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Have Fun Writing for Children – Guest Post By Darlene Foster

Posted on: November 26, 2020

I am a guest on The Writer’s Treasure Chest where I talk about writing for children, with a list of things I’ve learned over the years of writing my books.

Writer's Treasure Chest

If you like children and are quite childish, something I´ve often been accused of, then writing for children may seem easy and natural.

I began my love affair with words many years ago. Some of my fondest memories are being read to as a child, visiting the library, and discovering the ability to read by myself. I still have worn copies of favourite childhood books, such as The Bobbsey Twins, Little Women, Black Beauty and Anne of Green Gables; and revisit these old friends from time to time. Books and children go together like toast and jam. Recently, one seven-year-old friend said to me, “Who doesn´t like books?” I never show up without books as gifts for my grandchildren. I am known as The Book Grandma.

It´s not surprising that I love writing stories for children.

While writing for children can be fun, it isn´t easy. It requires removing yourself…

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27 Responses to "Have Fun Writing for Children – Guest Post By Darlene Foster"

What a great topic. I’ll drop by, Darlene.

Thanks, Jacqui. It’s good to share what we have learned. You are good at that.

The book grandma, how awesome.

I know. I love it! I was very young when I first became a Grandmother but I like that title.

I loved reading this as well as your books…..being a friend of yours which is a blessing I recall your sharing your dreams and plans of writing your first children’s chapter book….so very proud of you Darlene. An inspiration to many….including me🙏🙏🙏

Thanks, Jayne. I appreciate your support over the years. xo

Thank you for posting this. I couldn’t agree more. The best writers for children and young adults have never lost their sense of wonder. Being child-like is a compliment, not a put-down, in my view. 🙂

I so agree. Never losing that sense of childlike wonder is a blessing. Thanks, Marian.

The “Book Grandma.” I love that, Darlene. I’m heading over the read the rest. 🙂

I was happy with that label. xo

I have been reading books ever since I can remember. I would read under my feather bed with a flashlight so my mom wouldn’t catch me reading late at night.
Children love being read to and they have such a wonderful imagination.

Same here, reading under the covers with a flashlight is a good memory for me as well. Thanks!!

I did the same! Flashlight under my pillow. Probably why my eyesight is so bad now! 🙂

The Book Grandma—I hope you wear that title with pride, Darlene.

Yes, I love that title very much.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and your advice, Darlene!

Thanks, Jennie. That means a lot to me. xo

You are most welcome, Darlene! Thank you. 🥰

Great advice and info. I agree. Writing for children is fun, but also challenging and takes a lot of work!

Thanks!! I have heard people say that writing children’s stories is taking the easy way. Whatever are they thinking??

Oh Lord. They. have. no. idea. It’s like people who told me (when I had a caesarian birth instead of “natural”) that I had it easy. Eye roll.

I loved Black Beauty as a child too Darlene. I can still remember the feeling of excitement heading to the library to find the next book. Your tips on writing children’s books most helpful for anyone delving into that area. Share don’t tell really jumped out to me. Best wishes for continued success Darlene.

Thanks, Sue. I have a simplified version of Black Beauty I use when I’m working with English as a Second Language children and they just love it. It brings back all those wonderful memories of when I read it as a child.

Great advice, Darlene. Thank you.

Thanks, Norah. As an educator, I´m sure you agree.

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