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Annika Perry’s 5-Star Review of Amanda in Malta

Posted on: August 17, 2021

I am so excited to share this amazing 5-star review by Annika Perry. It made my heart dance to read this review and to see that the reader gets it! Annika, a published author of a series of short stories The Storyteller Speaks: Powerful Stories to Win Your Heart and a lovely picture book, Oskar’s Quest has a great blog you should check out.

Annika’s 5-Star review on Goodreads:

With a unique blend of adventure, friendship, history and travel Darlene Foster has hit upon a winning and inspirational combination for her children’s books Amanda Travels.

The series is aimed at middle grade (aged 9-12) children, although from reading her latest book I feel it would also be suited for adept readers of a younger age as well as reluctant readers.

Darlene Foster’s latest in the series, Book 8, takes the reader to Malta after Amanda receives a letter from her best friend Leah. To receive a letter alone sends concern to Amanda in the modern digital age of emails. Leah hints that something is wrong, but gives no detail and wants Amanda to join her.

Amanda would love to leave the cold wintry weather of Canada behind her for the warmth and sun of the Mediterranean island but would it even be possible?

As with all children’s books, a resolution is quickly found and Amanda joins her class mate and his parents on their holiday on the beautiful island.

Immediately the author captures the heavenly warmth of the landscape, limestone buildings and the history perfectly. In snippets, the reader is enveloped in the amazing historical elements of the island, some of which become central to the story whilst others act as a stunning backdrop to the action.

Any reservation I had that the historical might slow down the pace of the story proved unfounded as the plot is quickly propelled along. Although there are dramatic events such a brief kidnapping, ominous warnings, chases and unexplained killings of protected birds these are all pitched gently and safely for the younger reader.

Initially, Amanda cannot even find Leah and when she finds her it turns out that Leah’s aunt has become mixed up with crooks. Two criminals want Leah’s aunt, who is an archaeologist, to steal the 4000-year-old Sleeping Lady statue from the museum otherwise there will be consequences. Could Leah even be involved?

Luckily Amanda and Leah are not alone on their mission. Max is a helpful and able go-between and Caleb, the son of the family friend, provides many comic moments throughout the book, particularly with his strange phobia of fish and love of all things Popeye.

When finally they visit the famous Popeye Village he is ecstatic and his courage shines through as he has to rescue Leah!

I like how all the main characters are slightly flawed with their fears and how through working together they find courage, helping each other. The warmth and kindness is a beacon of hope!

Amanda in Malta is a hugely enjoyable book, the writing flows with ease and the plot had me eagerly turning the pages. The book took me back to my addictive reading of the Nancy Drew mysteries as young and I can see how readers will long to read and collect the whole series of Amanda Travels.

Although I have unfortunately not read any previous books within the series this is no way hampered my enjoyment or understanding of The Sleeping Lady. The author slips in enough backstory to ensure this book is an exciting and stand-alone book.

These reviews make all the hard work of writing and publishing a book worthwhile. Thanks Annika.

66 Responses to "Annika Perry’s 5-Star Review of Amanda in Malta"

A lovely review! Congratulations, Darlene!

A fabulous review! I have received my copy and look forward to reading it soon.

Thank you, Sue. Glad you got your copy. xo

Excitedly awaiting the arrival of your book! Congratulations on the great review.

Thanks, Laura. You know how much these mean to us writers.

Congratulations on the wonderful review, Darlene! I particularly appreciated Annika’s pointing out that the book would be appropriate for adept younger readers and reluctant readers, which is very helpful information for parents.

Thanks, Liz. I appreciated that as well.

You’re welcome, Darlene.

Wonderful review, Darlene. Congrats!

Annika writes really good reviews. Congratulations on such an informative review for potential readers.

Annika certainly is good at writing in-depth reviews. Thanks, Jacqui.

That is a marvelous review!

That it is. Thanks for commenting, Anne.

Bravo, Darlene, a wonderful review. Annika does write the most beautiful reviews.

Thanks, Robbie! I was lucky to get some awesome reviews for this book.

No wonder you were excited. That was a fantastic review!

Thanks, Pete. I´m still dancing on the ceiling.

What a fantastic and thorough review! Congratulations, Darlene, on a job very well done!

Thanks, Nancy. Made my day!!

Congratulations to Darlene on this wonderful review. I loved this too and reviewed on my blog. 🙂

I´ve been so pleased with all the reviews of this book. Thanks so much, Marje.

What a wonderful and insightful review, Darlene!

I was over the moon happy with this review. Thanks, Anne.

Yep. I agree. A great review and deserved. I’ve known Amanda for a number of years and I love the characters Darlene has created.

Thanks, John. I appreciate your input into the stories.

What a gorgeous review, Darlene – congratulations! Toni x

A stunning review from Annika. My heart would be dancing too, Darlene!

Congrats Darlene on this wonderful review!

Faithful and true–that’s Annika and you. Congrats once again!

How nice of you to say. Thanks, Marian.

What an awesome review! Congratulations!

Congrats on the great review! Hope it sells like hotcakes. : )

the book, not the review ; )

Darlene, it was a pleasure to read and review your book! I’m taken with Amanda and can I say slightly envious of her adventures! Many thanks for the lovely shout-out and links in the opening paragraph! xx

I´m just so pleased you enjoyed the book and Amanda! Thanks so much for the amazing review.

Congratulations, Darlene!

Thanks, Jennie!!

You’re welcome, Darlene.

Wow! That had to go to your head like fine wine 🙂 Awesome review, Darlene!

Wow, Darlene. Annika writes such wonderful reviews! It’s always a treat to land one of hers. Congrats!

She us an excellent reviewer. I was tickled pink with this one.

What a nice review and one that not only makes you smile but adds to your motivation to continue with writing.

It certainly does that.

A great review. Congratulation to both Darlene and Annika.

Thanks so much, Carol.

What a fabulous review for Darlene’s book, Annika – I’ve just started to read it. I love the series concept. Toni x

Thanks so much, Toni.

Congratulations, dear Darlene, for this great review of your text. May it sell well.
All the best
The Fab Four of Cley
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thank you for your kind words.

Wonderful and well deserved review Darlene..♥

A very exciting sounding book… it reminds me of the Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew books I once read…

Thanks!! I loved those books as a child as well as Trixie Belden and Donna Parker.

Those other two books I was unaware of… I always knew there was a hole in my reading…

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