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Book Review of ‘Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady’ by Darlene Foster

Posted on: April 18, 2021

Another wonderful review for Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady. Amanda and I are very pleased everyone is enjoying the book.

Wordy Witterings

I read about this novel on a book blog and was intrigued – it sounded just like the kind of thing that my 9-year-old daughter would enjoy reading. I’m pleased to say that since I’ve read ‘Amanda in Malta’, I’ve told her all about it and she can’t wait to not only read this novel, but the whole series. She wants to start with those featuring countries that she’s been to herself, and now has a very full Amazon wish list!

In ‘Amanda in Malta’, the lead character goes on holiday to Malta and gets involved in the mystery of a 4000 year old figurine that goes missing from a museum. The unique feature of this book, it that in reading it children will learn so much about the country that it features. The characters visit a range of Malta’s places of interest, both those on the common tourist trail…

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40 Responses to "Book Review of ‘Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady’ by Darlene Foster"

A very nice review! Well-done, Darlene!

I am so happy with this review!

Congratulations on the wonderful review, Darlene, particularly the endorsement from the nine-year-old, the reader who counts most!

Congratulations, Darlene! A lovely review and I love how Claire’s daughter now wants to read the book AND she is recomending your book for the Yr7s! Great news. I can’t wait to read my copy soon!

Thanks, Annika. I loved that too. I am happy whenever someone enjoys my books but when a teacher likes them, it is a red-letter day!!

Congratulations, Darlene. I am half way through this book and enjoying it very much.

Thanks, Robbie. So pleased to hear it.

Lovely review. Congratulations Darlene, Amanda is a fabulous character.

Wonderful to read about the enthusiasm of a young reader and her Mom. I especially liked how the daughter wanted to first read the Amada books about places she had been. Inspiring a sense of adventure in young readers is heart warming.

Thanks, Sue. I liked that too.

Great review Darlene and so well deserved!! Congratulations!!

Congrats on the glowing review, Darlene! Sharing it now on Twitter ~ Hope you’re enjoying a nice Sunday x

Thanks, Christy. Had a great Sunday, sat in the sun and read!!

Congratulations on another great review, Darlene!

I´m so pleased. Thanks, Miriam. xo

What a wonderful review, Darlene. Congratulations.

Love a good mystery for escape reading!

What a wonderful review. Darlene!

Thanks, Jennie. I am delighted with this review. xo

You’re welcome, Darlene. 🙂

Congratulations on receiving another wonderful review.

Thank you so much, Laurie.

Great reviews are so uplifting- congrats!

I agree, they are so motivating and make it all worthwhile!

What a wonderful review, Darlene. I think you have a new fan, a big one! Ha ha. I love it that the 9 yr old now wants to read all of them. Congrats!

It is wonderful! Always great when the young readers want to read the series. xo

That was the best part of the review, Darlene. What a thrill. 🙂 And I agree about the “learning” part too. Wonderful.

[…] ‘Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady’ […]

just stopped by to let you know that you’re doing a fabulous job for the authors and the community. stay with it and may you be enriched as you enrich others.

Thank you for your kind words.

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