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With Love, Comes Hope: Stories and Inspiration during the 2020 Pandemic

Posted on: August 30, 2020

I am delighted to be included in this anthology of unedited short stories, poems, and articles from around the world written during the 2020 Pandemic.

The Blurb

With Love, Comes Hope offers a unique glimpse into the lives of ordinary people, as they coped, suffered and inspired others; in this unprecedented time, the population of our planet found common cause. Frontline and key workers everywhere ventured out to save lives and protect the vulnerable, supplying and delivering food alongside other essential services, like teaching, transport, rubbish collection; all workers valiantly striving in difficult circumstances. Vast numbers of people self-isolated for weeks or months and adhered to new hand cleaning and face-covering regimes. Most of the world experienced a lengthy period of lockdown and economies were mothballed.

Around the world, governments responded differently with greater or lesser success, and the lives of the population were impacted in many different ways. There was large-scale loss of life, personal devastation, and enduring and serious health compromises. Many lost loved ones, families were cast into tragedy, jobs were lost and businesses failed. But there was also profound inspiration, people doing good, helping neighbours, friends and those, especially, in need of protection. Doctors, nurses, carers and support workers – cleaners, cooks, security people, heroically put their own lives in danger to care for the sick, often at the expense of being with their own families.

There have been pandemics before with even higher casualties, but we have never experienced a pandemic in such a connected society. The human race may not have responded as well as it could but for the first time, there was international communication and, to a very large extent, cooperation.

This book is one such example; it shares the voices of people from many countries. It is a collection of personal accounts, poems, stories and reminiscences from around our beautiful planet and illustrates the innate kindness of people in desperate times and a shared wish for something better for all our futures – a common thread in this volume, With Love, Comes Hope: Stories and Inspiration during the 2020 Pandemic.

100% of the royalties will be donated to an international humanitarian charity called Bridge2, based on the Channel Island of Guernsey.

The contributions came from the following countries: Bangladesh, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Israel, Greece, Canada, Italy, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, China (inc. Hong Kong), India, Romania, Japan, Haiti, Denmark, The Philippines, The Netherlands, Saint Helena, Guernsey, New Zealand, Palestine, Germany, Russia, France.

Here is a radio podcast by one of the organizers of the project https://www.talkradioeurope.com/clients/mmoss250820.mp3

This book can be purchased in print or digital format on most Amazon sites.






This valuable piece of our history should be in everyone´s library.

63 Responses to "With Love, Comes Hope: Stories and Inspiration during the 2020 Pandemic"

Such a needed book! This sounds excellent.

I agree. The lockdown is already part of our history. Soon people will be saying, remember when in 2020 we had to stay indoors and not meet with friends. I wonder how the children will remember it. This book is for posterity as well.

Congrats on the publication, Darlene. I’ve seen a few of these anthologies and what intrigues me about this one is the inclusion of stories from around the world. It sounds like it will be a memorable read. 🙂

It is a good cross-section of the thoughts of different people from around the world. Some nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. I’m pleased to be a part of it.

The mix makes for an interesting read! 😀

Congratulations, Darlene. This sounds lovely.

Darlene, congratulations on being included in this anthology! I like the international aspect of this collection … so many varied stories from around the globe as all our lives are touched by the pandemic.

Thanks, Annika. It is interesting to see how the pandemic affected everyone around the world.

Absolutely terrific…bravo!

Thanks, John. I’m listening to your post right now with the Eagles on full blast. Perfect for a Sunday evening!!

Congratulations for being included, Darlene. These are hard times and yet so much creativity and good will and generosity have been generated.

This is true! Thanks, Christa.

Seriously this virus destroyed economies and many people’s life.

Great post, Darlene.

Not everyone understands the seriousness of this pandemic. Thanks for commenting.

It is marvelous that you were included. Congratulations!

I am very pleased to be part of this anthology. Thanks!

Congratulations, Darlene. I look forward to reading this. I’m also a contributor in an anthology though it’s non-fiction and more of a diary format. I’ll let you know when we have a publication date. This pandemic has probably been thoroughly documented by ordinary people than any other in the history of pandemics thanks to technology, which I think is fantastic.

I agree, it has been well documented. I look forward to the anthology you are in. THos one is a mix of fiction and nonfiction. Hope you enjoy some of the pieces.

What an excellent idea and It’s nice to see the profits going to charity. It will be interesting to read from a global perspective.

It is interesting to read about the experiences people from other countries had.

This sounds like a very worthwhile project, Darlene. Congratulations on your inclusion in the anthology.

Thanks, Liz. I was delighted to be included.

You’re welcome, Darlene.

Congratulations on being included in this publication, Darlene. It sounds like an inspiring, and very timely, read!

It is a good mix of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, all pandemic related.

I have come to know that when things go bad, chaos strikes or we endure hard times, it is made better by writing. It’s like getting our feelings and thoughts on paper pulls them from our mind and gives us space to heal, move on and be hopeful. Good luck with the book.

Thanks, Diane. This is so true!!

This book sounds like an encouraging and inspiring read in a time of need.

Darlene, congratulations on being published in this anthology, which will become more and more valuable as an historical document, I’m sure.

It was great to be included with people from all over the world.

Congrats Darlene. I’m glad to see these anthologies of writers sharing their Covid experiences globally. I was glad to be in one too. No doubts these books will garner interest as the years pass. A testament of our times. ❤

Thanks, Debby. Please tell us about the anthology you are in. I agree, these books will become an important part of our history.

Absolutely! I’m in Marjorie Mallon’s – This is Lockdown. ❤

Well done, Darlene! Thrilled for you that your story is included in the book. Looks fascinating.

Thanks, Rebecca. My story is fiction but speaks to the children being homeschooled through the pandemic.

Sounds like a lovely collection Darlene and I am sure it will do very well.. xx

Thanks, Sally. It´s a good mix of stories, poems and thoughts.

Congratulations, Darlene – that sounds wonderful. Toni x

Congrats Darlene. What an awesome project with all of the contributions of stories. My best to you and all of the writers….it certainly has been trying times and continues to be!

It will be interesting reading about these times in a couple of years.

Congrats, Darlene! I love the idea of including stories from around the world.

How wonderful! I’ve been teaching my creative writing classes virtually since March, and many of the stories from my adult students deal with the stresses/surprises/heartaches/learning experiences during this pandemic. I imagine With Love, Comes Hope will include these kinds of stories also. Congrats in being included in the anthology!

Thanks so much. I’m so pleased to be included. You might want to consider creating an anthology with some of those stories. I´m sure there are some great thoughts and reflections.

What a great book. Must check out if it is going to be in our libraries.

That would be great. Let me know if it is.

That would be a lovely book. I love to read this review. Thanks

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