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Ani’s Advent 2020! Dot (and Darlene Foster) on The Year of the Pandemic

Posted on: December 4, 2020

Dot is a guest on Ani’s blog today where she talks about the pandemic from a dogs point of view. Enjoy.

The Small Dog

Dear Santa,

I have my friend from Spain over today. We haven’t actually met, but then, she lives a long way away and although the two-legses usually get to gallivant all over the place, they don’t seem to like it if we wander off on our own…

But, this year, even the two-legses have been kept on a short leash, so we’ve had them at home a lot more, which is good for us, even if they’ve not been too happy about it.

They do seem to be getting a bit peaky though. I’m sure mine is starting with kennel cough from not getting out enough. And she is definitely in need of more exercise… I think maybe we should all just ask you for an end to all this staying at home malarkey…

Mind you, I have to wonder about you, Santa. You get out and about plenty… a…

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25 Responses to "Ani’s Advent 2020! Dot (and Darlene Foster) on The Year of the Pandemic"

Ani sends her thanks to you and Dot, Darlene, for coming over to share the calendar xx

It’s such a wonderful feature and Dot likes to be in the limelight.

We love having guests for Christmas 🙂

A great post showcasing how nothing is ever ALL bad.

This is true. Sometimes we have to think like a dog!

These are so fun. I’m heading over to read, Darlene and Dot!

Love the doggy sentiments!

Thanks, Irene. Merry Christmas to you and your family. xo

If we could all think like Dot we would be far less stressed. I love Dot’s writing. such a clever pup. No wonder she was happy! Four walks a day, having her parents with her every moment. It’s a dog’s life as they say.

I agree, we should all think like our furry buddies. Glad you enjoyed Dot´s writing! xo

This is marvelous, Darlene. Thanks for sharing it. Hugs!

I´m glad you like Dot´s post! She sends you lots of love and cuddles.

Dot, I loved your letter. I’m glad you had such a good year with your legged being home much more. I hope Santa is extra good to you this year.

Thanks, Jennie. I´ve been really good so I think Santa will bring me something nice.

I think he will, Dot! ❤️

Great piece – I love the doggy voice!

Thanks, Ruth. Darlene and Dot!

That was touching and wise, Darlene. You did good.

What a lovely dog, Darlene. Toni x

She is a real sweetheart. We love her to bits.

This was very cute. I loved Dot’s perspective of life. Love it! Have a great Christmas Darlene and Dot.

Thanks, Diane. Dot is always so positive! Wishing you and you family a wonderful Christmas!!

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