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A Trip to Trujillo

Posted on: August 25, 2020

Part of the Estacion Inglesa experience was a field trip to the medieval village of Trujillo, in the Cáceres province of Extremadura, 40 kilometers away from the resort. For a history buff like me, this was a real treat.  

We started our tour in the Plaza Mayor where an equestrian statue of Trujillo´s famous son, the conquistador, Francisco Pizarro takes centre stage. The Spanish participants gave us presentations, in English, at each point of interest. From the presentation by the statue, we learned it is believed Pizarro’s ghost lives on in the statue.

Listening intently to the interesting presentation

I loved wandering the labyrinth of narrow streets in one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Spain. Old stone walls overhung with gorgeous flowers, impressive mansions, churches and monasteries, echoed the past as time stood still for me.

A monastery, now a secondary school. Note the faces above the door.

We learned about tenth-century cisterns built by the Moors, as explained by a participant.

At the birthplace of Francisco Pizarro, we learned he was a poor, illiterate boy who sailed to the Americas in 1509 where he discovered new lands and made his fortune. A local boy done well! There is also a small museum attached which unfortunately was not open.

The birthplace of Francisco Pizarro

We ended our tour at the exquisite castle overlooking the town. Trujillo’s castle is of 10th-century Arabic origin later added to by the Christians. Magnificent views of the town are visible from the battlements as well as views of the rural countryside from the back of the castle.

Castillo de Trujillo
The Moorish entrance to the castle
Inside the castle walls
View of the village from the battlements
The rural countryside from the back of the castle
Our Lady of the Victory

A short climb took us to the hermitage of Our Lady of the Victory, Trujillo’s patron. She faces out toward the town above the castle entrance. By inserting a 50 cent coin, she will spin around in her alcove to bless you.

We had time to explore on our own, take pictures and do some shopping in the unique little shops around the plaza. I bought some smokey paprika, a specialty of the area, and some lovely tea. The area is well known for its cheeses and the national cheese festival is held here in early May. But I didn’t think cheese would travel well in the near 40 degree celsius temperatures, so refrained from purchasing any.

Stork’s nest in the clock tower means good luck

Local storks make their home in many of the towers around town. Black storks are common in the area.

Palacio de la Conquista

Some of the buildings are elaborately decorated, like the Palacio de la Conquista where carved images of Pizarro and his lover Inés Yupanqui (sister of the Inca emperor Atahualpa) along with their daughter Francisca and her husband Hernando Pizarro are displayed.

What a delight to visit a village mostly unchanged from the times of the conquistadors. I recall learning about these people and times at school in Canada many years ago, never for one minute imagining I would one day be able to visit.

A magical day I will never forget.

64 Responses to "A Trip to Trujillo"

What a wonderful trip. I wouldn’t get there except with you, Darlene It is so nice that people are still sightseeing, despite everything.

I can tell you there weren’t many tourists there and many things were closed, which will be hard on the merchants. It was part of the program or I would not have got there either. A chance for the Spaniards to share their history while practicing English. I am so appreciative.

So awesome Darlene…happy for you. The architecture is fabulous and very engaging…loved the palace and sculptures built in to the building too. It reminds me of our time together in La Alberta:). The note about buying cheese brought to mind an I love Lucy (Lucille Ball) show where she buys cheese and then has to camouflage it on the plane home)….definitely worth a watch.

Yes, it was similar to our La Alberca experience and made me think of you. Everything Lucy did was hilarious and I’m sure I’ve seen that episode. The winemaking one was my favourite. I still recall my parents laughing so hard they almost fell off their chairs.

What a magical place indeed! My wife and I would love this…thank you for taking us along…

You would love it. Part of the charm was that it wasn’t crowded with tourists so you really got the feel for the place.

I like finding places that aren’t overrun with tourists…thanks for sharing this!

Such an interesting place.

it was very interesting, for such a small place.

What beautiful architecture in your photos. You’re good! So pleased you got to travel — can’t do that here. With fewer tourists, it must have been a lot more interesting and better for photography.

It was nice to have the place almost to ourselves. We can only travel comfortably within the country. Not planning to get on a plane for awhile.

How nice that you were able to tour during Covid! A bit of normalcy in the age of insanity!

It was nice to getaway. Being out in the countryside we felt safe.

Wonderful, Darlene, thanks so much for sharing this with us. I’m not going to manage any trips abroad this year (don’t mind the quarantine on return but hate the thought of sitting on a plane full of people breathing!) so I’m glad to do some armchair travelling with you.

I´m not planning to get on a plane for some time but getting away into the countryside felt safe. Glad you enjoyed my travels.

Fascinating!! I would love to be able to see that. The sense I got from the photos was that it was a VERY hot day.

It was hot but not humid so bearable. You would just love this place.

Loved the architecture and the history! Thanks for sharing, Darlene!

Thanks, Irene. So many fascinating places to see in Spain.

I enjoyed your marvelous tour.

I like the architecture—especially the Moorish entrance to the castle.

I love how much of the Moorish architecture was saved and incorporated into the newer buildings.

What a terrific thing to be involved in. You got to help people with there English, made friends and get to see such a lovely part of Spain that you had not been to before. It sounds like everyone was a real winner.

Exactly and a great boost to an otherwise dismal year, travel wise. It was win win!!

What a fascinating place, Darlene. Love the photos and thanks for sharing!

Pleased you enjoyed it!!

It does indeed look magical. Fab pictures again.

Hi, Darlene – We are now definitely even. You mentioned that my posts have made you miss home even more. Your posts have made me even hungrier for travel! Thank you for taking us along!

I guess we are even now. It´s great we can at least travel via our blogs! Glad you enjoyed this one.

It’s so wonderful to remember a trip we enjoyed a lot, Darlene. Thank you!

Thank you, Lourdes. Something I will always remember. Thanks for visiting my blog.xo

Very nice summary of the town and our visit there!

My goodness! This was a wonderful day. The history seems remarkably preserved and unchanged. The architecture and carvings are spectacular. It’s hard to imagine that work being done in the 1500’s. I love the stone and the narrow streets, and the stork nests. Thank you for sharing this, Darlene!

I know, it is almost like from a storybook, isn´t it? Glad you enjoyed it!!

Yes, it really is! Best to you, Darlene.

I want to go! I want to go to Spain and see these wonderful places that you take us to here online. Thank you for all of these amazing photos and the tour guide explanation. I want to go!

I really hope you do make it to Spain one day. It is not all beaches and bars!! I´m so pleased you enjoyed this post. I love sharing my experiences.

And I love reading about your experiences!

Darlene, how wonderful that you could visit Trujillo and thank you so much for sharing here! I’m sure I could feel the heat radiate through the photos. The town looks wonderful and atmospheric and it must have been a dream come true for you to be here! A joy to join you on your outing! Xx

It was indeed a dream come true. Especially since there has been little dream-chasing this year! Pleased you enjoyed the trip with me.

Lovely! This reminds me of my holidays to the Balearic Islands in the past.

Thanks! So much history in Spain.

What a great visit, Darlene. So nice you could go somewhere.

It was a much-needed break. There won’t be much traveling this year I’m afraid.

Thank you for the tour Darlene. So fascinating. The storks have quite the view! These days with travel halted such vicarious travels are greatly appreciated!

This year has been hard on those of us with itchy feet! I’m glad you could join me vicariously!

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Thanks for visiting my blog. Your recipes look delicious.

The whole town looks absolutely charming. I would love to go there one day.

This would be your kind of town and not over crowded with tourists.

I love the mix of architectures. A town I’m adding to our when in spain list!

Thanks! You would love this place, Rebecca.

You had me at horseshoe arch…

Looks stunning, Darlene, and so interesting as I haven’t known about it before. Toni x

Just another one of Spain´s best kept secrets! A great find.

Darlene, I don’t know Trujillo nor this area very well, so it’s a pleasure to read your post. I love Spain’s charming Medieval villages with their serpentine alleyways and delightful beige to butterscotch stone buildings, and Trujillo is the perfect example.

Also, I’m happy to see that you took home some smoked paprika. We’ve absolutely fallen in love with this spice and we only buy the imported kind from Spain. Unlike other “smoked” paprikas, the version we get adds a depth of smoke that we really enjoy. It’s our go-to spice for lots of soups and stews. ~James

I’m glad I could tell you about a place you haven’t been to! I love smoked paprika. Sprinkled some on top of my potato salad the other day and it was perfect. The only other place I found smoked paprika that I liked was in Hungary. It was so great to get away, if only for a few days.

you made us all want to hop on to whatever is available and land there right now…..

Thanks, Sophia. For those of us who like to travel these are tough times. Reading about places is the next best thing!

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