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Amanda in Malta by Darlene Foster – New Release Tour

Posted on: May 19, 2021

The next stop on the blog tour for Amanda in Malta is at Miriam Hurdle’s blog, The Shower of Blessings. Miriam is sharing her review as well as my tips on writing a series. Miriam, a great supporter of other authors, has written a children’s book as well as a book of poems. Stop by and say hello to Miriam.

The Showers of Blessings

I’m excited to have Darlene Foster on my blog to share with you about her new release Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady (An Amanda Travels Adventure Book 8). When Amanda turned twelve, she made a wish as she blew the birthday cake candles. Here she is with her wishes come true – traveling all over the world.

I was curious about writing the Amanda series, so I asked Darlene to share with you her experience.

Is it difficult to write a series?

Writing a series can be fun. I love getting to know the main characters, Amanda Ross and her friend Leah Anderson. But I worry that the stories might get too predictable. I know my readers expect some things to be familiar, but each book needs to come with something new to keep it fresh and entertaining.

Coming up with new settings is easy for me as I…

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14 Responses to "Amanda in Malta by Darlene Foster – New Release Tour"

Good post and great questions. A lot of people think writing a series is more difficult than writing stand-alones. I sense you don’t and I agree. I also like reading series more than stand-alones.

Thanks. I’m not sure which is more difficult, but I enjoy writing a series because I get attached to the characters, which is why I enjoy reading them too. I also enjoy a good stand-alone as well though. Let’s face it, I just love to read. xo

A lovely post, Darlene.

Thanks, Robbie. Everyone has been so great at putting these posts together. This is my first time doing this and I’m so happy I did.

awesome! 😀 nicely done!

Thanks, Carol anne.xo

Congratulations, Darlene. This is exciting. Clicking over now. Hugs.

I was so happy to have you, Darlene! 🙂

It’s been great. Like a party with all my blogging friends.

It’s something wonderful about blog tours, Darlene.

I’m familiar with both the author Darlene and the host, Miriam, whose book on my Kindle I’ve shared with my husband, especially for the artwork.

Darlene, your TOUR shows how much readers appreciate your YA series – and the Amanda adventures. Brava!

Thanks, Marian. I am so pleased with how this virtual book tour is going. Who would have thought we could do this without leaving my house?

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