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Blog tour: Amanda in Malta, Q&A with Darlene Foster

Posted on: June 12, 2021

Today is the last official day of the blog tour and I wish to thank everyone for your amazing support. I hope you have all found new and interesting blogs to follow and made new friends and followers. Thank you to everyone who offered to be part of the tour and a huge thanks to all of you who read, liked, commented and shared the posts. You are all amazing. Today I am being featured on Lisa Day’s blog, Book Time, where she asks me some great questions. Say hi to Lisa, a fellow Canadian who loves words – editing, writing and reading them. She reviews many great books!

Book Time

I am the last stop of the Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady blog tour.

Sadly, my copy of Amanda in Malta hasn’t yet arrived, however, I have been following along with the other 11 bloggers on this blog tour so I got a sense of both Amanda, the main character, and the questions I wanted to ask its creator – Canadian author Darlene Foster.

Foster said growing up on a ranch in Alberta inspired her love of reading and seeing the world. Now retired, she has house in Spain where she spends time with her husband and rescue dogs, Dot and Lia, while writing full time. She also travels, meeting interesting people and getting inspirations for her series about Amanda, a 12-year-old girl who travels the world, learning about the people and culture while solving a mystery. Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady is the eighth book in…

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27 Responses to "Blog tour: Amanda in Malta, Q&A with Darlene Foster"

Great tour, Darlene!

Thanks, Jacqui. I hope it didn’t go on too long. I loved the diversity of the bloggers and posts. All a bit different.

I was having the same thought about my upcoming tour. I actually lopped off a few days! But no, I don’t think it lasted too long because each post was different.

Bravo on a terrific tour!

Thanks, John for your part in it as well.

Congrats on a successful tour, Darlene.

What a successful birthday book tour. Hope we all got the word out about Amanda and many more reviews are shared! Wonderful series!

Thank you so much, Patricia. You have been so supportive and I really appreciate it.

Congratulations on Amanda’s successful blog tour!

Thanks, Liz. Your support means a lot.

You’re most welcome, Darlene.

I hope you’ve been happy with your tour, Darlene. I look forward to reading your book in the not too distant future.

I have been very happy with this tour. Hope you enjoy the adventure.

What an amazing tour you’ve had, Darlene. Well done! And congrats on the initial success of your book. On to the next one!

Yes, it’s been incredible. So glad I did it. Thanks for your support. We are 75% into the first draft of the next book. No stopping Amanda and me. xo

That’s wonderful to hear! She’s quite a traveler!

It’s been an awesome tour, Darlene and well earned!! Congrats to you!!

What a wonderful tour Darlene – you and Amanda are superstars!

Thanks so much, Meg!

While you can’t travel the world promoting your book, you came up with a wonderful way to get the word out. Continued good luck.

Thank you so much, Karen. I had to do something and this worked. xo

It’s wonderful how well-received this book has been- congrats, Darlene!

I know, I’m blown away at the response. Makes the hard work worthwhile. There was a time when I had thought I would not publish this one. You just never know do you. Thanks, Jacquie!!

Thank you, Darlene for a fun tour. I enjoyed following along.

Lisa Day

Thanks, Lisa. The book is on its way!

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