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Amanda in Malta by Darlene Foster – Virtual Tour

Posted on: June 8, 2021

Today the blog tour takes us to Meggie’s Adventures,travel, thank you notes and other stories from Meg King-Sloan. Meg blogs about things she loves. When Meg was younger she had lots of interesting adventures. These included collecting postcards and other souvenirs, watching butterflies, and going to the beach with her family. Some things never change though – she still loves candy (especially chocolate), ice cream and flowers! Sounds like Meg was a bit like Amanda when she was young.

Amanda in Malta by Darlene Foster – Virtual Tour

Darlene Foster is introducing her new book with a virtual blog tour! This is the latest exciting adventure from her Amanda Travels series. If you’d like to see what other bloggers involved in the tour have written you can check out this post from Darlene’s blog.

Darlene explains the purpose of including food in her stories:

Traditional food is important to every culture. I like to have Amanda try the local food when she travels. Children need to know that people eat different food in other parts of the world and they should at least try it. It bothers me when travellers insist on eating food only familiar to them. Amanda likes to cook and try out recipes so she collects ideas as she travels and makes them for her parents. Read more and an excerpt here


Drop in and say Hi to Meg.

Thank you to everyone who has been following along!

17 Responses to "Amanda in Malta by Darlene Foster – Virtual Tour"

Very well explained… Thanks for sharing… Keep sharing.

One of my favorite parts of travel fiction is the food. I’ll be right over.

I have found that food is an important part of most cultures so I like to include some of it.

It’s been so exciting to be part of your virtual tour Darlene – thank you and congratulations on your fantastic new book! I love Amanda’s adventurous spirit… 🙂

Thanks so much, Meg.

Great idea to include traditional foods in your books. I agree that it’s important to be open to those experiences as children, so that we are as adults!

Thanks, Rebecca. I have found that the more children are encouraged to try various food, the more open they are as adults. Also, I like food!!

Me too. We’ve found that exposing our child to sugar later (after one year) helped them like vegetables more because they tasted sweet. Vegetables are still their favorite, and fish!

I also collected postcards when I was young. Great blog tour!

So did I actually and dreamt of visiting those wonderful places. Thanks for following the tour.

I love this picture advert, Darlene.

I like that one too. It was you who encouraged me to upgrade my AllAuthor membership. So glad I did. Thanks!

Malta was a great site to see ..thanks for this ,,brings back memories.

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