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How To Inspire Adventure and Reading In Children – We Ask An Expert

Posted on: November 29, 2020

I am honoured to be asked about inspiring children to read by Sue Slaght of Travel Tales of Life.

Why would a child want to read? How can a book compete with the tantalizing glow of a screen? As the months, or has it been years, of time at home drag on, parents’ nerves are fraying. How can we get kids excited about adventure? Is the love of reading in children a forgotten skill?

We reached out to an expert for advice. How can we turn reluctant readers into book loving kids? Darlene Foster is an award winning author, publishing seven books about a spunky young girl named Amanda. The popular series inspires adventure, travel and reading.

Darlene Foster on inspiring reading in children

Thanks, Sue for inviting me to your awesome blog which encourages travel and appreciating other countries and cultures.

I write my books to inspire children to explore the world and appreciate our unique differences as well as our similarities. Unlike when I was a child, children today are well travelled. Which is great. But right now, because of the COVID 19 pandemic, their parents aren’t able to take them on trips. By providing children with books that take place in other countries, they can go on a vacation without leaving the safety of their home. And by reading the books together, the whole family gets a holiday.

At what age should parents start reading to their children? What types of books are best?

Read the rest of the article here.

37 Responses to "How To Inspire Adventure and Reading In Children – We Ask An Expert"

What a delight to have you share your insights and advice with our readers Darlene. Truly appreciate your efforts and eloquence.

Thanks for the invite. It was fun to think about and respond to your questions.

Your book arrived in the post today, in good time to post it off to my granddaughter in Tier Three!

That’s great to hear. I would love to hera what she thinks about Amanda and her adventure.

I was a voracious reader when growing up and promote it to all the children I know as well! Terrific article!

Thanks, John. You are a great promoter of books. I’m sure your childhood reading has inspired your broad interests and sense of adventure.

Your “Amanda” books will be featured in the next few weeks as best holiday gifts…hope it helps!

Excellent post, and you’re right, there are a number of different ways to encourage kids away from the screens!

I just know you will be reading to that sweet granddaughter of yours. xo

What a good question. It IS a challenge. Clicking through…

Darlene, a terrific article and your love of reading shines through! A child who reads does indeed have the world at their fingertips … and it’s magical when as a parent you can partake in the adventures and later discuss books with the older reader. I’m smiling at one observation particularly by one young reader: “One seven year old said to me, “Of course we have books in our house. Who doesn’t like books?” Exactly!! 😀😀

So true. Kids that are raised with books around them take it for granted that books are part of the furniture!! Pleased you liked the article.

Here in Finland kid’s get used to with books from very early of life. First they used to have books made of soft fabric. My daughter had one of such picture book which she experienced b chewing first. Libraries are also very child friendly here. Reading habits of parents also make a big impact. Kids always love to do what adults do.

That is so true, of parents set a good example by reading, children will usually do the same. I have heard that Finland is a country of readers. That is so wonderful. Thanks for visiting my blog.

So today I just went through and read everyone’s responses and liked them all! They hit all the nails on the proverbial head!

Some great responses there. I agree.

What a lovely interview, Darlene, so full of good sense. Love the picture of you, very cute!

Thanks. I didn’t think I was happy on that picture as dad wanted me to wear the cowboy hat and I didn´t think it went with my outfit!! Glad you enjoyed the interview. xo

Super interview Darlene, and of course great advice!

I know you agree with many of these thoughts and ideas. I should have added, ensure your children have a great teacher, especially in pre-school, that encourages reading and book appreciation.

I definitely do agree, Darlene. And thank you for your kind words – preschool teachers who read aloud and encourage children to look at books make a difference. 🙂

Darlene, Thank you for sharing your excellent advice and childhood story. I enjoy reading and promote it to everyone I know. With the current travel restrictions, books and our imagination take us wherever our minds want to go. #senisal

Thanks so much, Natalie!

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