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Travel Challenge – Day 7

Posted on: January 21, 2021

I was nominated by my blogging friend Geoff LePard at TanGental to post one favourite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then to nominate someone else to participate. That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, and 10 nominations. It doesn´t have to be 10 consecutive days. Thanks, Geoff!

The photo from Day 6 was of Taos Pueblo in New Mexico which Andrew easily guessed. I really hope I can stump him one day. Many of you guessed New Mexico, so well done. I visited Taos, New Mexico a few years ago with my dear aunt, who is a great travelling buddy. Taos Pueblo was amazing. It is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited community in the USA and is a UNESCO World Heritage site, people have been living there for over 1000 years! I write more about it on the following blog post and it is featured in Amanda in New Mexico: Ghosts in the Wind


Today I nominate Susie Lindau at Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride On her blog she shares inspiration, travel tips, and entertaining posts about her adventures and misadventures in Boulder, Colorado.

If I nominate you and you don’t want to participate, please do not feel obliged, but if you do, please link back to me so that I can see your post. In these times vicarious travel is a great escape, I would love to see what you choose to post.

This is my picture for day 7. If you want to guess where this is, leave your answer in the comments or just comment on the picture.

41 Responses to "Travel Challenge – Day 7"


Close, it is in Europe. Thanks for trying.

France or Spain were my other two choices, but we are allowed only one. 🙂


I´m sure there are fields of sunflowers in the USA but not this one. Thanks for trying.

Gorgeous sunflowers!

I love sunflowers, they make me happy! When I saw a whole field of them, I was about to burst!

I want to say Canada, Alberta specifically, but it could be Europe or the U.S. too. This one really stumps me!

There must be fields of sunflowers in many places but this was the only one I ever saw up close as the road took us right through it!

South Dakota?

I don´t know if they have fields of sunflowers in South Dakota but I was delighted to find this one in Europe.

It’s not here although we do have fields of sunflowers…I’m guessing Europe which is a bit vague I know but there are sunflowers fields in many places around the world…I give up…sigh x

It is in Europe. The exact location will soon be revealed. Someone very famous painted sunflowers close to here.

I associate sunflowers with Van Gogh, so perhaps the Netherlands. If not, then my second guess is France. Not very precise, but the best I can do now. Do tell!

Your second guess is right. I thought of Van Gogh when I saw this amazing field of sunflowers. I´ll reveal the exact location soon.

Enjoying all of the photos and the information shared about each one…bravo!

Thanks, John. I´m having fun with this.

Yes, I guessed sunflowers in Provence without looking at the comments. Sooooo beautiful. One of these days. in the meantime, in September here in New England we have farm fields of sunflowers that are amazing. xo

Fields of sunflowers are so gorgeous no matter where they are!! They just make me feel happy all over.

I love sunflowers, Darlene. Is this somewhere in the USA?

This field of sunflowers we drove through in Provence.

Really no point in my guessing as we both know I’d probably get it wrong. And now the answer is in the previous comment. lol Love the sunflowers, Darlene.

Sunflowers are fabulous wherever they are grown. xo

Who doesn’t love a field of sunflowers? This looks like one in Pennsylvania, but I imagine there are many fields like this in other places.

Sunflowers just make me happy! This one is in Provence, France but there are cheerful sunflower fields al over the world.

One of the most beautiful flowers in the world. I’m glad they bloom in so many places.

Sunflower fields. Fantastic.

I love sunflowers and coming across this field in Provence, France was so special. It made me think of Van Gough.

I missed this one, Darlene! Thanks for the nomination. 🙂
The sunflowers are magical this time of year. I’m looking outside at a yard full of snow!

You´re welcome! There seems to be snow in many parts right now. I almost feel guilty reading in the sun at 27 degrees celsius. (80 Fahrenheit)

Whoa! That’s like summer!

Yes! France! That is so beautiful! I love it!

Great! Driving through Provence is like a dream.

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