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My Summer of Books by a Teacher

Posted on: September 4, 2020

I enjoy following Jennie Fitzkee, a preschool teacher in New England. I have featured her here on my blog. She believes in the power of reading out loud to children of all ages, including reading chapter books to preschoolers. Jennie recently posted about the books she read this summer, which included great picture books as well as some chapter books. And guess what, she included Amanda in Alberta: The Writing on the Stone! I was delighted that she enjoyed the story and wrote a good review. I’m included with some pretty awesome authors too.

This is part of what she wrote:

Amanda and Leah see the Calgary Stampede (a rodeo), go on a cattle drive, visit Buffalo Jump, and the dinosaur museum.  These adventures are intertwined with a mystery- Amanda finds a stone, which people seem to want, one cowboy in particular.  Amanda is curious about the markings on the stone and is determined to learn more.  She is the modern day Nancy Drew, and her sleuthing proves to be both dangerous and exciting at times.

Please read the rest of her post.


55 Responses to "My Summer of Books by a Teacher"

What a great review of Amanda in Alberta and such an interesting collection of books. Held lots of appeal for me as an ex teacher.

I thought you might like it. Some wonderful books by great authors.

You are in good company, congratulations.

Early reading to children – and by them – opens a door of endless wonder that will last a lifetime.. I speak with experience – ha! Great array of books, Darlene!

I know you do! Some super books for kids. So pleased to be included.

You are exactly right. I’m glad you enjoyed the books.

Thank you for sharing, my post, Darlene! I loved your book, and yes, you are among great company. 🙂

And thank you for featuring Amanda!!

My pleasure, Darlene! 😀

I read a lot of Jennie’s posts, too. What a great collection of books!

Isn´t it an amazing collection, some writers I have loved for a long time too.

Jennie is a favorite of mine as well. I was very tickled to see Amanda featured!

Thanks, Liz. Jeannie is a favourite of many of us.

I never miss any of Jennie’s posts. She is not only a teacher of children but an educator for other teachers.

She is an educator for all of us!! I too love her posts.

Hi, Darlene – What an awesome collection of books! Reading is one of the most empowering tools that we can give to our children. I completely agree with Jennie on the power of reading aloud to youngsters — it has a much stronger impact than many people realize.

Hear, Hear. And, thank you.

It is one of the things that adults remember fondly of their childhood. Thanks for your comment.

I used to love reading aloud to my children, and it benefits kids so much.

It is such a nice activity to do together in our crazy busy world.

“A modern day Nancy Drew”. That’s quite a compliment. I believe reading out loud is powerful, too. I didn’t stop reading to my kids until they were well into their mid-teens. Even now, sometimes I’ll read a passage to them because there’s more power in the words when they are said aloud then read quietly.

I was delighted to get that comment. I agree, they are never too old to be read to. I even read things out loud to hubby.

A great collection of books. Also a great review.

That’s a great review, Amanda, I think that would be a great book to read.

Thanks for stopping by.

How lovely to have received such a wonderful review. Congratulations, Darlene!

Thanks, Debra. It certainly made my day!!

Wow, Darlene. That’s pretty awesome to end up on Jennie’s summer reading list. She knows her stuff, is a wonderful teacher, and a kind person on top of that. A wonderful review!!!

She is all of that and more. To have her review my book was the icing on the cake for me. Thanks, Diane.

That’s a fabulous review Darlene. Here’s a question for you. What age do you think would be best to start reading your books to children. I know that could vary a great deal depending on the child but wondering about your general recommendations.

One woman said she started reading my books to her granddaughter at age 3 and she loved them. She has since read them herself as she grew older. It does depend on the child but I think 4 or 5 would be a good age for reading them out loud. They won’t understand all the words but will quickly improve their vocabulary. Since there aren’t any pictures, a child might like to draw some of their own. One preschooler drew some great camel pictures after being read Amanda in Arabia.

Thanks Darlene. That’s great advice. One more question if you don’t mind. Should the books be read in the order they were written?

They don´t have to be read in the order they were written. I intended each book to be stand-alone, just with some of the same characters. Having said that, I would start with Amanda in Arabia as that is how she gets the travel bug. Also, the camels and the princess appeals to the younger kids. After that, it doesn´t really matter. She stays 12 but matures a bit as the stories progress because that´s what travel does to you! Have fun. It will bring up some interesting discussions, I’m sure.

Thank you Darlene! Looking forward to sharing them without granddaughter.

I would love to hear what she thinks of them. xo

Congratulations, Darlene. So pleased for you that Jennie liked your book, is a teacher and is spreading the good word about it!

Thanks, Rebecca! I was thrilled to bits to get this review as it means so much to me.

Since your books are educational it means lot to have a good review from a teacher!

congrats on being included Darlene! I bet your books about Amanda are so awesome! ❤

Congratulations, Darlene, on being included in Jennie’s collection of wonderful books! Reading out loud to children is a long lasting and impactful gift that one can give. #senisal

I so agree Natalie!! Thanks.

Always looking for new book recommendations. Thank you!

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