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State of Emergency in Spain

Posted on: March 16, 2020

I planned on writing a post about what is happening here in our corner of Spain, but my friend wrote one that says it all. So I am sharing it with you as I couldn’t have summarized it better myself. I love how she ends the post as it is so true. We will all need to be very patient as we work together to deal with this situation.

US Author Nancy Klein in Spain

For many years we have been warned by experts that the world was at risk for a pandemic. A deadly virus was only a plane ride away, they said. Well, now that time has come. Government officials here have said you can only go outside if you have a good reason, such a trip to the grocery store to get food or to the pharmacy to get medicine. No more social gatherings. No more going out to eat or drink.

All the activities I do each week have been cancelled. No more book discussion groups, no more choir rehearsals, no more yoga, no more writer’s groups, no more military history presentations. I love to go out and do things and be with other people. So this is going to be hard. My to-do list has shrunk down to how many books I can read. I am about to start reading…

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62 Responses to "State of Emergency in Spain"

I like the idea of a quaratini!

I know! Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

Wonderful post. I do wonder how the rest of the world is coping with this. Thanks, Darlene.

She wrote a great post on it and she lives very near me. No point reinventing the wheel, or in this case the post.

Really liked the post, and I hope you are staying safe and healthy, Darlene. Just heard on the national news this Sunday morning, that new cases and more deaths in Spain have really spiked this weekend. Our local health authorities have been great at keeping the public informed and taking measures, so they’ve bought us some time, but who knows where things will be here, and around the world, 2 weeks from now? There’s talk of shutting down Simon Fraser University, where I work, but I’ll see what happens tomorrow (Mon.). If it happens, I know how to fill my time on writing and more reading, as I’m sure you do too!

I think writers will always find something to do. Shakespeare wrote King Lear while being quarantined during the plague!!

I didn’t know that. Interesting!

Your friend’s post sums it up well. It’s a worrying time. I have no idea (an nor does our government) know what measures will be brought in here. Think I’ll just enjoy a quarantini – great idea.

Things changed very quickly here and it may in the UK as well. Stay safe and enjoy the quarantini!

Thanks Darlene I have reblogged and commented! Stay safe and calm!

Thanks so much, Chris.

Thanks for sharing this Darlene. Be safe!

Stay safe Darlene! Time to read all those books you always wanted to read! LOL.

Yes, I plan to. Maybe write one roo.

It really is an odd and disconcerting time, but we’ll get through it. It might get worse before it gets better, but we WILL get through it. Stay safe, Darlene.

Yes, we will get through it. Times have been worse. Thanks.

I hope you and yours comes through this thing safely, Darlene {{hugs}}

Thanks, Jacquie. Hugs back.

Thank you for sharing this Darlene. Stay safe. x

Darlene, I hope that you and your family weather this storm…we will all get through this together if we stick together…

Yes, but not too close together! All will be well. Thanks for your kind wishes. John.

Indeed, Darlene – give everyone a bit of extra room!

Like you, I am social and have two book signings on the calendar, which may probably to cancelled or postponed.

Now, I’ll read the rest of the timely article. Thanks, Darlene!

It will be hard for those of us who like to be around others but I have many books to read, a book to write and I can keep in touch with social media. We have a family reunion planned for the end of June in Alberta, which we may have to postpone.

Great post. Stay safe Darlene!

We are trying to stay positive.

The statistics your friend cites in her post are truly alarming.

Very scary. It escalated so fast too.

[…] via State of Emergency in Spain — Darlene Foster’s Blog […]

It feels like we’ve gone from zero to sixty in four seconds, but I’m going to continue to trust the doctors and scientists. All of the schools in our area have announced closings beginning tomorrow.

Yes, we do need to trust that those who know will be able to deal with this before it gets completely out of hand. Closing schools is a good start.

Thinking of all those who are quarantined, stay safe. So far our schools are quarantined but nothing else.

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Karen.

Wonderful post, Darlene. And I just saw the most recent news out of Spain. Please be sure to stay safe and healthy. We cherish your positive attitude and smiling face. All the best, Terri

Thanks, Terri. It’s a bit scary but we will be OK as long as we act sensibly. And we can do that!!

Thanks Darlene for introducing us/me to Nancy. So far we have self-isolation of travellers and major events cancelled, but as yet we are not quarantined. I am just rethinking coming activities. Keep well in this awful time.

It appears every country has been hit with this. Self-isolation is a good start. Stay well.

She says this very well. It is scary, but we will get through this. Thank you for sharing her post, Darlene.

Yes, we will. We are made of strong stuff.

Nice repost, Darlene. As we head for challenging times, it’s good to get glimpses of the ways other people are preparing to cope.

Thanks, Cath. Interesting times ahead. Stay well and safe.

A wonderful post – love the idea of a quarantini, lol.

It is good, isn’t it? Have a quarantini for me.

She certainly shares many of our own sentiments. Our primary election has been postponed, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. closed. I spend a lot of time writing, other than taking walks, so I don’t mind. Have enough to keep me more than busy. Take care Darlene.

I will be able to keep busy as well and since we are retired, we are not depending on a job for our income. I feel for the younger people who will be severely affected.

Excellent share Darlene. We are all in the same holding pattern it seems. Only I’ve been self quarantined since my return Thursday and I’m pretty sure I have it. I’m down for the count. 😦 xx (PS WP won’t let me ‘like’ any posts. Oye! ❤

Please take care of yourself, my friend. These are not good times but we will weather the storm. xo

Yes we will. You too, take heed. I know Spain is in lockdown. ❤

Thanks for sharing this. Stay safe and healthy, Darlene!

Thank you for sharing your piece of the world 🌎. I’m glad to have found you. Be safe!

Thanks for dropping in. Be safe as well wherever you call home.

Strange times, Darlene. Things have changed so quickly. Stay safe, my friend.

Yup, like a bad sci-fi novel. Look after yourself as well.

A very thought provoking article. It is the small businesses that will be hit hard. Will the Spanish government be offering assistance? Such program are being rolled out here in Canada. Meanwhile I think doing everything we can to support those businesses is part of what each of us can do to help. We ordered beer delivered from a local craft brewery. 🙂

The Spanish government doesn’t have any money so I don’t think there will be much help. It has got worse since the article was written but we are all doing our part by staying in. Glad to hear you have a good supplier of beer. Now I need to find someone who will deliver wine. Stay safe. xo

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