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Words Matter

Posted on: February 27, 2021

A heartfelt post about the importance of words by my friend Sue Vincent. You may need a tissue close by.

France & Vincent

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Words matter to us. Those that are said, those that are not said. The precision of a phrase, the use of one word rather than another can make all the difference to how we feel about something or someone. Often they make even more difference to the way we feel about ourselves. Words can be a source of revelation or cause misunderstanding. They can give deep comfort and beauty and the lack of a word can cause just as great a pain as the wrong ones spoken. A thoughtless phrase thrown out in temper can stay with a child a lifetime, holding it back, just as the right words can inspire confidence. Yet most of the time we take them for granted and barely even notice them on a conscious level.

Yesterday a friend posted a story on Facebook. I have no idea whether or not it is true. I…

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47 Responses to "Words Matter"

A lovely share, Darlene.

I love all of Sue´s thoughtful posts but this one really tugged at my heartstrings.

Yes, all her posts are beautiful, Darlene, as are her books.

That’s very touching, Darlene. Thanks for sharing it with us!

It is so special, isn´t it?

I’m heading over to read Sue’s post now.

Thanks for sharing this. Darlene. So very touching.

It is, isn’t it. Thanks for dropping by.

Worth the clicks. Thanks, Darlene.

For sure. Glad you took the time.

Thank you for sharing, Darlene. Wonderful memories to look back on now. xx

You’re so welcome. Precious memories.

Such a lovely post; thanks for sharing with us, Darlene!

It´s a feel-good post that we all need right now and worth sharing.

Thank you so much for sharing this Darlene….really moved me and yes brought tears to my eyes!! I left my thoughts on her blog!! Again….thank you very much for sharing!!

You are so welcome. I needed the world to read this. At least my world.

A profound reflection on how love is never lost.

Exactly. An unselfish act of love.

A lovely share…like you I have read the post twice I could feel the love and calm acceptance x

Thanks, Carol. A meaningful post on so many levels and well worth sharing.

Darlene, bless you for sharing this beautiful and emotional post. This is the second time today I’ve read a post by Sue and needed tissues to hand. The other one her extremely personal and incredible ‘the last post?’. Not sure I’ve quite read anything like it.

I read that one too and am still crying. I too have never read such a brave, heartfelt and meaningful post, written with such grace. Sue has an amazing way with words and a wonderful attitude about life and imminent death which we can all learn from.

Bless you for your incredible insight into her post — your phrase ‘with such grace’ captures it absolutely. One cannot truly fathom it.

Thanks for the reminder to have tissues on hand, Darlene. Need them these days. Heading over to read.

Sadly, we do. It is a wonderful post.

It was so touching, Darlene. Thanks.

This is incredibly powerful. Thank you for sharing this!

Powerful indeed. Thanks for reading and responding.

Yes, so true, a beautiful post, Darlene. Not just because it is romantic, but because it is true, too. Real people, at a real time in a situation that no one would wish to experience.

I can only repeat what has been said by so many of the other commenters here: thank you for sharing it.

I am touched that everyone feels the same about this post as I do. Thanks for your lovely comments.

Dear Darlene,
thank you very much for sharing these ideas about the use of words. We hardly ever think about the nuances of the meaning of words. The problem is the change of the semantics of words over the times and that for different groups the same words have a different meanings (semantic fields).
Wishing you a wonderful week
The Fab Four of Cley
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks for your comments. I agree, my husband´s family is from England and I am from Canada and we often misunderstand our words. (even though we all speak “English”)

Yes, I very well know that. I am a German who learned the British English but worked at the MyGill University/Montreal and was amazed how different the use of English was there. Later I worked in Boston and found another use of English there. As a linguist I am very much intersted in semantics.

That was… romantic, I want to say, but so much more than just that – both the part where the wife received flowers in on Valentine’s day after the husband’s death, and the letter found in the drawer. And yes, I teared up.

Thanks for stopping by. It is a fine example of the depth of someone´s love and how words can stay with us forever. It is a heartfelt piece.

yes, it is. Thanks for sharing it here…

Beautiful love story!

Yes, it is. Proof that loves does go on.

Oh my that tugs on one’s heart. An emotional reminder of how important our words are not just on special occasions but each day of our lives.

It is a very emotional piece and so well written.

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