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Darlene Foster’s New Release! Amanda in Malta

Posted on: June 3, 2021

Next stop on the tour is from Canada! A fellow Canadian author, Debra Purdy Kong asks a couple of questions and shares an interesting except that introduces the Sleeping Lady from Amanda in Malta. Debra is a British Columbia author who’s been writing for over 30 years. Her volunteer experiences, criminology diploma, and various jobs, inspired her to write mysteries set in BC’s Lower Mainland. Employment as a campus security patrol and communications officer provide the background for her fascinating Casey Holland mystery novels. Stop in and say Hi!

Mystery Deb

It’s a great pleasure to welcome back fellow Canadian author, Darlene Foster, who’s just released her 8th installment in the Amanda Travel Series, Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady. I had the privilege of meeting Darlene in person at a book signing before COVID. We’re hoping to meet again as travel restrictions lift so I can buy a signed copy! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this amazing series, here’s a quick Q & A:

Can you tell us more about Amanda?

Amanda is a twelve-year-old girl from Calgary, Alberta. She is the only child of Evelyn and Don Ross, both accountants. She loves to read, is interested in history and enjoys cooking. Her parents work long hours so she likes trying different recipes for them, especially ones from places she has visited. She is inquisitive and kind and always wants to help people. This gets…

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10 Responses to "Darlene Foster’s New Release! Amanda in Malta"

I’m so glad that you came back to Canada!! Welcome home.

It’s so great that I have stops all over the world on this tour, and am glad one of them is in Canada!!

I second the ‘Welcome Home!’

Thanks, Donna. Now I hope I can actually get back in person soon.

I’m so excited for you, Darlene. What fun to get all this press on the new book!

I have been very lucky to have bloggers from all over the world promoting my book. Thanks for following along.

😀 So fun to see all the enthusiasm.

Always fun to read! You really are getting good press for Amanda.

I am really pleased with how the word is getting out! I worried about not being able to do in-person visits but this has worked out very well. Thanks for following along.

[…] Amanda in Malta The Sleeping Lady, Amanda receives a postcard from her best friend, Leah, who is in trouble. Amanda travels to the […]

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