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Views of COVID 19 – Thailand, Mexico, Spain and Australia

Posted on: April 4, 2020

A great post featuring articles from people in various parts of the world and how they are dealing with the pandemic. Proof that we are all in this together, and globally we will get through it. My article about our little corner of Spain is included. Let us know how you are doing as well. Stay safe!

Empty beaches. Photo credit Darlene Foster

Views of COVID 19 – Thailand, Mexico, Spain and Australia

by Sue Slaght

In a time when our personal worlds have shrunk and we remain at home as much as possible, we wonder what are others experiencing? With gratitude, we begin a series on views of COVID 19, featuring friends, writers, photographers and acquaintances from around the world. 

67 Responses to "Views of COVID 19 – Thailand, Mexico, Spain and Australia"

hope ou 2 and Dot are doing well. Robin in throws of opening up the Trade and Convention Center with the Mobile Medical unit. I’m staying quiet at home. Take care and stay safe!

We were just thinking about you and how you were both doing. Glad to hear you are OK. As you can see in my article, we are doing fine. Thankfully we have Dot so we can go for walks with her, legally. Glad we are not in a large urban centre. Are they turning the Trade and Convention inro a medical facility? Please stay safe. xo

That’s a very enlightening post Darlene, it seems different from the U.K. and stricter where you are. We live in a small Cotswolds village and our two grocery stores and butchers are open and doing a great job, the two cafes are closed but taking orders for delivery of vegetable boxes, fruit boxes, soups and cakes. Our small close where everyone knows each other is mostly old folks like us except for one family of 5 who are running shopping trips and medicine collections for everyone. Everywhere is very quiet, much quieter than usual. We haven’t been into the village for two weeks now, having early morning walks around the countryside, all deserted, and getting food deliveries from the supermarket every week no problem. We’ve started having virtual wine tastings using the Zoom conferencing app on iPad with our daughter now who lives less than 10 miles away. Funny, and enjoyable, but bizarre! Generally we are ok, planning our days and building in variations so we don’t get in a rut. Staying safe, but jumping out of our skins every time we cough or sneeze ….. quite common now the pollen is hitting our hay fever😂😂

Thanks for letting us know how you are managing. I think it is better in a smaller community. I wouldn’t want to be living in a large city right now, although I’m sure the people there are managing OK as well. Wishing you and Dr. C, all the best.

Thank you Darlene for sharing the article and for your contribution. Truly appreciated. Stay safe and well XO

Thank you for inviting me to be part of the post.xo

This was a fascinating read, Darlene. Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks, Debra. Stay safe and well.

Thanks you for again sharing here – a new website and your contribution:

Thank you for your showcasing various views here. The world is suffering, but because we are all in this globally, our planet seems smaller, and in an odd way, friendlier. We will get through this and, I hope, be stronger – and wiser.

Sue’s blog is excellent. I agree, having something in common, fighting the same enemy, has pulled the world together. It’s too bad that it has to take a crisis to do that. We will get through this and we will be wiser. xo

This is terrific – thanks so much for sharing these views of life around the world!

It’s good to hear what it’s like in other countries. Thanks for sharing the post.

Darlene, bravo to you for this…terrific and so helpful to see how we are all coping around the world.

Reblogged this on johnrieber and commented:
Here’s a terrific look at how people in various places around the world are dealing with this pandemic…very interesting!

What an encouraging and informative post Darlene. Thank you so much. It’s interesting to find out how other people are coping. I made it out of France a day before all flights were canceled and while I waited in Frankfurt for my connecting flight I was tempted to take the train to my brother’ s house. But I didn’t, I had a husband and son waiting for me in California. It’s crazy here, there is not enough medical equipment for the sick. Our Sheriff has to enforce them stay at home because some people think it is a vacation. There are not enough tests and protective material for the medical profession.
I apologize for posting as sunnycovechef , WordPress doesn’t give me any other options. My blog is with Weebly.

I know, I was following you, Gerlinda. It is always best to be home with your family. I´m sorry to hear that it is such a scary time in California. Please take care and stay safe. Sending hugs. xo

Fantastic idea! I love this post because it reinforces the notion that it doesn’t matter where we live, what our skin color is, or how rich we are. Everyone is in this same ballgame, and we need to be compassionate to everyone around us.

So true. We are all fighting a common, unseen enemy. And together we will survive it. I look forward to more of Sue´s posts.

This was wonderful to get comments from four of you, all exceptionally well-written.

They were, weren´t they. I was honoured to be included.

Darlene it was interesting to read your account of how you are coping in Spain. We have good friends there, and fortunately for them they live in a place that has a huge vegetable garden so it has made their life easier during these challenging times. We were glad to be able to participate in Sue’s post of how people are coping around the world.

Of course for those of us that blog, we are all in rather fortunate circumstances. There are many who are not in the privileged position to even be able to social distance or have running water to wash their hands, such as in India where the country is in disaster mode. Food shortages are nation wide and things are going to get very very bad there It is really heart breaking.


I feel we are in a very good situation compared to many others. Friends of my daughter are stranded in India as we speak. They are resourceful people, like you and Ben, so I feel they will be Ok. But so many others in that country will not be. I fear this will all get much worse before it gets better. We have just been informed the lockdown has been extended to the end of April. Like you, I wish I was closer to my kids but it is best to stay where we are. Take care, Love, Darlene

I like in Africa. And we’re actually doing great. The air is tense but a great many efforts have been made to loosen our minds…
We keep hearing reassurances of how the virus won’t thrive in the heat and all…
We’re staying quiet at home
Hoping it all goes away soon

Thanks, LuLu. I do hope they are right and the heat will keep it away. Staying home is a wise thing to do. Thanks for visiting my blog.

You’re welcome

Live* I mean

I can’t think of a better title than the one bestowed upon you by your grandson, ‘super-mega-woman-supreme’. I read your story on Sue’s blog and just wanted to come through to give my good wishes to you and your family as you navigate your way through the crisis.

Thank you so much, Lisa. I wish the same for you and your family as well. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Darlene sounds like the lockdown in Spain is a lot stricter than what we are having here in the UK. We are allowed to go out once a day to exercise, which makes such a big difference. I am glad to hear that you, hubby and Dot are doing well. Very best wishes to you and your family.

Yes, it is stricter but it is for our own good. It seems to be working. Stay safe. xo

[…] How are other countries coping with COVID19? via Views of COVID 19 – Thailand, Mexico, Spain and Australia […]

Thank you, Darlene, for sharing your experience in Spain during the pandemic. I left a comment on Sue’s blog. Take care and stay well. #senisal

Thank you, Natalie. Stay safe as well.

Wonderful share Darlene, and I loved your article as well as the many I read. It’s interesting to see how are fellow man from other parts of the world are faring through this. 🙂 x

Yes, it clearly is a global situation and we are all in this together. Sending hugs. Stay safe and healthy. xo

Glad Sue asked you to participate as I have certainly had Spain in my prayers! Thanks for sharing this. Sue also reached out to me and I will be sharing life in Los Angeles in one of her future posts! Stay well!!

Thanks for your prayers and concerns. I look forward to reading your article. Wishing you and your family good health.

Thanks for sharing the article. I think I tend to have a focus that is too narrow, thinking only about what is happening here in the US. This made me think more globally.

Thanks, Laurie. This is a worldwide crisis and we all have to stick together to fight it. Stay well. xo

I like your article, I am going to reblog this one for you, hopefully this will help get you a few more readers.

Thanks yo so much. That is very kind of you.

[…] via Views of COVID 19 – Thailand, Mexico, Spain and Australia — Darlene Foster’s Blog […]

Wonderful article, Darlene. I’m so glad you were featured. These stories are important.

Thanks. I agree. Everyone needs to know it is a worldwide situation and we are all in it together. stay well. xo

Yes! Stay well and stay safe.

Sounds like you live in a wonderful, caring community, Darlene. And you’re absolutely right about appreciating the things we took for granted – I was just thinking about that a couple days ago. Take care and stay healthy!

Yes, it is a very caring community. Many of our part-time neighbors. now in their homes in the UK, Scandinavia, etc. send us messages almost daily to see if we are OK. Stay safe and healthy, Teri. xo

Excellent piece, Darlene. So glad you were one of the four Sue selected to talk about your experiences with Covid-19. Fascinating. Hope your new Scotland friend is okay. xo

Thanks, Pam. Yes, my friend in Scotland is now OK. It is even scarier when it is someone you know. We have friends in England who have it and we are keeping in touch with them. So far they are managing and have not had to go to the hospital. Keep safe.

Glad for the good news of your Scottish friend. Your English friends are in my thoughts – may they heal quickly. xo

I found this so interesting Darlene. You can watch the news but reading how actual people are coping is important.

I agree, always good to hear it straight from the people living it. Stay safe, Karen.

Many families in US are at the breaking point. Half this country works pay check to pay check with little or no savings cushion. A man or woman that has a family to support may be at the point wherein they says to themselves “To hell with this quarantine stuff. I have to get back to work sick or not”. Then there’s one report I hear today that 60 to 70 per cent of infections are not from the outside world but from within households with family members infecting each other. I have 6 health issues that put me at serious risk and father is 96 and am absolutely terrified for him. We are both at the tail end of a 9 week on again/off again cold. I do not know if we had the virus or not.

I know, it is so hard, especially for those of us over 65. It has to be life over livelihood though. It is scary times but we all have to be patient and kind, help each other out and we will get through this. We have so much more to our advantage than they did in the times of the plague. Please stay safe. You most likely had a cold but it can weaken your defenses. Sending hugs.

I’m in quarantine and working on a post about beautiful beaches to help pass the time. Which brought me to your post! We’re healthy and as happy as can be expected. Happy to see bloggers connecting throughout all this.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Stay healthy and happy.

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Thank you for stopping by. I hope all is well in Australia.

Enlightening one ☝️👍🏻😊

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