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Amanda Travels Series

Posted on: December 22, 2020

Amanda and I are guests on Wanda Luthman´s blog today where I interview the intrepid traveller.

Wanda Luthman's Book Blog

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to Wanda Luthman’s children’s book blog.

Today, I have a fun interview for you. One of my previous guests on this book blog, Darlene Foster, interviewed her main character, Amanda!

I think you’re going to love getting to know Amanda better.

NOTE: (DF stands for Darlene Foster, the author and AR stands for Amanda Ross, the main character)

Interview with Amanda Ross from the Amanda Travels Series by Darlene Foster

DF Hello Amanda. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed as your readers are eager to learn more about you.

AR Thank you, Mrs. Foster. It is so awesome to be interviewed. I’ve never been interviewed before.

DF Can we start with you telling us a little about yourself?

AR Yes, thanks. I can do that. (Clears her throat) My name is Amanda Jane Ross and I live in Calgary…

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29 Responses to "Amanda Travels Series"

Are you sure those are pictures of Amanda, and not self portraits? 😉

LOL. The kids drew the pictures after reading the books. I thought they were so cute.

They’re very cute, and it must be so rewarding for you when that happens.

Loved the interview Darlene….really well sone…left comment on Wanda’s Blog also!!

Glad you enjoyed it, Kirt.

Love these drawings – they are wonderful!

Aren’t they fun. I don’t illustrate my books as they are chapter books. So the kids used their imagination based on what they read.

Great stuff. Keep at it.

The kids actually did pretty good, don’t you think, Darlene?

I think they did very well. I was so impressed and deeply touched.

Darlene, Very nice drawings from your young readers. Happy holidays to you and your family! #sensal

Thanks, Natalie! Best wishes to you and yours as well. xo

What a lovely interview with Amanda. 🙂

Thanks, Norah. It was fun.

What a great idea. It gives such a good insight into Amanda and her adventures, and the interview questions are spot on.

I had fun putting it together. After 8 books, I feel like I know Amanda quite well. Thanks, Ruth. xo

What a thrill to have artwork from your books done by a child’s hand. Love this ❤

It was great to see. They drew pictures of Amanda riding a camel and other things from the book as well.

I LOVE these photos. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks. Glad you liked it. Have a great Christmas.

Darlene I smiled the whole way through the interview. What a great way to bring Amanda to life. We send our wishes to you and your husband for the very best of the holiday season. Stay safe and may 2021 bring us far brighter days.

If it brought some smiles, then I did my job! Thank you so much for your best wishes. I see that there is much snow in Alberta. Enjoy your Christmas!!

Somewhere around 40 cms at our house! Let’s say our shovelling skills are well honed! 🙂

😎 It would be rude to tell you I wrapped presents on the patio in the warm sunshine today. So I won’t.

Yes I will admit if I see one more photo of a white sand beach on social media I am going to have to poke my eye. 🙂

Haha. Laughing at Sue’s comment. Well, sand and snow both start with the same letter, and both are beautiful in their own way… 🙂

Amanda looks suspiciously like you, Darlene. LOVE it!!

LOL!! Glad you liked the interview.xo

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