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Perogies – A taste of home is always in fashion

Posted on: July 15, 2021

I am delighted to see my mom´s perogy recipe featured on Bernadette´s blog today. You will see that this delicious dish can be spelled many ways!

New Classic Recipe

Hi there,

Have you noticed that pirogies are having a moment? There are two pierogie restaurants in Philadelphia and numerous perogie food trucks. I was even in one of those hipster craft beer bars a little while ago and they had perogie as an appetizer.

I am suspicious that the Covid lockdown had something to do with it. I think the lockdown scared us all so bad that we need the security of down home foods. The lockdown also allowed us enough time to make them.

My friend Darlene shared this recipe and story about her Perogie making adventure.

Darlene’s Mom’s Perogy


“The secret ingredient is always love.” Michael Sorrentino

Here is my story and recipe as well as a picture of the perogies I made. Let me know if it is OK.

I haven’t been back to Canada for almost two years and miss my family a lot…

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52 Responses to "Perogies – A taste of home is always in fashion"

I enjoyed your story and a peek at your mother. That’s great that you made perogies again for old time’s sake.

Thanks, Anne. In our family, food means love. So many good memories.

I’d LOVE a taste of these!

I think I get the hint. xo

Love your story, I haven’t had perogies since my friend from New Jersey moved away! So good!

Thanks so much. You might want to try making them yourself!

That would be a real challenge for me , but you are right. I should go for it, they are yummy!

Terrific mix of food and family!

Thanks, John. You would love these.

My dad used to bring home perogies home from the Polish Sausage shop. What great memories. Later in life some ladies from the local church used to make and sell them, too. Alas, I am now relegated to buying them in the store. But they bring back memories of my Polish dad every time we eat them!

Such wonderful memories. They don’t sell them in the grocery stores here in Spain, at least I haven’t found them. So I had to try making them myself.

I remember having these in Poland.

Poland is where they originated but other Eastern European countries have them too. Which explains why all the different spellings. I must have them when we go to Poland!

Wonderful memories Darlene! Every time I made perogies for special occasions while raising my three sons, my mind was flooded with memories of my Baba’s perogies and the fun family gatherings at her table!

Those were the days, weren’t they. They are still the most popular dish at our family reunions.

At first, I thought these were similar to Russian Piroshki–which I ate a lot of in Russia–but they seem different. I’m clicking through to check on them.

Jacqui, I have never heard of Russian Piroshki. If you come up with a recipe and a story, I would enjoy making a post about it. Bernadette

Piroshki are made with bun type dough and baked in the oven. They are good as well. In Russia and the Ukraine, they call perogies, varenyky.

They are like dumplings but filled with meat and potatoes even. When I was in Russia, it was a staple. Of course that was 50 years ago.

Thank you, Darlene. I have the word in my head, written in Cyrillic, which never translates well to the Roman alphabet!

It’s funny how the same thing or similar things can be called by many different names. My family was German but lived in Russia for many years before immigrating to Canada. So our words are often a mix of German and Russian.

Fantastic, Darlene, heading right on over.

Thanks, Robbie. I had to try three times to get them right. You could do them perfectly the first time I’m sure.

They sound delicious. I couldn’t imagine making my own cottage cheese, though. Dough is challenging enough for me 🙂

We made everything ourselves on the farm, butter, bread, jam, Ice cream, you name it. It was a different world.

It sure was, and no doubt there were many good things to do with food. 🙂

Everything fresh and no preservatives!

I never heard of cottage cheese being used in the pierogi filling. I’m used to farmer’s cheese, which is a bit different. Now you made my mouth water… an order of pierogies, please!

The recipe makes a lot. I could send you some! We actually called them kase knepfla when I was growing up. They are the same thing except with Kase (cheese),

I enjoyed reading about your attempt, Darlene. I love pierogies, but totally cheat and buy the frozen kind. I’ve never tried ‘real’ ones and can’t imagine trying to make them. I’m afraid it would be an epic fail on my part!

I have bought the frozen ones in the past, on Cannada. Not quite the same but did the trick. I have not found them here in Spain and found mom´s recipe so thought I´d give it a try. A disaster the first time but I can´t give up so tried again and they were better. Like everything, I imagine practice makes perfect. I needed a taste of home. xo

I love pierogies. But, I too cheat and by the frozen ones. Would begin to be able to make them! They look wonderful!

I would cheat and buy frozen ones too if they were available. My daughter-in-law makes amazing perogies and sells them at the farmers market but they don´t mail easily. Not being able to get home, I had to attempt to make them. Fortunately, I had Mom´s recipe.

Great looking pierogies! I agree that the best ‘secret’ ingredient is ALWAYS love!

Always and always!! Thanks.

Home made perogies are such a treat. Making your Mom’s recipe, even if some trouble with the third of an egg, a special treat. I can imagine how much you are missing home. I hear things may be changing with our border soon.

Thanks so much. If you hear anything, let me know. I hesitate to book anything yet.

I’m going to have to check that recipe out! I’ve never eaten a perogy.

It is an eastern European type of dumpling or ravioli. It was very popular in the Canadian prairies as most of the people there were of eastern European descent.

Love this post, Darlene and enjoyed reading all of it particularly the failed first attempt which had us chuckling. I learnt early on to stay away from baking due to the precise measurement requires which is just not the way I generally roll… with cooking. The end result looks great and yes perogies do seem to be having their fifteen minutes of fame. The ones I grew up with were tiny little ones in my aunts famous chicken soup. These look and are clearly very different. Would love to taste them.

After reading this, I recognize that we are both perogie neophytes and have a lot of catching up to do. The concept of home foods bringing comfort has definitely been sharpened during the pandemic with all the stories of flour running out in some places in the U.S. as so many folk were baking all of a sudden. Next time you try your hand at perogie ing, we hear that DHL delivers to Mexico!

Peta & Ben

Thanks, Peta and Ben. So great to hear from you. Not sure what shape the perogies will be in if I courier them to Mexico from Spain! Yes, lots of comfort food has been eaten during this time of pandemic, resulting in what I like to call, the pandemic tummy. Sales on exercise equipment have also increased!!

I loved your story Darlene, and left message over there. But just wanted to add that you can buy ‘creamed’ cottage cheese, almost looks like feta cheese, instead of the liquidy kind in the container. Personally, when I used to be able to eat gluten, I loved the fried perogies stuffed with mashed potato, add fried onions. Yum! ❤

Thanks, Debby. I haven´t found the dry cottage cheese here in Spain yet but I think if I drain it before, I should be OK. Mind you, maybe I should try it with feta cheese, just might be a new and delicious take on it. Ummmm…

Boom! There you go! New idea! 🙂

Yum! Wonderful that your mom’s recipe is shared.

Thanks, Jennie. So pleased it is being carried on.

I’ve heard of them but never had them. I’m not much of a cook so I’d be safer buying them frozen or in a restaurant when we can go back to them to try them. I’m sure someone here in the PNW serves them. Portland is a foodie town though I’m not usually venturesome. Now I’m curious and will have to look for them.

They sell them in Safeway and I´m sure in other grocery stores. I do hope you try them. For me, it makes me think of mom and my childhood. Thanks for the visit.

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