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Adulting and Videos + Why Darlene Foster Writes For Children

Posted on: September 25, 2021

Please check out this amazing post about adulting, as well as an interview with me, a sort of adult. You can also listen to this article as a podcast! https://anchor.fm/depe9/episodes/Adulting–Why-Darlene-Foster-Writes-For-Children-e175nif

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

What was the day you became an adult?

Young Adult (aka YA) is a major category when it comes to selling fiction, especially because people of all ages enjoy reading it. If I could swing it, I’d aim for that, rather than the harder sell of literary fiction, which the genre of the novels I’m working on.

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing a couple of young people leave home to start college. In one case, friends were driving their son to begin university classes in San Jose, 400 miles north of Los Angeles. My husband and I flew to meet up with the parents and then the four of us enjoyed a leisurely drive back south.

Khashayar takes our photo as José and Alina look over his right shoulder. Our southbound cruise along Pacific Coast Highway included Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Granted, it was a weekday, but it was still eerily quiet for peak summer season. Note the aerial ride is vacant, aside from a mannequin. Us, Dangerous Minds, Sudden Impact, Harold and Maude, and The Lost Boys, are some of the movies filmed there. Khashayar takes our photo as José and Alina look over his right shoulder. Our southbound cruise along Pacific Coast Highway included Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Granted, it was a weekday…

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38 Responses to "Adulting and Videos + Why Darlene Foster Writes For Children"

Always an exciting event–launching children into college. Sounds like you-all had fun!

Often bittersweet for most parents.

It is usually sad until they come home at Thanksgiving and then you remember…. After the holiday is over you wave good bye with a big smile on your face.

yes, Jacqui, it was fun — & yes, Darlene, my friends seemed a bit conflicted — & Bernadette, I hope that’ll be the case 🙂

I enjoyed this post, Darlene.

It is good. We all become adults in different ways. How is Michael doing?

I listened to this last night. It’s too bad that we couldn’t hear your natural voice, but learning about your road to becoming published was interesting.

Thanks, Pete. Da-Al did a great job reading the post. I was recently interviewed on CBC Radio in Canada. It will air on Monday, Sept 27th at 4:35 Mountain Standard Time. https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio You might be able to catch it or even listen to it later.

I’ll be on the lookout for that.

thanks for listening, Pete – alas, I’m not up to speed with real interviews on my show, nonetheless Darlene’s great writing shines thru 🙂

Thank you for sharing your story of becoming an adult with us. So glad for you that you found an adoptive family that was so kind.

It was interesting to read/hear about Da-Al’s experience of becoming an adult. I like how she tied it in with my writing of children’s books that adults enjoy too.

Dear Darlene, looks like I read more clearly in the morning. Sorry for my confusion last night.

thanks for reading, Rebecca — & then even reading again 🙂

thanks so much for being a guest, Darlene! btw, for anyone who wants to hear it as a podcast, they can go here (which you can reblog later too if you want, Darlene): https://wp.me/p6OZAy-1kTN

Darlene, this is fabulous!!

glad you liked it, Jennie – indeed, Darlene is inspiring!

Great to read Da-Al’s. It made me reflect on my own road to adulthood. Often hard to pin down! Great tie in to stories and fiction.

It was a great tie-in. We all enter adulthood in a different way, some of us are still trying to enter. xo

thank you, RR — & Darlene, so true!

Heading over to read the rest!

It´s a great article all together. Enjoy.

I did enjoy the article, thanks!

Darlene I enjoyed reading about why you like writing for the age group.. that they are sponges. Also how wonderful it was that you had a teacher who taught so creatively about other countries. I wonder if she would have ever dreamed of the impact she was making?

I often wonder about that too. I´m so glad I was able to connect with her and let her know the difference she made for me.

Sue, great point — I love how we can impact ways we might never know of, yet we’re lucky for the encounters

Fantastic, Darlene. Toni x

tx for reading, Toni 🙂

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