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The Indie Showcase presents, Darlene Foster

Posted on: May 14, 2020

I am a guest on Richard Dees Indie Showcase today, where I talk about writing a series. Hop over and check it out. https://richarddeescifi.co.uk/the-indie-showcase-presents-darlene-foster/

42 Responses to "The Indie Showcase presents, Darlene Foster"

All good tips. Thanks Darlene.

Thanks, Catherine! I just finished reading But Madame You are in France and loved it. Left a review on Goodreads.

Thank you so much. As I’ve said before, you always have new, and helpful, ideas for other authors to follow.

I enjoyed reading about how you came to write the series and how you keep the stories fresh, Darlene. Thank you for sharing this part of your story.

Thanks, Norah. Sometimes I feel like the well is running dry but then an idea comes to me from the strangest places.

I can’t imagine it ever running dry, Darlene.

Good topic. And one I need help on. I’ll stop by.

Thanks. I know I’m not alone facing this issue.

Great interview, Darlene. I especially enjoyed your tips on how you come across ideas for a new story.

Thanks, Irene. I hope you are doing OK. xo

Good advice and suggestions, Darlene.

Thanks, Anne. I’m sure you have some good ideas as well.

I have NO plans for writing a book, but I enjoyed reading your suggestions.

Thanks!! I should have mentioned I get ideas from reading other blogs as well.

Your ideas were collated beautifully.

hi darlene, congrats, awesome guest post! ❤ ❤ xoxo

Thanks, Carol Anne!!

“Writers should be great at eavesdropping.” Now that is an intriguing writing tip and not one I had ever thought of. I’ll definitely be keeping that in mind Darlene. Always a delight to hear more about what has helped you to such success.

Thanks! Writers are nosey by nature and eavesdropping just comes naturally. Of course, I get ideas from blogs I follow as well. As you know from the idea I got from you for the Holland book. I just read your mom’s post and loved it. xo

Great tips. I still learn new things about you!

I really enjoyed your discussion about writing a series. It’s something I’ve been curious about lately.

[…] Darlene chats about writing a series, with hints and tips via The Indie Showcase presents, Darlene Foster […]

Hi Darlene, nice to see you over at Richard’s blog. 🙂

Wonderful interview. Thank you for sharing and thanks for the tips!

I’m glad you found the article useful, Laurie.

I enjoyed reading the interview. Thank you, Darlene, for the tips. #senisal

Thanks, Natalie. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Lovely interview, Darlene. 🙂

I always find it fascinating to read about “behind the scenes” if you will for writers. Discussing the challenges of keeping a series fresh and new, yet familiar is a challenge I hadn’t even thought about as I have always loved reading series my entire life. Thanks again for sharing your process!!

Until I started writing a series, I didn’t think about it either! And I read many series.

Your ideas are so great on this post, as well as inspirational, that it almost makes me want to write a series! xo

I’m sure one day you will!! Thanks for your kind comments. xo


Thanks, Jennie.

You’re welcome, Darlene.

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