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An Addition to the Family

Posted on: February 8, 2021

Although some of you already know about this, I´m so excited to share this news. After some consideration, we adopted another dog, a little sister for Dot! Her name is Lia, she is three years old and a bodeguero, the same breed as our Dot. She is a bundle of energy and a real sweetheart. Dot is starting to get used to having her around. Like all new parents, we have taken tons of pictures.

Lia the day she arrived
Sharing our bed
Sleeping outside in the sun

Lia has her own bed but insists on sleeping in Dot´s
Going for a car ride
Sharing the backseat
Lia enjoying a visitor
Waiting for Dad to take them to the beach
Sharing the new outside bed

Having fun at the beach.

Lia with her new Dad
Dot and mini me

You can be sure there will be more pictures!

90 Responses to "An Addition to the Family"

These are great pictures, Darlene. Lia is very cute.

She is cute and learning the house rules.

Those pictures were fantastic! Beautiful dogs!!

Thanks, Anne. They keep us on our toes but are fun.

Adorable! Looks like they love the beach.

They sure do. We try to take them every day. Then I get to go to the beach too!

Lovely! Can’t wait for warmer, dryer weather in the Lower Mainland!

Adogable! Congratulations.

That is brilliant, Cindy – Adogable!!!!! Love it.

This post is precious. I’m so happy for the doggies!

Thanks. They are both rescue dogs and we love them to bits.

Rescue animals are the way to go.

Lia looks like a very happy dog 🙂 And Dot will appreciate the playmate, I have no doubt .

Lia seems to be very happy. Dot was a bit put out at first but has come around and enjoys playing with Little Lia. If only Lia would let her sleep and not eat all her food!

They will work things out between them 🙂

Congratulations on the new member of the family!

Great about the new addition – and what a cutie! Looks like Dot is pleased with Lia also. And hey, love the look of the weather for February!

She wasn´t at first but is OK with it now. She was an only dog for over 4 years. The weather has been gorgeous in the mid-20s. Hope you are doing OK.

Congratulations Darlene! How cute they both are!🥰

Thanks. They can be adorable, especially when they are sleeping!

Fabulous – looking forward to seeing more pics. Dot seems to have quite taken to her new ‘sister’.

Doe is being a good big sister and teaching Lia the house rules. We don’t think Lia ever lived in a house before but she is catching on.

Congratulations, Darlene. I see that Dot is sharing very nicely and that Lia feels the love of being part of a family. We owe a debt of gratitude to our four-legged friends. You would be very interested to know about what’s happening at the Vancouver SPCA since the onset of Covid19: “SPCA shelters in Vancouver have seen a formidable increase in online dog adoption applications, general manager Lorie Chortyk told Vancouver Is Awesome. “We’ve not only seen an increase in applications but the number of applications we’re getting per animal,” Chortyk said. “Sometimes it’s 200 people who apply for one dog.” The increase was first noticeable in mid-March when the pandemic was declared and SPCA adoption processes had to convert to online applications.”https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/vancouver-news/covid-pandemic-emptied-vancouver-spca-shelter-dogs-2725141. A dog is truly a wonderful companion.

I have heard this and more dogs are being adopted here in Spain as well. The concern here is that once the pandemic is over, dogs may be abandoned. I do hope that doesn’t happen. Dogs, and pets in general, are such great companions. I was pleased to see that in my mom’s care home in Alberta, pet visits were encouraged.

Congratulations on the newest member of your family! I would say that Lia has made herself right to home.

Always great to have a new addition to the animal family. It’s great that Dot is adjusting so well. I hope you have many enjoyable years with Lia.

Thanks, Pete. One big happy family!

Welcome, Lia!! She and Dot are absolutely gorgeous. I love the photographs of them together!

Thanks. They are like two peas in a pod.

Lovely photos and a companion for Dot it is good how she has adapted…I would love to get a companion for Saangchai but worried he wouldn’t adapt…He loves the dog next door but not so some of the soi dogs(strays) he sees them off …:)

I was a bit worried but Dot loves playing with other dogs, especially other bodegueros. So we thought it should work out.

Saangchai is picky some dogs he loves and some he really goes for ..he is top dog here..the little one next door always keeps low she knows he in charge but he lets her drink his water etc he loves her but she doesn’t challenge him which why I am wary…x

Aw cutie. Dot not jealous clearly. Were you worried about that?

I was worried about Dot being jealous at first as she´s been an only dog for over 4 years. But they are getting along well.

Awww. She’s beautiful! Best of luck Darlene.

Thanks so much. So far so good.

This story is just precious – they look so happy together!

Congratulations, Darlene! 🙂

Congratulations on your new addition to the family. Lia looks smaller than Dot. Love the beach pictures. Lia looks like she’s not too sure about stepping into that vast sea. Priceless photos.

Thanks! Lia is only half the size of Dot. Bodegueros don´t usually like the water but they love digging in the sand and running on the beach. Glad you liked the photos.

I get the impression Lia may make her way into more of your blog posts, perhaps even book chapters. What a delight for Dot to have a sister!

I´m sure she will. She is already proving to be a bit of a character. Funny how they all have their own little personalities.

They are both so adorable!! I like having pets in pairs. A good friend clued us into that years ago and we have practiced it ever since!! love the pictures!!

I wasn´t sure if it would work as Dot had been an only dog for over 4 years. But it seems to be OK.

Oh, Darlene, Lia is so adorable and now Dot has a pal to run along with on the beach! Dot really seems to be docile…sharing her bed and sleeping with Lia. What a wonderful addition to your family.<3

Dot is trying hard to be a good role model for the little one. She does like having someone to play with, just not keen on sharing her food with her though. Double love for us. xo

Lol, La dolce vita – it sure is a dog’s life Darlene. They have the life of leisure. Congrats on your new child ❤

They are both having a good life now, even though they had a tough start. We love them to bits. xo

Lia is a beauty, Darlene. So glad Dot and Lia get along right away. ❤

I´m glad too. Dot is still our special girl and we make sure she knows it. Lia just wants to play with her all the time. Fun times. xo

I can see they’re like two kids, Darlene.☺️

What a cutie – looks smart and intelligent. Toni x

She is learning quickly!

Darlene, I’m full of smiles at your wonderful photos of Lia and Dot! 😀 Lia has truly made herself at home – even if Dot looks a bit perturbed about sharing her bed! Aww… they are both so cute and full of personality. What a beautiful beach and it’s made my morning to hear the ocean! Wishing you all lots of fun! xx

Thanks so much, Annika. So pleased you enjoyed this post and my girls.

That cannot be any cuter, Darlene. Those two are darling. I imagine they both love having company.

They do. Even if someone walks by our yard, they get excited.

Congratulations on the new addition… Lia is a pretty name. I’m glad Dot seems to be accepting her well. Hope they continue to get on nicely.

Thanks, Tori. So far so good. I think Lia suits her and we often call her little Lia.

They’re both so adorable! Looks like they had a blast at the beach.

They love the beach and we go almost every day. They need to run off all that energy, especially the little one.

So much fun! You make it look easy to bring a new dog into the family, but I bet at times its a bit trying…? Particularly, perhaps, for Dot!

We have had some stressful moments and Dot has been a bit annoyed at times but we are managing. But it has been fun for the most part. Double trouble but double love too. xo

Dynamic Dog Duo! 🙂

Exactly!! Thanks, Rebecca.

I think dogs are happier accompanied by their own mini pack. Kind thinking on your part.

Cutest thing on the internet today!!

Thanks!! They are pretty cute.

Lia and Dot look like they are becoming fast friends. Love the beach video! Congrats on the newest family addition. What a sweetie.

They are for the most part. There is some sibling rivalry. Lia is a sweetie and I think she knows it.

wonderful Darlene! So cute! Enjoy the cuties! They’re gorgeous!

They are sweeties and I love them to bits!

Aww… Lia is adorable, and Dot seems to be a good big sister. “Lia and Dot”- doesn’t that sound like a children’s book you need to write?

It does, doesn’t it. Perhaps when Amanda is finished travelling.

That sounds like a great idea!

Oh, too cute. I’ve got a Jack Russel and they look similar.

Thanks. They are part Jack Russel and part Fox Terrier, and probably a bit of whippet too. Thanks for stopping by.

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