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2021 – A New Year, A New Page

Posted on: January 3, 2021

For many years I have set goals for the coming year. They help to keep me focused and be productive. This year I was reluctant to set any goals because it is hard to make plans when things are still so uncertain. But then I decided the best thing is to just carry on as usual. Goals are not written in stone. They can always be adjusted or carried over to the next year. So before I went to bed on January 1st, I wrote down some goals. I also believe goals need to be shared in order to be effective. Here they are!

Goals for 2021

  1. Come up with innovative ideas to market Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady
  2. Plan a trip to Canada to launch Amanda in Malta: The Sleeping Lady
  3. Visit family and friends in Canada as soon as it is safe to do so
  4. Finish writing Amanda in Spain: Fire in the Cathedral
  5. Read and review at least 40 good books
  6. Visit new places in Spain
  7. Continue to help other writers
  8. Organize computer files
  9. Attend conferences and workshops on line
  10. Do podcast and video interviews and presentations
  11. Visit schools digitally and in-person if possible
  12. Find markets for my short stories
  13. Adopt a buddy for Dot
  14. Stay safe and stay positive

In recent years, I have been encouraged by other bloggers to pick three words for the year. I really like this idea and usually pick the first three words that come to mind.

These are my words for 2021.




My wish for everyone for 2021 is to be strong, share the love and never give up hope! And drink good tea and read good books.

78 Responses to "2021 – A New Year, A New Page"

These goals all look realistic, I would say. I’m going to be spending the day doing planning/goal-setting for my writing today!

Thanks, Liz. I tried to be realistic with my goals for this year. Good luck with your planning/goal setting.xo

You’re welcome, Darlene. I got a good chunk of the planning/goal setting accomplished today–but I still have a long ways to go.

I hope you can meet these goals, Darlene, and that pandemic restrictions don’t get in the way of the ones that involve travel. Good luck!

Thanks, Clive. Seeing my family is a top priority. I am hoping I can do that in the next 6 months. What will be, will be!

I’m not making any resolutions or setting goals this year other than to try and make the most of each day.

I think that is very wise. Sending love and hugs. xo

Good words!!!Let’s hope for a better 2021. 😉

Thanks. I think that everyone is hoping for a better year ahead. xo

Good luck in 2021. Inspiring words… and it feels like you’ve got this one done easily!

Thanks, James and all the best for you as well.

Great list of goals, and excellent word choices for the year. Hope your 2021 is a good one. Happy new year!

Thanks, Tori. Happy New Year to you as well.

I hope you manage to achieve all your goals this year, Darlene.

I will try my best. The most important one is to see my family.


Thanks, Brett and thanks for stopping by my blog. All the best for 2021!!

Hi, Darlene – I wholeheartedly agree that sharing our goals publicly makes us much more accountable to them. I admire your goals listed here, and your focus words. Wishing you an awesome 2021 ahead!

Thanks so much. A wonderful 2021 to you and yours as well.

I hope you achieve most of your goals. My hope for this year is staying healthy, active and developing more inner strength to deal with difficult situations that arrive.

Thanks, Gerlinde. Your goals are perfect!

I think that setting realistic goals is such a good idea. As you say, making them public adds an extra layer of commitment. Here’s wishing you great success in achieving your dreams in 2021, Darlene!

Thanks, Pete. I have always believed it is best to put your goals out there. I used to teach goal setting in my life skills programs for youth at risk and adult job seekers. And that was part of it. All the best in 2021 for you as well.

Lovely goals. We all need goals, a to-do list or future plans to fuel hope. I believe hope is always there. Sometimes it may grow dim but as soon as we see it again, fuel is added. How brightly it grows is within us.

Good tea, good books and hope. I think you’ve covered it all. Happy Sunday.

Thanks, Diane. Good tea, good books and hope are all we really need!

Those are great goals, Darlene, and I’m sure you’ll be able to accomplish a great many of them. A buddy for Dot will be great fun! Looking forward to the photos 🙂

Thanks, Debra. There will be photos!

Just keep on writing bloody good stuff. Another chapter of Amanda please.

Thanks, John. Working on it! Thanks for all of your support over the year.

Those are worthy goals, Darlene. I haven’t made any–probably won’t! Yours would serve as reminders of how to be an excellent writer throughout the year.

Thanks, Jacqui! You are welcome to borrow them. xo

I love your goals— especially number 13! I have yet to pick my words but I have some ideas!

Thanks, Beth Ann. We are working on number 13 as we speak. I believe it was you that got me started on picking three words at the beginning of each year. xo

It’s a good idea to set goals, Darlene, they help keep your eyes on the ball. Good words for 2021.

Yes, I need to set goals in order to focus. Glad you like the words. All the best for 2021. I think we are now more prepared for whatever gets thrown at us. xo

We found out yesterday that the boys new school year has been delayed by a week.

This seems to be happening all over. Hopefully, it helps stop the spread. I´m sure you´ll find something to keep them occupied. Are you still working from home?

Yes, I haven’t been in the office since last year March 5th. I could use the odd visit for a change of pace, but that’s life right now.

I love this: Because you are ALIVE . . . everything is possible! Best wishes on all your goals, Darlene. You are an ambitious one and will meet most if not all of your goals for 2021.

Thanks! I love quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh, especially that one. Have a good 2021! xo

Wonderful goals, Darlene. You’re inspiring! My little brain is considering following your lead. Ha ha. Wishing you a happy, healthy new year full of adventure. ❤

Thanks! The adventures will be mostly in my head I’m afraid. At least I have Amanda to go on these adventures for me. Happy 2021 to you as well.

Everyday is an adventure with the right mindset, though I can’t wait to get out of the house and enjoy the world. Here’s to the future hugfest!

Love your attitude. Happy & Healthy New Year Darlene! 🌿🕛💏💕

Wishing you a very Happy New Year as well. Stay safe and well. xo

You have lofty, but attainable goals. I hope to put at least one meal on the table every day and clean out a cupboard or drawer once in a while. I’d like to act retired!!

I think those are great goals! xo

Great resolutions! I hope you get to achieve that and more. Stay golden!

Thanks so much. Have a great 2021.

Good goals for the coming year, Darlene. One of my goals is to reconnect with other bloggers. I have been very bad at this over the last few months. I won’t bore you with the others.

I look forward to your posts. Have a great 2021.

I like that you didn’t let this crazy situation slow you down. I’ve set my intentions as well that will be fluid enough if travel is ever an option again. I like your 3 words and copied the pictures to my computer for a good reminder. Happy 2021, Darlene. May all your goals have check marks at the end of the year.

Thanks so much. I truly believe we will be travelling again soon, when it is safe to do so. Wishing you a wonderful 2021!!

I wish you success with achieving your goals, Darlene. I love the final quote and appreciate your wishes. Have a wonderful year!

Thanks so much, Norah. All the best for 2021!!

Darlene, a terrific set of goals and have fun completing them all! Here’s to ‘strength, hope & love’ for 2021! We need oodles of all three … and of course the more we give the more energy they all receive as well. xx

Thanks, Annika! Have a great 2021 yourself. xo

What an excellent and positive list for the year. Best of luck with them all. And, I do like the three words you’ve chosen. Happy New Year, Darlene. xx

Thanks, Cath. Happy New year to you as well.

Your goals look good. I hope you attain all of them! Good luck in the coming year. Love the quote from Thich Naht Hahn. I am going to save that one. thanks!

It is a good quote! Thanks, Laurie. All the best for the new year!

Enjoyed reading your goals and I see most of them happening. Look forward to the new book release! Love the Thich Naht Hahn quote as I followed him for years. I don’t really set outward goals. I focus more on bringing forth/living the inner qualities we each have and using them in service to others — joy, love, compassion, harmlessness, peace, harmony, unity and so on. Each year I choose one or two focuses. Have a wonderful year, my friend.

Thanks, Patricia! You do such a great job of living those inner qualities. Thanks for your support over the years. All the best for 2021!

Right now I am embracing hope – my eternal pal. He spoke to me on New Year’s Day and I am going to share that conversation soon 😊 Have a blissful 2021 Darlene.

We all need to embrace hope, especially for this coming year. I look forward to your conversation with hope. Wishing you everything you need for 2021. xo

Darlene, I love the three words you choose and the quote from Thich Nhat Hanh. Wishing you a fantastic 2021 ahead! #senisal

Thanks, Natalie. Wishing the same for you and yours. xo

Happy 2021! Love how specific your goals are – may you achieve them all. Your words for the year are spot on, too. We need more of them in this world, especially during these times.

Thanks so much for visiting. Happy New Year to you as well!

This was a wonderful post! I love your three words, and the quotations. Your goals are realistic and inspiring, especially a buddy for Dot. Best to you, Darlene!

Your goals are admirable, Darlene. All the best of luck in accomplishing them. Your three words are perfect for this new year. Happy New Year to you and Dot.

Thanks, Carol. All the best to you and Beu as well. xo

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You have already achieved one goal… Dot has a buddy ..,I wish you luck in achieving the rest this year…I ony have one word this year and that is Improv…coupled with good tea and a book like you …Have a great week , Darlene 🙂 x

Yes, one goal has been ticked off already. I like your word. Enjoy your week as well.

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