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“Amanda in Holland” is Terrific!

Posted on: May 8, 2021

With all the hype about my latest book, I mustn’t forget Amanda’s other adventures. Here is an awesome review of Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action by one of my favourite teachers! If you read Jennie’s blog posts you will wish you were back in school.

A Teacher's Reflections

I’m the book guru at school.  That’s what they call me.  Finding a good children’s book is one of my greatest pleasures, next to reading aloud to children.  Teachers and parents lean on me for good books.  The storyline of “Amanda in Holland, Missing in Action” was intriguing to me – adventure, history, WWII, Anne Frank… and more.  A few months ago I ordered the book.  I was so excited!

Darlene Foster is the author, and she did not disappoint.  I was enveloped in Holland with Amanda.  I could not put the book down.

Here’s what Amazon says:

Amanda is in Holland to see the tulips with her best friend, Leah. They travel the canals of Amsterdam, visit Anne Frank House, check out windmills, tour a wooden shoe factory, and take many pictures of the amazing flowers of Keukenhof Gardens. She is keen to find out what happened to her…

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41 Responses to "“Amanda in Holland” is Terrific!"

I read Jennie’s lovely review, Darlene. Congratulations.

It means so much coming from her. Thanks.

Jennie did a good job reviewing your book. I’m happy for you, Darlene! 🙂

Thank you, Miriam.

You’re welcome, Darlene.

Darlene, this is a great review. I am not surprised it was an intriguing story a well deserved.

M x

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A wonderful review – I agree wholeheartedly!!!

That definitely made your day, Darlene. Woot!

It certainly did!!

Terrific! Looking forward to sharing more of your work next week!

Thanks, John. I’m getting excited about next week.

Good to read, Darlene. Well deserved. Congratulations! xx

Thanks, Joy. Nothing like a good review to brighten one’s day.

I really enjoyed Amanda in Holland. Such a beautiful country and a fun mystery!

I remember you enjoyed it and wrote a wonderful review as well. It is a gorgeous country and worth exploring.

Congratulations again on Jennie’s wonderful review, Darlene!

Thanks, Liz. Made my day.

You’re welcome, Darlene. I can imagine!

Thank you for sharing my review, Darlene. What a great book!

I know you don´t have time to review all the books you would like to, so I am honoured you took the time to review this one. Thanks, again.

I was more than happy to do so, Darlene. Excited is a better word. 🙂

Everyone needs to know a Book Guru! What an awesome review!!

Jennie is definitely a Book Guru and getting e review from her is a feather in my cap!

Everyone loves a good review, but having been around a few children’s writers, I know authors love when teachers are endorsing their books. Teachers and librarians know what kids like to read.

Yes, they do so this review is extra special! Thanks, Pete.

Congratulations, Darlene! A wonderful and thoughtful review by Jennie and makes me ever to read this Amanda book. Btw. I’ll be posting my review of Amanda in Malta tomorrow … I loved it! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Xx

Thanks, Annika. I look forward to your review of the Malta adventure.

There is no recommendation as compelling as a teacher holding your book. Brava, Darlene!

It’s good to see a previously published book still making waves. 🙂
Happy Mother’s Day in Spain.

Thank you so much, Marian. Glad to see readers enjoying this book and especially a teacher!

Nancy Drew move over indeed! I agree and I too was on the edge of my seat reading Amanda in Holland.

Thanks, Sue. I loved Nancy Drew as a young girl so I’m sure those books influenced me somewhat.

What a great review Jennie wrote, Darlene! Well deserved!!

A recommendation by Jennie is huge! Congratulations.

[…] “Amanda in Holland” is Terrific! […]

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