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MY MOTHER’S RECIPE #5 – Bette Frisch’s Famous Kuchen

Posted on: May 20, 2021

Bernadette has kindly posted my mom´s wonderful fruit kuchen recipe on her My Mother´s Recipe feature. Mom would be delighted that we´ve shared her recipe. Although kuchen means cake in German, this is more of a pie with a sweet bread dough base. Enjoy this delicious kuchen and think of my mom when you do. Check out the other wonderful recipes on the blog as well.

New Classic Recipe

‘Love goes through the stomach’ German Idiom

Hi there,

Do you remember preparing something for the PTA bake sale? I am not much of a baker and always contemplated going to the bakery and buying something and donating it to the bake sale. There always was one superb baker and everyone wanted to buy their creations. In my PTA days that was always my friend, Margie, who made the very best cookies. Darlene’s story about her mother took me back to those days.

This is the story that was given to me by Darlene Foster who is the author of a wonderful series of girl’s adventure books. More information about Darlene can be found at: www.darlenefoster.cahttps://darlenefoster.wordpress.com/. Here is a picture of Darlene and her mother and an apple Kuchen.

My mom was famous. At least in our little farming community in southern Alberta, Canada. She was a great…

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35 Responses to "MY MOTHER’S RECIPE #5 – Bette Frisch’s Famous Kuchen"

I did used to make kuchen–I’d forgotten all about it, Darlene. I’m going over to check out this recipe.

Mom’s was just a bit different than most. It was even a bit different than her sister’s! I have made it a few times from her recipe but it is never quite as good as hers. I guess she had the magic touch.

Maybe she talked to it!

I´m sure she did. She also put in a huge scoop of love. xo

The passing down of recipes from one generation to another is the passing down a family HISTORY!

Exactly. I´m so glad I got mom to write this down. My granddaughter recently asked me for it as she wants to teach her daughter how to make it. So we are keeping the history alive!

Kitchens are all about family. So many wonderful memories are created – baking bread, cakes and cookies. Conversations over tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Recipes are the heart of a kitchen. I LOVE this post.

This is so true. Kitchens hold the best memories. Especially those big old farm kitchens where everyone congregated and chatted and laughed. No wonder these recipes are called comfort food!


Love this, Darlene. I use my mom’s recipes often; when I see her handwriting, I feel like she’s there with me. xo

I know. And when I’m kneading dough or pouring a batter into a tin, I feel like she is there. My daughter and granddaughter use her recipes as well. The tradition continues.

My mother was famous for her lemon meringue pie – and lots of other PA Dutch recipes. YUM!

Lemon meringue pie, yum! One of my favourite. I haven’t made one for ages. I’m sure your mom was a great baker as well. There were no store-bought desserts at our house!

Going right over, Darlene.

Your family would like it! If you make it, send me a picture. It´s best to use a pie plate not a cake tin and the dough rolled out thin.

Your mum’s cake sounds delicious and defnitely a keeper 🙂 x

Thanks, Carol. I think your family would like it. Any fresh fruit will do.

I’m sure they will, Darlene thank you for the tip I have some apricots so may try them 🙂 x

Yummy. Very different. I thought it might be heavier.

It’s easy to eat two or three pieces in one sitting! Just don’t think of the calories!

I’ve never had kuchen, but it looks delicious!

This is a very German Canadian dessert. I think you would like it.

Thank you so much for this recipe, Darlene. My husband’s mother had always made here children Apple Kuchen for their birthdays. I’ve tried to find a similar recipe but haven’t been able to so far. This is perfect! I appreciate it greatly!!

You are so welcome. That was why I asked mom for the recipe all those years ago because my friend wanted to make it for her husband who´s mother used to make it for him. I´m so glad I did. Enjoy!!

I grew up in a German community in Saskatchewan and kuchen was often served at events and special occasions. My mouth is watering at your Mom’s recipe.

It is very much a prairie thing. The best is Saskatoon Berry Kuchen. I dream about having one. Blueberry is close but will never be quite the same!

Passing down family recipes is wonderful. Hats off to your mother!

I know. A perfect way to remember her. I was delighted when my granddaughter asked for the recipe.

That must have been the icing on the cake!

This looks tasty darlene! ❤

It is so good!! My comfort food.

That’s looks super yummy. If only we could stick out a finger through the blog and take a child’s sampling. 🙂

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