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A-R International … Self-Isolating Authors Edition: Part 2

Posted on: May 28, 2020

I am included in this group of writers who discuss what we have been doing during this time of isolation. Thanks, Susan Toy, for putting this together.

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This is the second part of a series in which Authors who I’ve promoted in the Authors-Readers International series tell Readers what they’ve been doing during these past few months of self-isolating … See the introduction to Part 1 for a further explanation. (All links on the authors’ names will take you to their A-RI promotion.)

Fred Stenson

Pincher Creek, Alberta, is my home since last summer, as I believe you know. The advantage is that Pincher in Iso is quite a bit like Pincher not in Iso. Have to watch my step only at the post office and Co-op. And strictly avoid Walmart. Two hour walks are frequent—to offset my beer consumption.

Working on a film with Tom Radford. Great fun.

Marcello Di Cintio

I’ve been reasonably busy during the pandemic. My book about the secret lives of taxi drivers has been delayed due to all of this chaos…

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39 Responses to "A-R International … Self-Isolating Authors Edition: Part 2"

It’s good to stay connected and productive, Darlene. Seems you’ve achieved both.

As an extrovert, I thought the isolation would be very difficult, but being connected via the internet filled the gap nicely.

It would have been difficult without it, Darlene.

Fun to read about what everyone is doing to stay connected and working during such a weird time. Good on ya!

Sounds like you’ve really been busy, Darlene! My son is hoping the Canadian borders open soon, also. His girlfriend of six years is in Calgary, and they haven’t seen each other since the last part of February, when we traveled there to visit her. My first time in Canada and I loved it!

I forgot that his girlfriend was in Calgary. This is so difficult for couples that are separated. My neighbour went to England at the end of February, her hubby and 2 dogs stayed here in Spain. (They have properties in both countries, which is not uncommon) So she is stuck there and he is here for three months and counting. I take him some baking every now and then. Borders will open soon. xo

You’re really busy, Darlene. It seems like Spain treats you well. It’s wonderful you have Zoom meetings with writers and being able to connect with family through technology. Congrats on your Amanda in France. Stay well!

Thanks, Miriam. Spain does treat us well, even in strict lockdown. Being busy is the best way for me to keep sane!! I hope you are doing well, Miriam.

I’m eager to read what you’ve been doing. I haven’t changed much of my daily routine which has always been much alone. The biggest impact on me has been worry for others.

I know, I worry a lot about my mom, especially, who is in a care home in Canada, as well as my family who are very far from me. The upside is I contact them more often. They also worry about me as the news about Spain was quite negative for awhile.

Hi, Darlene – You continue to be an inspiration. You have been very busy indeed. Congratulations on your Amanda in France series.

Thanks! Keeping busy, for me, is key.

Lovely to see you featured among these great writers, Darlene. I always enjoy meeting new authors.

Thanks, Robbie. I feel honoured to be included.

Great collection of stay-at-home activities. I think we all try to make the best out of this lock-down time. You do keep busy Darlene. That’s great. Keep at it and keep in touch and, of course, keep safe!

Thanks, Christa! And thank you for helping promote other authors as well. Yes, we all do our best. Stay safe.

Darlene it certainly doesn’t surprise me that you have spent a lot of time helping others. I have no doubt they have benefited greatly form your mentoring. Your positive attitude obviously has not been affected by COVID. Embracing the good to be found in the situation isn’t always easy but you are clearly modeling the way.

Thank you, Sue. For my own mental health, I need to stay positive and busy. Helping others has caused me to learn some new things which is always a bonus! Take care and stay safe in Calgary.

How exciting to learn your books are used for homeschooling! I had my first Zoom meeting last week and found it easy to use- and fun 🙂

Zoom is great! I can see it as becoming part of the new normal soon.

These are fascinating insights, and thanks for sharing this post, Darlene. it’s so interesting to read what other writers are doing during self-isolation and how they’re coping, and adapting.

Thanks, Debra! I think writers and creative thinkers, in general, are good at adapting. It may be the creative problem-solving skills or the ability to escape into other worlds, I´m not sure. My daughter is a potter and she is coping well too.

That’s a good point. Creative people might have learned some excellent problem-solving skills that they can apply to real-life situations. Glad to hear your daughter’s coping well!

It seems like you’re keeping busy, Darlene. How nice your groups sound.

I have some wonderful groups!!

Hi Darlene, I agree that life is whatever we make it. How wonderful that you’ve helping and mentoring other writers during the lockdown. Having a purpose gives us something to look forward to every day. #senisal

Thanks, Natalie. I agree, having a purpose is important for our mental health. Take care. xo

I didn’t know until I read the bio into this article that Spain was your winter home…I thought it was permanent. I know you will be happy when the borders open so that you can return to Canada to visit with family.

Spain is more permanent than Canada. But I do get back at least once a year and stay for 4 to 6 weeks. I don´t actually have a house in Canada, I couch surf, so to speak. I was scheduled to go back around now so feeling sad about not seeing family and friends. Not sure when that will happen now. But, Spain is a good place to be so I´m not complaining.

That is what if thought as I do remember when you moved…I thought it was permanent. 😊

Thanks for sharing this post Darlene and why am I not surprised to read how active you are….awesome. Love the ability zoom has given us to stay connected to specific groups of people! My best to you!!

Thanks, Kirt! Zoom is now my best friend. xo

A really inspiring read, Darlene. Nice to hear what you’re up to way over in Spain. It’s amazing how connected we can be via internet. I’m still looking forward to ending social distancing and getting back into the community. Wonderful to hear you’re working on Amanda’s 9th adventure!!

It will be good to meet up with friends and go shopping without wearing a mask or worrying about staying two metres apart. But for now, I’m enjoying my Zoom meetings. What I really miss is not being able to fly back to Canada. I was scheduled to return this month for my grandson’s high school graduation and a huge family reunion in Calgary. Sigh. Amanda just can’t stop travelling!

You are a busy woman, Darlene, and a productive one. Being a “happy” writer makes a difference during difficult times. We find ways to keep on working with our skills at making up characters/plots/story lines and enjoying the worlds we build. ❤

Thanks, Pam. I am thankful that I have my writing to keep me occupied and sane. (although some may argue the last point)

Busy girl! Thanks for adding this to Click & Run.

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