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Keep Calm and Read On

Posted on: March 25, 2020

Do you need books to keep you busy during the lockdown? Sadly many bookstores are closing for the duration of the coronavirus. Reading is an activity we can do safely in the shelter of our homes and gardens. IPG, the distribution company for my books and many other great books, is offering a site-wide discount of 30% on www.ipgbook.com until April 5th to consumers who purchase directly from their website to be delivered to your home address or to the address of someone you wish to gift a book. You may want to check out their website. www.ipgbook.com

Click onto the IPG Bookstore tab and search for specific books or scroll through books in various categories. The promo code is keepcalmandreadon to get your discount at checkout.

This may only be for North American addresses, but I’m not sure.

We don’t want to run out of books during this time of isolation and we need to help keep the book industry afloat.

Happy reading and stay safe!

40 Responses to "Keep Calm and Read On"

I read and listen to a couple of books each week and all I can say at present is thank goodness for digital books. Thank you Kindle!

Digital books are excellent and I read them as well. In fact, when I first published my books, they were only in digital form. It’s nice to have a choice. Much to my amazement, we found that kids still prefered print books. Go figure!!

Terrific advice, Darlene! FYI, you will be in my Wednesday Bookmobile next week, April 1…but no joke!

Will it be April next week? What happened to March? Oh, that’s right we were in lockdown. I look forward to the post, thanks!!

I know, where did March go? Kind of crazy to think that April is next week!!! Can’t wait to share a look at your Amanda books!

As a fellow author, I encourage all to re-learn the “lost art” of reading during these stressful times. My offerings (digital, print, audio) can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Allen-E.-Rizzi/e/B00B3L8PYS/

Yes, turn the TV off and read. Thanks for your link.

I am reading but find myself distracted more than usual. I’m definitely reading longer but not as much. Sigh.

I’m finding the same with writing. Even though I can’t go anywhere, I’m easily distracted.

Even though I’m at home more, I sure don’t feel very creative. Perhaps that’s part of the explanation because I miss my exercise. I try walking each day, but that doesn’t give me the workout I’m looking for. I’m with the kids, Darlene. I use my Kindle all the time, but it is not as satisfying as the act of flipping a page.

I alternate between print and digital books. I just love reading!! I wrote a chapter of my book yesterday. Once into it, it was a good feeling. Certainly took my mind off the current situation. Take care, Pete and stay safe. xo

Yes…and maybe I will get to some recreational reading once I have caught up with life. Wait, I should put it on my calendar. What was I just thinking!

LOL. Reading is a great distraction from what is going on out there. I hope all is OK in the hood my friend. Take care and stay safe. xo

I was so excited to get to order some online the other day and it will be wonderful when they arrive. Thanks, Darlene, for the heads up on this one!

I do hope they arrive OK. Thanks for sharing the info as well. You are a gem.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way — to get books. Selling directly is an excellent way to get books to readers during these trying times.

I see Spain getting hit hard, and I think of you, Darlene. You’re the only person I know there, so my only connection. Stay safe.

Yes, it is bad here. But as long as everyone follows the rules, we will beat this thing. We are OK, only leaving our house to walk the dog and go to the grocery store once in a while. Stay safe yourself. xo

I didn’t realise you’d written so many books, Darlene. Nice one! 🙂

It’s been over the course of ten years, but I surprised myself too! Thanks, Kevin.

It’s a good run. Keep it up! 🙂

A lovely post, Darlene, about a great initiative.

I thought it was great of our distributor to offer the discount at this time. I think Amazon is still delivering but there have been suggestions that they will cut back and maybe stop delivery. Of course, ebooks can still be purchased. Thank heaven.

Yes, thank heaven, although I do have quite a big backlog…

Wishing you many sales, Darlene! It’s a mad, mad world, as the song says.

It is, but we will weather the storm. xo

I loaded up on some paperbacks from my local indie bookstore just before they had to close. Now that I don’t have to go anywhere, I don’t need the iPad as much. Feels great to be reading print versions again 🙂

Good for you. I have a couple of shelves of books I want to read so I’m OK. Always good to read a print book.

A lovely initiative and maybe a silver lining will be that more people will end up as readers…Stay safe Darlene 🙂 x

Thanks, Carol. Hope all is well in Thailand. Stay safe as well. xo

So far so good it is just all the uncertainty 🙂 x

A great idea to catch up on reading, especially the Amanda series.Perhaps I will have to break out mine that are tucked away for our granddaughter and have a read. Nothing like armchair traveling at this time. Hugs from Canada. XO

I hope you enjoy your reading time. I am spending time in Barcelona with Carlos Ruiz Zafron as I’m reading his The Shadow of the Wind. I love seeing names of places and streets I’m familiar with. Armchair travel will have to do for now. Hugs back.

What a fabulous collection, Darlene. You have a lot to be proud of. Hugs on the wing.

Thanks so much, Teagan. You are too kind. xo

This is a great time to spend reading….I go between kindle and books. You really do have a great collection as Teagan stated!! Stay well!

Thanks, Kirt. I´m also going between my Kindle and paper books. Actually cracking open some big books I´ve been putting aside. Have you read, The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafron? It is so good, takes place in Barcelona post-civil war. Happy reading.

Thanks for the reading suggestion, Darlene…much appreciated…will look into it!

Great post Darlene. We can never have too many books. Stay safe! ❤

There is no such thing as too many books! Be safe as well my friend. xo

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