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One Month to Launch

Posted on: April 12, 2021

My eighth book in the Amanda Travels series, Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady, is set to be launched on May 11th and I am as excited and nervous as if it was my first book. A writer puts so much time, energy and emotion into a book, it really is like birthing a baby. And there is always the self doubt and nagging questions. What if no one likes this one? What if I´ve lost the ability to create a good story? What if no one buys it? What if the reviews are bad or nonexistent?

I am delighted to see that the early reviews, from the book being on NetGalley, have been positive.

Here are snippets of the reviews on Goodreads so far that have made my heart dance.

Author Darlene Foster has such a great way to tell a story and impart information about a location at the same time that I found myself thinking “Hey- I want to go to Malta!”. Beth

Armchair travel has never been so exciting! I love the author’s ability to bring the settings alive, from the Blue Grotto to a beautiful cathedral in Valletta, all while keeping the suspense high. Jacquie – Click on her blog for more of the review https://jacqbiggar.com/2021/04/05/bookreview-amanda-in-malta-by-darlene-foster-travel-mystery-supermegawoman/

This is a lovely middle grade novel that whisks you away to the island of Malta. I’ve never been but have heard a lot of rave stories about Malta and Amanda in Malta made me want to visit! MJ – Click on her blog for more of the review https://mjmallon.com/2021/04/05/book-review-amanda-in-malta-by-darlene-foster-supermegawoman-netgalley-book-review/

Darlene Foster’s Amanda is what I wish I’d had the courage to be as a tween: adventurous and well-traveled, making friends easily wherever she goes. Molly

The Blue Lagoon in Malta

Since I am unable to hop on a plane and do a book launch and tour in Canada, as I usually do, I have decided to do a blog launch/virtual tour. This is the first time I´ve done this. What I need are bloggers who would be willing to be part of the tour. If you are interested, let me know by email, darlene.foster@telus.net and I´ll send you the information. I´ll make it as easy as possible and hopefully we will all have fun. The goal is to get the word out about my book to as many readers as possible and to drive some traffic to your blog at the same time.

The YouTube trailer.

Thank you to everyone who has left a review. I really appreciate it.

The book is still available on NetGalley.

66 Responses to "One Month to Launch"

So exciting, Darlene. It’s great to know that the excitement and anticipation and yes, even the quaking nerves are present on your eighth release. Momentous events like that never get old for the author.

Surprisingly they never do get old.

Wow that’s a great news..📚

Congratulations, Darlene.

This is so exciting and a virtual tour should be a great adventure. Congratulations Darlene!

I just emailed you darlene! I’m happy to help if I can! I’d love to get the word out about the book for you!

Congrats, Darlene! I really enjoyed traveling to Malta with Amanda 🙂

Congratulations Darlene!

Thanks, Shelly. We have to come up with alternative ways to launch our books during this strange time. The good thing is that people are reading more!

Judging from the liveliness here, your 8th book has already launched.

Did you know that in some versions of numerology the number “8” represents balance and harmony? And, turned on its side, this number looks like infinity.

I wish you many sales, more 5* reviews, and time to celebrate another major milestone, Darlene!

Thank you so much, Marian. 8 is a good number and I’m feeling very good about this book. The support has been awesome. You have always been such a great supporter and I appreciate it.

I just sent an email. You’re going to do great.

Thank you so much for your help and encouragement. It was so great to chat in person.

Interesting how normal it felt, innit? Not like we didn’t know each other. Exactly like old friends. I liked that.

Worrying is natural, but I’m sure it will be fine: those early reviews should give you confidence in that. Good luck!

Thanks, Clive. The early reviews have certainly given me a lift. I am a natural worrier, always have been.

I’m glad to hear that. I’m like that too. Life would be dull if we had nothing to worry about!

Am so happy for you! Look forward to the release. Great video.

Thanks, Patricia. Glad you like the video.

This is exciting news Darlene. Congratulations!

I´m excited about this one. Thanks, Irene.

The YouTube trailer is really catchy!

Thanks, Anne. Pleased you enjoyed the video. xo

I’m happy to help if you feel it would be useful!

I have already pre-ordered and am looking forward to the read. Congratulations, Darlene. Looking forward to meeting up with Amanda in Malta!

Thanks so much! I do hope you enjoy the Malta adventure. xo

Wonderful, Darlene. I have emailed you.

Thanks, Robbie. I got the email.

I feel your excitement, Darlene. It’s great that the feeling never gets old.

After 11 years of publishing books, it still hasn´t got old. It´s just a bit different this year due to COVID restrictions. But it´s still all good.

I hope you make some sort of a comparison of an old-fashioned book tour vs a blog tour once you are done with it. It would be interesting to read your observations.

CongratZ on yet another one of your books!

That is a great idea, I´ll be sure to make a comparison. Thanks for the congratz!!

Darlene, don’t worry! With seven hugely successful books already everyone will love Amanda in Malta! I look forward to reading my copy – as well as a great story, wonderful characters I look forward to being transported to the island where I had a lovely holiday years ago!

I have a few other posts to release but will share my review on my blog, hopefully around launch date.

Good luck with the launch, it will go BRILLIANTLY! xx

Thanks, sounds great! No rush for the review. Whenever it fits in your schedule. I do hope the story brings back some good memories for you. I really appreciate your support. xo

Darlene I can only imagine the anticipation that comes before the launch of a book. Does it get any easier with each one? I have no doubt the book will be as well received as the others. Looking forward to receiving mine when available.

Thanks, Sue. It really doesn’t get any easier. I hope you like this one. I can’t remember, have you been to Malta?

No but I have saved the notes on it you once sent. Hopefully one day.

oh how exciting for you! A new baby xx

The excitement is mounting, Darlene – congratulations! Toni x

Congratulations to your launch of the eight of Amanda book, Darlene. It’s very exciting!! ❤

Thanks, it is exciting!!

Yes, I can feel the excitement, Darlene!!

Are you having a book launch tour, Darlene? I was going to email you but I don’t have your email address. Let me know if I could help. You now have my email in your comment!

Thanks, Miriam. Here´s my email darlene.foster@telus.net

I just emailed you, Darlene.

I know how exciting/nerve-wracking this is for you. But I also know that another great Amanda book is in the wings. FANTASTIC, Darlene.

Thanks so much!! You have been such a great supporter all these years.

I’ve just finished reading Amanda in Malta – here’s my review: https://wp.me/pbWIBM-aB

Thank you so much. I am so pleased you enjoyed Amanda´s adventure in Malta.

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