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A Decade of Book Launches

Posted on: April 19, 2020

My publisher reminded me that it has been ten years since we published my first book, Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask. Ten years!!

It made me think back to my first book launch at Albany Books in Tsawwassen, BC. I was so excited and so scared. What if no one came? What if no one bought my book? What if no one liked it? How many times had I gone to a book launch or book signing and dreamt of one day having my own? Thanks to Central Avenue Publishing my life-long dream came true.

My first book launch!
I brought Ali Baba along and he was a big hit.
And lots of people came
And bought many books.

I was over the moon with happiness. I had to pinch myself, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

And the following year I had another book launch for Amanda in Spain: The Girl in the Painting.

Even more people came, the bookstore was packed and I sold more books.

So I wrote another book, Amanda in England: The Missing Novel, and launched it at Albany Books. No one could even tell I had a broken ankle.

I launched the next book, Amanda in Alberta: The Writing on the Stone, wearing the appropriate hat.

My biggest supporter!
Amanda fans

Then I moved to Spain and wrote Amanda on the Danube: The Sounds of Music, but returned to Albany Books for the launch.

I was so pleased that my daughter could attend this launch

Amanda in New Mexico: Ghosts in the Wind followed with another fun launch.

And then there was my recent launch of Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action. Well attended in spite of a rainy Vancouver day.

Friends and long time supporters
With my amazing publisher, Michelle Halket, who made all of this possible.
Nothing like seeing your books on the shelves of a bookstore
I’ve held all seven book launches at Albany Books, a wonderful independent bookstore with knowledgeable and super friendly staff.

Thank you to everyone who has attended my book launches over the past ten years, for buying my books and for spreading the word about them.

Thank you to Albany Books for hosting my book launches. Even though in lockdown, they are open for phone-in and online orders, with local curbside delivery and mail delivery otherwise. Please support your local bookstores at this time. https://www.albanybooks.com/

Thank you to Michelle Halket of Central Avenue Publishing for believing in me and my Amanda Travels series.

And thank you for coming along with me down memory lane. I wonder what the next ten years will bring. Stay strong, stay safe and stay home!

91 Responses to "A Decade of Book Launches"

Congratulations, Darlene… Wonderful achievement. 🙂

What fun that was, Darlene, traveling that ten year road with you. I’m amazed what you have accomplished.

Thank you so much Jacqui. You never realize it until you line it all up like that. it has been an amazing decade.

Congratulations, Darlene… and what wonderful memories to have 🙂

Thanks, Sue. I am so thankful to have these great memories.

I can imagine, Darlene 🙂

A wonderful post, Darlene, you have had some terrific book launches.

Thanks, Robbie. They have all been a lot of fun. Some fans have come to all seven of them!

Wow! I love the way you’ve documented your book launches!

It was fun to dig out the pictures. Thanks, Shelly.

Love to see all those pictures of your smiling face. You should be extremely proud!

Thanks so much. I can´t help but feel not only proud but extremely grateful. xo

Amazing! You’ve achieved so much in such a short time. Well done!

What a decade f great writing! Bravo!

Thanks, John. It was a shock to realize it´s been ten years.

It’s fun to see all your books on the bookstore shelves! You go, girl!

Thanks, Nancy. It is such a great feeling.

Huge congratulations, Darlene! You seem to enjoy all aspects of book publishing and promoting.

You are really a high performance author. I like how you add props at a book signing. Mine is a Mennonite head covering and Hershey Kisses.. Here’s to another 10 years and beyond. 🙂

I do enjoy all aspects of the book creating and promoting. It is fun to find the perfect props too. I like your head covering that you display at your events. Let´s see what the next ten years bring. xo

Congratulations on your anniversary, and on all those successful books and launches. And good luck for the next ten years!

Thanks so much, Clive.

What a marvelous post this is! I loved seeing that parade of launch photos. You are amazing!

Thanks, Anne. It was fun to dig up all the pictures.

What wonderful memories and photos! Congratulations, Darlene, that’s a huge accomplishment!

Thanks, sometimes it is good to look back and see what you did do.

Congratulations on your ten successful years!

I love the front cover of the book, would definitely pick up in a store. Great post! By the way please join my blog too, if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😊

Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. What an achievement . So many people enjoy reading your books.

Thank you so much. I still can´t quite believe it has been ten years!

It’s a wonderful accomplishment, and legacy. You must be glowing with pride. 🥳🤩😎 the last emoji is for Spain.

And you have been there from the start! Thanks so much for your support and encouragement! 💖

What a great milestone, Darlene! I think a writer has to have a certain amount of courage and a belief in one’s self. Not that I have a lot of experience, but it’s fascinating to read about best selling authors who were rejected so many times before selling their book.

Perseverance is the key. Pete. Just not giving up. It´s been ten years since my first publication but I have been writing for much longer than that. Thanks for your comments.

Congratulations, Darlene. What a lovely record and anniversary.

You’re such a good role model 🙂

Thanks for your kind words, Cath.

Congratulations on your tenth anniversary as a published author, Darlene. A great achievement and what lovely photos.

Thanks, Anne. It was a lovely walk down memory lane putting this together.

What a splendid decade. Will there be an Amanda In Lockdown – the pyjama chronicles?

Now there’s an idea. I’m not sure whether to get out my shorts for summer or just cut off the legs of my pajamas!!

I admire your perseverance and your prolific writing!

Thanks so much, Michele!

Congratulations, Darlene. And how come you have not aged a tiny bit in those ten years? What’s your secret???

Thanks, Mary. Perhaps it’s the angle of the camera. LOL

How cool to walk through your book launches over the last 10 years!! Congratulations…well deserved!! Happy 10 Years!!

Thanks, Kirt. It did lift my spirits to go back through the years.

It was fun to see it!! Again, well deserved!!

Congratulations Darlene. You look so happy in all those photos. Awesome. 🙂

Thanks. They were happy days for sure. xo

Yes, let’s pray they come back soon. x

Congratulations, Darlene! What a wonderful accomplishment and legacy. Wishing you many more successful book launches. #senisal

Thanks so much, Natalie!

Congrats on all of your achievements, Darlene. It’s obvious by the huge smile you have in these photos how over-the-moon happy you were!

Thank you, Jacquie. Book launches do make me happy!!

A lovely celebration of beautiful books Darlene. Happy Decade of Book celebration!! ❤

Thanks, Debby. Hard to believe it´s been ten years. Thanks for sharing my post too.

Congrats, Darlene – these pics are wonderful!

Thanks, Teri. My launches have all been fun!

Congratulations and best wishes, Darlene! Happy writing, traveling and launching–a terrific decade to remember as your step out into the next! 🙂

Thanks, Bette. Not sure what the next decade will bring, it certainly is not starting out well. Be safe. xo

OMG I feel honoured that I was there. At the Beginning. I have lived vicariously through you!! WELL DONE!!

Yes, you have been here since the beginning. Thank you for your support, encouragement and friendship!!

These are wonderful memories, Darlene. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much, Diane.xo

What a great ten years of Amanda books; such a fun series!

Thanks, Marcia. They were fun to write.

You are amazing! Your books are amazing! So are your supporters and publisher and wow. I love this accomplishment – all in ten years. You inspire. xox

Thanks so much, you are an amazing blogging/writer/supporter friend as well. I realize I couldn´t have done this on my own. xo

Congrats Darlene. You’ve worked very hard!

I´m not as prolific as you are!

Congratulations Darlene! What a wonderful achievement! And Amanda has a lot of countries to choose from for her next adventures (unlike series set in schools where there’s a finite number of years they can attend). Beautifully documented journey.

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Sincere congratulations Darlene. As you know i have always admired how you have made your dreams come true. Love to see your smile and warmth exuding from every photo.

Thanks so much, Sue. So glad we connected in blogland. xo

Wow! That really is a momentous anniversary, Darlene. Congratulations! I loved seeing all the photos. Hugs on the wing!

Thanks so much, Teagan!! Hugs back. xo

How exciting! Congratulations on your success! I hope to have my own book launch some day. 🙂

Thanks, Barbara. It is a great feeling. Best of luck.

Ten years!! Congratulations, Darlene. Lovely photos.🙂

I know, where did the time go?? Thanks for the kind words.

You are most welcome, Darlene. 🙂

That’s quite an anniversary, Darlene – huge congratulations and I am in awe of your track record. Such wonderful, happy, photos too – something to lift us in these difficult times.

Thanks, Mike. We need to remember the good times. They will return!

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