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Move over Nancy Drew… PLUS #BookReview of AMANDA IN MALTA by Darlene Foster #humor #KidDetective @supermegawoman

Posted on: May 17, 2021

If you need a good laugh and don´t we all, you must read Barb Taub´s post and review on Amanda in Malta. Barb´s posts and her fabulous books are hilarious and worth checking out. Warning, you will laugh so don´t be drinking your tea or coffee as it may end up all over your screen. Which would also be funny!

Barb Taub

It’s not easy being a kid detective.

You can’t make a citizen’s arrest, you can’t beat up the villains, you can’t interrogate suspects. The usual cozy mystery detective’s posse of police, doctor, lawyer won’t talk to you unless they’re your parent. And you can’t even track bad guys if it’s after your bedtime.

Sure, the adults in your life seem content to let you roam free, following criminals and risking your life.

When the bad guys catch, gag, and tie you up—and they will because they’re bigger, faster, can drive legally, and don’t have to get home in time to finish their homework—there’s only one thing you can do. (Well two things, if you forgot, again, to do one of them before you left home.) You can bang for attention. Surprisingly often, kid sleuths find themselves tied up and often gagged. Nancy Drew did it so often, it’s amazing her…

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30 Responses to "Move over Nancy Drew… PLUS #BookReview of AMANDA IN MALTA by Darlene Foster #humor #KidDetective @supermegawoman"

I do need a good laugh!

Isn’t it brilliant!!

It truly is! Soooo brilliant!

Your great reviews keep pouring in. Brava, Darlene!

“Kid detective” is a title that fits Amanda perfectly.

I know. Why didn’t I think of that!!

A brilliant review for a very talented writer.

What a delightful review – I really enjoyed it!

It is such a fun review. Glad you enjoyed it!!

Omg. That was hilarious. Barb writes such great reviews. Congrats, Darlene. You Rate!

Barb is the best when it comes to seeing the humour in any situation. I’m reading one of her books right now and am in stitches.

Thanks for the recommendation too.

What a fantastic review! Brought on gleeful giggles.

Made me goggle too. Glad you enjoyed it!!

Wow, this is a funny and fun review. Congratulations, Darlene!

It was a fun post. Thanks, Miriam. See you here tomorrow!!

I’m all set for tomorrow, Darlene! I emailed you the link but it won’t be active until 9pm tonight and 6am tomorrow your time zone.

Funny and oh so true. Very nice review that is well deserved.

Thanks so much, Karen.

Congratulations on the wonderful review! Barb’s write-up of the kid detective trope was hilarious.

As only Barb can do!! Just love it. Thanks.

You’re welcome. I got such a kick out of Barb’s post!

So cute. That’s wonderful!!!

What an amazing and delightful review. You must be chuffed.

I am totally chuffed!! Barb has a way of making everyone laugh. Her books are so funny too.

Great review! I echo Barb’s words, Nancy Drew move over.

Thanks, Jennie. It s a great review.

One of the best!

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