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Dot Turns Five!

Posted on: November 9, 2020

Hi Readers! Dot here. I just turned five years old. I had a little party and got two of my favourite bones and a cup cake. I´m one lucky dog.

I have a good life here on the Costa Blanca of Spain since mom and dad adopted me. I thought I would share some of my favourite things with you, because mom said I could.

I love the beach and playing with my friends at the beach
I love going to the park and chasing squirrels
I just wish I could climb trees!
Sometimes I make friends at the park. I love my warm jackets for cool winter days too.
I really love playing with my best friend Patch. I´m so happy I´m smiling.
I love ice cream and wait in line patiently when the ice cream lady comes every Monday. She told us last week it would be her last visit until March. I don´t know if I can wait that long!
I love the children who come to visit and play with me.
I especially love my comfy blanket
I love my comfy chair too
My chair is a good place to watch for Dad to come home. You can see why I´m called Dot.
Sometimes I sneak into mom and dad´s bed and have a really good sleep.
It´s Remembrance Day on Wednesday and I hope everyone remembers those who gave their lives so we can all have a good life.

Thanks for reading about me and my good life.

Dot the Dog

94 Responses to "Dot Turns Five!"

Dot almost blends into your blankets, lol. Happy birthday!

That´s probably how she gets away with it.

Ani says happy birthday, Dot! Looks like you had a very good day 🙂

Happy 5th birthday Dot and can I just say that you have a pretty cushey life!

Thanks! I admit I do. Better than living on the streets.

Happy Birthday, Dot, you lovely young lady!

Thanks, Christa. Now I’m blushing.

Hello Darlene and Dot ..yes 5 years is a long time ..lucky you to get adopted and lucky that Dot came into your lives too Darlene and Paul. We look forward to seeing her again sometime in the future …once this Covid19 is dead and buried. 🎂🎂🎂

Dot loved meeting both of you. She is not as shy as she was then but just as loveable. xo

Happy birthday, Dot. Looks like you had a good day, Great photos – thanks for sharing.

Thanks, it was a great day. Mom takes so many pictures of me, we couldn’t decide which ones to post.

Wonderful post, Dot. Happy birthday!

Thanks, Anne. I am a bit spoiled, I know.

Happy Birthday, Dot!!!! Celebrating with you on my side of the world.

Thanks! Nice to know people are celebrating with me all over the world.

What a happy, much loved friend! I hope that you are all staying safe in this pandemic world!

Thanks, John. Dot has saved us from being lonely since no one can come to visit. She also gets us out for walks and entertains us. Stay safe as well. xo

Happy Birthday, Dot! Nice to read from you. Dont let it read Ollie (beetleypete.com), or he will leave Norfolk and head over to Spain, forever. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

That is funny! Thanks for the best wishes, Michael from Darlene and Dot.

:-)) Always a great pleasure, Darlene. Dot is a so sweet one. Have a beautiful week! Michael

Happy Birthday Dot. Looking great for your age! It sure looks like you have the life…..lucky you! 😃

Happy birthday, Dot! Thank you for sharing your photo album with us. I enjoyed the photos.

Glad you liked the photos we picked. There are so many it was hard to choose. xo

You are one lucky dog Dot!

She certainly is! Thanks.

Happy Birthday Dot! Love the photos. You are living the good life. Best wishes for a great year ahead!

Thanks, Irene. I´m a happy puppy!

Delightful photos. Happy birthday to Dot.

Thanks, Teagan. You´re the bees knees!! xo

Happy Birthday, Dot! I LOVE your photos!

Glad you like the pictures. Mom takes lots of them.

Happy birthday to Dot. Love the photos! She does indeed have a good life. 🙂

Thanks! She is a bit spoiled but we love her to bits.

Looks like you’ve got a good life, Dot. My dog, Lulu, has recently developed an affinity for squirrels too. She doesn’t chase them but watches their every move.

If Dot could catch one, she´d be so happy. But her kind was originally bred for catching small animals.

Hey Dot , i will be turning 5 next year and hope i am as lucky as you and get a cup cake . I’m especially looking forward to standing in line at the icecream truck with a couple of girls wearing bikinies !! Lucky dog

Happy birthday, Dot! Lots of licks, Lilie and Logan

Isn’t Dot splendid! And ice cream.. I know a Dog who’d sell his and every other soul he could lay his paws on for a cone

I couldn’t find the picture of her eating a cone. (Too many pictures) She has to wait until March now!

How gorgeous, Darlene – and what a dream lifestyle Dot lives. Toni x

Thanks, Toni. She is a lucky puppy!

So cute! Happy Birthday Dot 🙂

Sooo adorable! This is one very lucky and very beautiful pooch! I love the big and seemingly perfectly shaped dot… and that face!!!!


I fell in love with her the minute I saw that face. Her personality is as sweet as she looks too. xo

It’s apparent that Dot is a member of the family, Darlene. Her furry coat and unconditional love are good for the soul. Right?

Exactly. She is an important member of this family! And very good for the soul.

What a lovely set of pictures of Dot, Darlene. The one with the two dogs looks as if they are both smiling.

Those two dogs just love each other. They are the same breed but Patch is a year younger than Dot, smaller and a boy. When they see each other they are so happy they do smile.

Happy Birthday, Dot! Love these pics, Darlene.

Thanks, Teri. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Darlene, she is the cutest thing. Dogs are one of the best things about life, I think.

Isn’t she just. Pets, in general, are so great to have in your life. She filled the gap for us as our grandchildren are so far away in Canada.

I understand. We have three, and they are like our children.

I’d like a cupcake, too. No occasion.
This blanket looks indeed very cozy.
Happy Birthday to you, Dot!

Dot will take a cupcake anytime too! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Bau says Happy Birthday, Dot! I envy you for all the fun things you get to do, especially running along the beach and having children come to visit you and chasing squirrels which is also something I like to do but haven’t had much luck so far. It’s the darn leash that keeps me back, I’m sure. Five years is really something to celebrate!

Thanks, Bau! Squirrels are very hard to catch, even when you aren’t on the leash. I have fun and would love to play with you.

Many happy returns, Dot. What a charmer you are!

Thanks. You can come and cuddle me anytime.

Happy Birthday Dot! You are such a clever dog. I think your Mom and Dad should get you a wee climbing harness and with some lessons from squirrel you will be up that tree in no time.

Thanks. What a great idea. I´ll suggest it to Mom and Dad.

Great pics Dot!! Thank Mom for letting you share them with all of us!!

Glad you liked the pictures. Mom takes tons of pictures of me.

Now that’s a happy birthday. You have an ice cream truck that visits you? I’m jealous.

We are very lucky to have an ice cream truck visit us from March to October. Every Monday around 3:30, not that I am keeping track of the time. I hear the music before they do and run to the front gate all excited.

That may be the second-best dog in the world (well, in case my dog reads this…)

Of course, your dog is the best for you!! xo

Happy birthday Dot! Lovely looking dog X

She is a sweetheart! Thanks.

Happy belated, Dot! You are one photogenic pup. 🙂

Thanks. Mom likes to take pictures of me. xo

Happy Birthday, Dot!

Thanks, Jennie!!

You’re welcome, Darlene!

Happy late birthday Dot! I love all the fun pictures of you!

Thanks, Beth Ann. It’s never too late to wish me Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday, Dot. And thank you for taking me on a tour of your neighbourhood.

Thanks, Lisa. I love my neighbourhood. Kisses, Dot.

Happy birthday dot! What a lucky doggie you are! I love your name! Love and woofs and tail wags from carol anne and Nitro!

Thanks, guys. Nitro is a cool name as well.

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