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Travel Challenge – Day 8

Posted on: January 22, 2021

I was nominated by my blogging friend Geoff LePard at TanGental to post one favourite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then to nominate someone else to participate. That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations. It doesn´t have to be 10 consecutive days. Thanks, Geoff and thanks to everyone for playing along. In these times, vicarious travel is a great escape.

The photo from Day 7 was from Provence, France which Andrew from Have Bag, Will Travel guessed immediately. Sunflower fields can be found in many places but I will always associate them with Provence. My friend and I were searching for a destination when the GPS took us on a small road right through this amazing sunflower patch. We had to stop and take a few pictures. One of my best memories of that trip. Here are a few more memories of Provence including a wonderful cooking class.



Today I nominate Cindy Knoke.  On her blog, she features the most amazing animal photos from around the world. You really must check it out.

If I nominate you and you don’t want to participate, please do not feel obliged, but if you do, please link back to me so that I can see your post. I would love to see what you choose to post.

This is my picture for day 8. If you want to guess where this is, leave your answer in the comments or just comment on the picture.

53 Responses to "Travel Challenge – Day 8"

Looks like Pompeii to me.

Not surprised you got this one!

I had to come back and see if anyone got it. Pompeii. 🙂 It’s on my list!

Hmmm. Somewhere in Greece?

Beauty of ruins is unmatchable! I love them.

I am also drawn to ruins. So much history and personal stories.

I was going to guess Greece, but Pompeii might be more likely.

I have been fascinated by Pompeii since I read a book about it as a child.

I’ve been fascinated by Pompeii as well. What prompted my interest was an article in the National Geographic.

Roman ruins in Turkey, as an alternative

Not a bad guess. I have yet to visit Turkey but would love it, I know.

Whats a Grecian Urn…

Ha! Ha! Love it. My dad´s kind of humour.

Well, I know where it ISN’T, since nothing over 40 years in Los Angeles is allowed to stand!

That’s a problem in many North American cities. Sad.

Ah, I see the sunflowers were in France. We have fields of sunflowers like this in South Africa. Another great picture, Darlene.

Thanks, Robbie. Sunflowers grow in many countries but the field in Provence holds a special memory.

I did not look at the comments prior to guessing Pompeii. Now scrolling up I see others agree.

I knew you would guess it. It was your post on Pompeii that made me want to visit!

Oh that’s wonderful Darlene. As I recall it wasn’t as crowded when you went.

I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful photos in your travel posts. I’m sure you must miss travelling these days.

I really do but this has been fun to revisit some of my favourite places. The weird thing is I have yet to visit the east coast of Canada.

I won’t guess this one, Darlene, since I haven’t a clue. But I do have an affinity for old places and this one looks old. I’m entranced by your travels. How fun. 🙂

This is a place you would just love. Ancient ruins can be great inspiration for fantasy writers.

I agree, plus all the ghosts! I think the land holds a memory of those who’ve come before.

I love ancient ruins. History and architecture come together here. I see in the comments it is Pompeii. I am loving your travel challenge photos, Darlene.

Me too. I think of all the people who walked there before. Glad you are enjoying this series. xo

Yes! And, I am.🙂

I (accidentally) cheated when I looked at the comments. I never would have gotten it otherwise! 🙂

Saw everyone’s answer (slight cheating)..have never been there but have always wanted to go. Ruins fascinate me #SeniSal

You would love this place. And to think it laid under all that ash for so many years.

Darlene, Looks like Pompeii ruins to me. Thanks for the travel memories. #senisal

P.S. I’m hosting a weekly blog link up every Friday. Everyone is welcome to join. Details on my blog. Hope to see you there any week.

I love Glad you are enjoying my travel pictures. I’ll check out your link up. Thanks.

Ruins fascinate me. I can see from the answers where it is and that was in my top 5 of guesses. I love this capture….your perspective captures this ruin really well!!

Thanks. It was hard to get pictures without tourists hanging about. I was happy to get this one, with a bit of cropping. A great place, full of atmosphere and so well preserved.

You’ve seen some truly amazing sights!

I have been very lucky!

Walking through here would feel eerie and magical. I look at these ruins through Google Earth sometimes. Wonderful.

It did feel eerie. And to think these ruins were buried under volcanic ash for almost 2000 years!

Ah, yes. Pompeii… one of the places I have been to!

Such a cool place. So much to see. Half a day wasn’t enough time.

No indeed. I remember blazing heat, and a long queue at the brothel!

Awesome photo Darlene! ❤ Really love it!

Thanks, it was an awesome place.

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