in responding. I’ve been home a couple of days but the jet lag has really hit me this time. So just catching up. I love these lists and it was so much fun to be part of this series. Thanks!!

Great! Thank you for sharing the information. Lets look, what Marcia has discovered about the mother of Amanda. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

Thanks, Michael. I love that you call me the mother of Amanda. I guess I did birth (create) her. Have a great day!!

Don’t worry, Darlene, I can’t milk a cow either (nor would I want to!).

I am happy to buy my milk at the grocery store. xo

I have soya milk anyway, lol.

I’m looking forward to reading them, Darlene!

Thanks, Jacqui for your comment. xo

Heading over there now. I’m sure there will be plenty of fascinating things to read.

Thanks, Goldie. Enjoyed your comments.

Great to read this…thanks for sharing!

awesome, will go check it out now! Glad you are back safely! X

Darlene – your enthusiasm is a brilliant light in the writing, blogging and reading communities. Marcia Meara is a great interviewer.

Thanks! It was fun to recall things most readers don’t know about me.

I can’t milk a cow, either.

Not many can, but when you are raised on a farm, with milk cows, it is expected that you should be able to. My poor dad got very frustrated trying to teach me.

That was a fun ten things, Darlene. It’s always great to learn more about you. 🙂

Thanks, Diana. Short folks need to stick together. xo

Awesome fun facts, Darlene! I greatly enjoyed learning more about you! 😀

Thanks, Donna. Soon I will have no secrets!

Well always a surprise from you Darlene. You can’t type? I’m thinking you have found a workaround with all of your prolific writing! Always enjoy learning more about you. I have enjoyed following your Canadian trip on social media. Looking forward to more details on the blog.

Thanks, Sue. I know, right. A writer should be able to type! I wasn´t able to do any book signing events due to restrictions this trip but hopefully next time. I did however get to see family and friends which was the main reason for going.

Thanks so much to both of you for sharing such fun information. The Sandra Lake quote is one more people should read. Travel changes and opens perspective. I only have a kitchen because it came with the house and not sure I can name a favorite book. There were none as a child but once I found a library, it was all over. I tried to learn to drive a motorcycle but my first husband was not the best teacher. I drove it up the side of the garage wall. I rode with him all the time though and with my son. Keep those stories coming.

I’m glad you enjoyed these things about me. I have never driven a motorcycle, just travelled as a passenger. I’m sure I would not be alive to share these stories if I was the driver!

If you ever decided to try it, get a different teacher than I had. 🙂 It could have been fun. I’ll try almost anything…once.

Good articles in a charming blog … congratulations 👍
ALOZADE A. ( painter)

I enjoyed getting to know a little more about you, Darlene. Enjoy your travels.

Heading over to read the rest!

There may be some surprises.

I loved this! How fun to have a middle name named after Dale Evans.

I know, my parents were pretty cool. Mom wrote in her memories that she loved picking names for babies.

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