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A Ghost and His Gold

Posted on: June 26, 2021

The title and the cover of this book caught my attention immediately. I love books set in another country, especially if the story contains part of the history of that country. A Ghost and His Gold by prolific author, Roberta Eaton Cheadle takes place in her home country of South Africa during the Second Anglo Boer War between 1899 and 1902. But this isn’t just a historical novel, it also takes place in modern times with a paranormal twist. How the two time periods connect makes this a thrilling story.

Here is the blurb.

After Tom and Michelle Cleveland move into their recently built, modern townhouse, their housewarming party is disrupted when a drunken game with an Ouija board goes wrong and summonses a sinister poltergeist, Estelle, who died in 1904.

Estelle makes her presence known in a series of terrifying events, culminating in her attacking Tom in his sleep with a knife. But, Estelle isn’t alone. Who are the shadows lurking in the background – one in an old-fashioned slouch hat and the other, a soldier, carrying a rifle?

After discovering their house has been built on the site of one of the original farms in Irene, Michelle becomes convinced that the answer to her horrifying visions lie in the past. She must unravel the stories of the three phantoms’ lives, and the circumstances surrounding their untimely deaths during the Second Anglo Boer War, in order to understand how they are tied together and why they are trapped in the world of ghosts between life and death. As the reasons behind Estelle’s malevolent behaviour towards Tom unfold, Michelle’s marriage comes under severe pressure and both their lives are threatened.

I enjoyed this book for many reasons. This is my review on Amazon and Goodreads

A well-written blend of historical and paranormal fiction by Darlene Foster

I have had this book on my TBR list ever since I heard about it. Then, as luck would have it, I won a print copy in a giveaway! I was overjoyed and not disappointed. I tend to be a slow reader, especially if there is a lot of detail and characters, as this story has, but I could not put it down.

It is a well-written blend of historical and paranormal fiction. I love history but am not as keen on paranormal. But in this case, it works well. The author has skillfully used the ghosts of the past to tell their story, which give history a personal and more honest viewpoint. The attention to detail shows the huge amount of research Ms Cheadle has done to ensure the story rings true. In any war, there are always two or more sides and I like how all sides of the Second Boer War are represented in this story. The good, the bad and the ugly, from the point of view of both the men and women involved.

This is not simply a war story, it is about family dynamics, friendships, hardships and heartbreak, and ultimately forgiveness and redemption. A lot is packed into this novel and it is well worth a read.

As an extra treat, here is the author reading an excerpt from the book on Tea Toast and Trivia She also discusses an overview of her writing process for this novel which includes both the British and the Boers point of view.


You can purchase a copy of this excellent book on Amazon in paperback or for Kindle

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88 Responses to "A Ghost and His Gold"

Hi Darlene, thank you so much for this lovely review. I am so glad you enjoyed the book even with its paranormal element. I am delighted you included Rebecca’s lovely podcast here too. So kind of you. Have a wonderful weekend.

I really did enjoy it and was impressed how you tied the paranormal and historical elements together so well. Well done!

It sounds interesting!

Nice review Darlene. Now that Kindle version is available, I am going to read it soon.

Thanks, Balroop. I think you will like it!

Hi Balroop, I hope you enjoy it. I was relieved it finally come out on Amazon kindle.

I like paranormal themes, but ghosts with knives give me the creeps. Would have to get past that. But, I love the journey and the history. I’d probably love it once I got beyond the ghost. 🙂

I was worried about that part but it is handled well and not overly scary. It is actually a very short scene. That ghost has a good reason to be angry, poor girl.

A wonderful review, Darlene. I also enjoyed the book, Robbie’s amazing research, and how the ghosts brought the history to life. I was especially riveted by the scenes with the women in the camp. Congrats to Robbie on the review and recommendation. Well done. 🙂

Thanks, Diana. I too found the part about the women in the camp fascinating.

Thank you, Diana, and for your support of my book.

You write brilliant reviews, Darlene! You entice us to open the book and enter the unknown. Thank you for including Robbie’s Reading. She has the perfect voice for “A Ghost and His Gold.”

Her reading is excellent. I know she worked hard on the research for this book and it shows.

Thank you, Rebecca. I appreciate Darlene’s review and her linking this post to yours. Very thoughtful and kind of her.

Robbie is one of my favorite authors, and we share membership in the same writer’s club. Whether print, audio, or video, she is tops. This is a lovely review of a book from her I have not yet read. Thanks, Darlene!

Robbie is a great author and a very nice person. Her writing is very diverse as well. I am so impressed.

Hi Marian, thank you for you kind words. Darlene has written a wonderful review.

Wonderful review, Darlene. And what an intriguing period!!

This is a period of time not as well known to the rest of the world. You would appreciate the historic detail in this book, Mike.

Thank you, Mike. I am glad you enjoyed this post.

Wonderful review, Darlene, of Robbie’s new book. You don’t often hear Western and paranormal in the same sentence–this will definitely draw attention.

Thanks. Robbie does such a great job of tying the two together. It is amazing.

Hi Jacqui, I hadn’t thought about it before, but I think you are right. Paranormal Western isn’t something you see often.

This one has been on my radar for quite some time. I almost went over to Lulu and picked it up, but I got it today on Amazon.

You will enjoy the story and appreciate the amount of research and detail put into this book. Although I knew about the Boer wars, I learned so much and was entertained.

HI Pete, I was very pleased to finally find this book available on Amazon Kindle. I hope you enjoy it when you get to it.

This sounds like an interesting read. I’ll have to add this to my summer reading list. Thanks for sharing.

It is very interesting. If you like stories that take place in other parts of the world, you will enjoy it.

Robbie did a wonderful job of introducing readers to the horrors of the Great Boer war- on both sides of the fight.
Excellent review, Darlene!

So true, Jacquie! Glad you liked the review.

Hi Jacquie, thank you for your kind comment. I am so glad you enjoyed this book.

A great review. Thank you for sharing this, Darlene!

An excellent review, Darlene! Kudos to Robbie!

Would love to read this after reading your glowing and eloquent review but also having grown up and spent my childhood on South Africa, I naturally do enjoy reading novels which are set there and include references and elements of history etc. I also enjoy the inclusion of the supernatural.


I’m sure you would be familiar with many of the places mentioned and the names of historical figures. I enjoy reading stories that take place in Alberta for the same reason, it takes us back home. Thanks for visiting. I hope you are both doing well.

Hi Petra, it is always great to meet bloggers who have lived in South Africa. Thank you for your kind comment.

Great book review Darlene. I love how you pull the reader right into this book along with your review!! Congrats to Robbie on another great book!!

Thanks, Kirt. It is a fascinating read.

Reblogged this on and commented:
Darlene Foster, author of the Amanda series of books, has written a lovely review of A Ghost and His Gold. Thank you, Darlene. While you are visiting her blog, take a look at her lovely collection of Amanda books. They are great adventures for middle school children.

You are richly lauded! This would make a killer film.

Yes, it would! I hope Robbie persues that train of thought.

Hi Annette, I am delighted by Darlene’s review. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Excellent review. Robbie must be thrilled.

Hi Staci, I am very delighted. Thank you for commenting.

Congratulations to Robbie on another excellent review for A Ghost and His Gold!

The reviews have been good.

I have been very fortunate with reviews so far, Darlene. I am sure all authors wait with bated breath to see what people think of their work.

Great review, Darlene. I’m glad you mentioned your thoughts about mixing history and paranormal. I too love the former and not so much the latter. Good to hear you liked the balance.

Thanks, Jacqui. In this case, the mix works well.

Hi Jacqui, the paranormal is not for everyone although I love it. I am considering doing straight historical for my next South African based novel.

It’s never a good idea to get drunk and then play with a Ouija board, lol. Wonderful review, Darlene – congrats to Robbie!

I agree! We were kids when we played with it so no liquor involved.

I think you are right about that, Teri. Thanks for visiting.

With such great reviews I can’t wait to read this book…:) xx

Thank you, Carol. I am delighted by Darlene’s review.

As you should be, Robbie.. X

Another great review for A Ghost and His Gold, Darlene! Congrats to Robbie… It’s waiting on my kindle!

Thanks, Bette. You will enjoy it. I thought it would take me a while to get through it but the pages flew by.

HI Darlene, I am very pleased to know that.

Hi Bette, I hope you enjoy it when you get there. My TBR is also so very long.

I’m very much like you and am not into paranormal but I do love books that include history. Sounds like one to pick up and read.

The fact that it is the ghosts telling the story makes the history more personal. So it works well.

Congratulations again on Darlene’s wonderful review!

You write exactly the kind of fiction I enjoy and if it came out on Audible, I’d grab it. My ability to read on paper is limited these days. I’m just glad when I can see clearly! Maybe if I get it on Kindle and enlarge the text.

Robbie reads parts of the book on her blog. Check it out.

A great review, Darlene – I’m reading this at the moment, and loving it. Toni x

Thanks, it is a great read.

This is a terrific review, Darlene! It’s on my TBR list.

Great! A bit of history told from the human point of view.

Good to know! Thanks, Darlene. 🙂

it sounds like a great read! xoxo

I love anything with some history in it.

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