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Happy Birthday Sale!

Posted on: March 4, 2020

I have a birthday coming up soon. Didn´t I just have one? They sure seem to come around quickly these days. To celebrate I am offering the e-version of Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action for 99 cents USD, or equivalent, from March 4 to March 11, 2020.

It’s a quick read and will transport you to Holland without you having to get on an airplane, bus, train, or boat.

Here is a 5 star review by Debra Purdy Kong

Amanda in Holland is a story about a thoughtful, adventurous Canadian girl with a strong moral compass and a quest to do what’s right. Those traits are certainly highlighted during Amanda’s trip to Amsterdam to visit her friend, Leah. Mishaps and mysteries test their friendship when Amanda goes to great lengths to locate the abandoned puppy she found, but then lost to a thief.

The vivid narrative provides readers with a vibrant atmosphere filled with color and movement that makes me want to visit the city all over again. Descriptions of landmarks and local cuisine fully immersed me in the story.

The book’s not only entertaining but educational for younger readers as the ramifications of World War II on Dutch citizens are introduced in the book. The author creates a personal element for Amanda when she learns that her great uncle was a soldier who went missing in Holland during the war.

At age twelve, Amanda has reached an interesting age. Part of her seems mature for her age, yet part of her is still childlike, and sometimes the two states of mind are at odds. Although she always has good intentions, her methodology lands her into scrapes. There’s no doubt that readers of all ages will enjoy reading this book and the other six in the series.

Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action is available on most sites including:




Google Play

Look for these scenes in the book.

Lovely Dutch girls in traditional dress
Rembrandt’s Night Watch in 3D
Gorgeous spring flowers

If you read the book and enjoy it, let me know.

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53 Responses to "Happy Birthday Sale!"

Happy birthday, Darlene! I remember as a child seeing the tulip fields, which were absolutely awesome.

Thanks, Stevie! Those tulips are just amazing.

Happy Birthday 🍾🍾. Ah dear old Nightwatch, the only painting Dr C stared at for 30mins and still talks about!

Thanks. Seeing it as a sculpture was quite cool. There is so much going on in the picture, I can see spending 30 minutes looking at it.

Happy birthday, Darlene! Great Holland pictures.

Thanks, Liz. My pictures inspire me as I write. All of these things are in the book.

My writing is inspired by pictures as well.

That´s great! I do a workshop for kids on how to use photographs as inspiration.

I would have loved that workshop as a kid!

Great idea, Darlene! Maybe I should run a memoir sale on my birthday. Happy Birthday to you – and many more jubilant years!

Thanks for the good wishes. I thought a birthday sale was a good idea. I haven´t done it before.

Happy Birthday, Darlene! You can’t beat the price for a trip to Holland.

Happy Birthday, Darlene. 🎉💐. Maybe you should celebrate in Amsterdam, among all the tulips and then take a trip in a canal boat.


Thanks, Miriam. I did enjoy my time there a couple of springs ago. I´d love to go back. xo

Happy birthday, Darlene and good luck with the sale.

Happy Birthday, Darlene. This is a excellent (& generous) way to celebrate!

The only thing better would be if you could all be here to help me celebrate!!

Happy birthday Darlene…mine keep coming around faster and faster too…. ♥

Having recently read this book, it is lovely to see these photographs, Darlene. Happy birthday. Are you a Pisces?

Yes, I am one of those Pisceans. Thanks for the good wishes.

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What a great way for new readers to discover this series! RT

Thanks, Jacqui! ❤

Remember when birthdays used to be so exciting? What happened?😎
All I know is they keep coming faster and faster. Have a great one, Darlene!

Thanks, Pete. Now they are exciting too because it means we are still here!

Happy Birthday, Darlene! Thank you for the great offer, too. Michael

Thanks so much, Michael.

Happy Birthday, Darlene, and thanks for sharing my review. Always happy to get the word out about your wonderful book!

Thanks, Debra for the review and the birthday wishes. xo

Darlene, wishing you a very Happy Birthday and have a wonderful day of celebration! 😀🎂🎉 Thank you so much for the generous gift of your book here and I look forward to downloading and reading this! I’ve often visited Amsterdam and can’t wait to to read about Amanda’s adventures there!

Than you so much Annika. I hope you enjoy Amanda’s adventure in Amsterdam and that it brings back some great memories. xo

Happy Birthday, Darlene! 🙂 Hope you have the best of time.

Happy Birthday, Darlene. I love the photos, particularly of the canal and the narrow homes. I have great memories of those. I hope you have/had a wonderful day. 🙂

Thanks. I was so impressed by those houses. Tomorrow, March 7th, I will see another year on this planet.

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Happy birthday, Darlene! What a generous way to celebrate. I love all your photos in this post. Were the tulips at Keukenhof Gardens? #senisal

Thanks, Natalie! Yes, the tulips were at Keukenhof Gardens. An amazing place.

Happy Birthday xx Oh those Tulips…..

Thanks for the good wishes. Tulips are my favourite flower and I got a bouquet of them for my birthday!

A very happy birthday Darlene. We may all be doing armchair traveling in the near future and your book would be an enjoyable way to experience Holland.

Thanks, Karen. We may have to travel through books for the next little while.

Happy Birthday, Darlene!! Great review and great book offer! My best to you!!

Thank you so much, Kirt.

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