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Guest author: Darlene Foster ~ A Sleepless Night in Aledo

Posted on: February 27, 2020

I am a guest on Sue Vincent’s blog where I write about a fascinating fiesta I attended in a medieval village lit only by candles.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Spain is a fascinating country with many Fiestas, one for every week it seems. These colourful festivals are based on age-old traditions and legends. Some are quite unique. La Noche en Vela, the Sleepless Night, is held every August in the medieval village of Aledo, tucked high in the mountains. I decide I must check this one out.

A bus takes us through dense pine forests and climbs up the winding roads of the Sierra Espuña, in the province of Murcia, to a fortified hilltop town offering gorgeous vistas overlooking the valley. I am immediately transported to another time and place.

We wait in anticipation at the gates of the old town as only so many are allowed in at one time. Once inside the ancient walls, we wander up to the imposing castle tower and the cathedral of Santa Maria la Real in the town square. A…

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21 Responses to "Guest author: Darlene Foster ~ A Sleepless Night in Aledo"

Thank you very much for coming over to share the fiesta with us, Darlene.

My pleasure. I’m so glad I found this fiesta.

A fiesta by candlelight is amazing. Thanks for writing about it.

It was quite something. Glad you enjoyed it.

I definitely don’t know enough about Spain!

It’s a fascinating country. I love all the unique festivals throughout the year.

People in Aledo and YOU know how to celebrate. I can’t imagine anything more romantic than lighted medieval architecture at night!

It was a great find. The ambiance of a candlelit medieval village is amazing and something I will never forget.

Popping over to read more … I love the idea of a festival lit only by candles! 😀

So did I, so I signed up for the trip. So glad I did. Thanks for the comment on Sue´s site.

Now this is one place I would love to visit when we come to Spain… one day. 🙂

There are many wonderful villages like this in Spain. The candle night is only once a year, in August. I´m sure when you get here, there will be a fiesta or two somewhere. One day….

Wow! The fiesta looks to be lively and beautiful. The candlelight is so beautiful.

It was delightful, magical but not scary at all. The children singing was amazing.

I can imagine all the joy!

[…] A spooky festival via Guest author: Darlene Foster ~ A Sleepless Night in Aledo […]

I think it would be one of my favourite things if I lived in Spain. All of the festivals and celebrations that you share always stir up some wanderlust in me.

And there are many I haven’t been too! Yes, it is one of the favorite things about living here.

Wonderful post, Darlene….love the pics!! You make a reader feel like they are right there with you!!

Thanks. Some great photo opportunities there.

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