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My Interview on AllAuthor

Posted on: February 16, 2020

Darlene Foster latest interview by AllAuthor Brought up on a ranch in southern Alberta, Darlene Foster dreamt of writing at the age of eight. When she was twelve, one of her stories was published in the local newspaper. It took her three years to write the first book. Darlene Foster’s books have an interesting and fast-paced story and include a huge amount of fascinating information. She loves writing for children. Read full interview…

I was delighted to be asked by AllAuthor for an Author Interview with Mady Joshi. I enjoy being part of AllAuthor as it is a great place to showcase your books. They provide great promo materials and gifs that are easy to create, even for someone not that technical.

Thank you for this interview, Mady! I enjoyed answering your great questions.

I hope you enjoyed my interview on AllAuthor and learned about a favourite childhood memory of mine as well as other things about me and my books.

Here are a couple of promo photos and gifs I have created with AllAuthor.

My favourite

61 Responses to "My Interview on AllAuthor"

Good for you, Darlene. You deserve the acclaim. May your books sell like hot cakes! As they should… xx

Thanks, Joy. Your support means a lot to me.

I find it very interesting how your travels inspire and influence each of your books, not as a guide to a particular city or region, but as a novel. There may be a parallel here as to how our own travels inspire conversations with Sid (Buddha), especially in wine bars! I think your layout of this page with its images and sidebar is very effective, I like it, what is the WordPress theme you are using?

Thank you so much. You have truly used your travels to write your interesting blog posts. Travel can be such a great inspirer. I have been using the Albeo theme on WordPress. I have been informed that it is retired and that I should change to a new one, but I like it. Why reinvent the wheel?

Albeo retired! Oh dear that’s a shame.
Our travels have been curtailed for almost a year now because of my coeliac diagnosis then the prostate cancer, so scraping the barrel a bit for post ideas! Hopefully we’ll get going on our tour of England again in the Spring then France into the Rhône and Roussillon in the summer, a few old and new vineyards to seek out. 👍

We didn’t do much travelling last year either as hubby was recovering from a major back operation. Hopefully, he will be OK to travel this year. We may go to Nottingham in May to meet up with friends.

Congrats on the interview, Darlene. I love AllAuthor’s 3D banners, and they’re free!

I know. They are great. I decided to upgrade for not much money and found you get quite a bit more for your money than other sites.

Oh? What else do you get?

This interview, the gifs, weekly tweets, new banners every week etc.

Darlene, from your first short story publication aged only eleven your writing career has gone from strength to strength! I love how you interweave your travel experiences into your books, the places often a springboard for the next tale! The Danube holiday sounds amazing! How true that children’s books are not only for children … a joy for everyone! Happy Writing & Travels! 😀🌺

Thanks, Annika! Although I had my short story published at a young age, I didn’t actually have a book published until I was a grandmother. So it has been a long journey for me. I’m reading a children’s book right now and loving it.

So, just a short hiatus in publishing! 😀 Did you continue writing fiction in between?

I wrote a few short stories but was mostly busy raising a family, working full time, volunteering, taking courses, etc. etc.

The promo gifs and photos look great – very professional. Good interview too.

Thanks, Anne. I like how they turn out. A good investment for a writer.

I love those promo pictures, Darlene. Very clever. Great interview, too!

Beautiful artwork, Darlene!! Congratulations.

Congratulations, Darlene! I do love the book covers! 🙂

Thanks, Kevin. My publisher does an awesome job of the covers!

Great interview, Darlene. I left a comment on the site. Love the billboard ad.

What a lovely interview. And I love the huge sign — that is so cool! And, thanks for including a quote from me. Yes I normally purchase your books and others from Amazon, but I don’t review there. I was banned for reason years ago and no one will tell me why. Other’s have had the same problem. So you may want to rethink using me. Enjoyed the interview!

Amazon is weird about their review policy. I didn’t even think about it when I created the gif. I’ll see if I can change it to a Goodreads review. Glad you liked the interview.

I haven’t published anything recently on Goodreads! Got behind the curve ball this last year!

I always learn something new with your posts, Darlene. Thanks for introducing me to ALLAuthor – giving the basic subscription a go as a start. Merci beaucoup…

De rien! Glad I could be of help. xo

Well Done Darlene, love that last photo of the book cover advert. 🙂

Thanks. That is my favourite too.

A lovely interview Darlene. I am also a big fan of AllAuthor. They have so many great supports.

So pleased you liked the interview. They are a great resource.

Another fascinating interview, Darlene, and the photos and gifs are great – my favourite is the one with the chocolates… That last one is much more impressive. What a buzz it must be to see your book publicized so beautifully.

Thanks, Cath. I love the one with chocolates as well. But then I guess I love anything with chocolates!

I also like AllAuthor, Darlene. You get good value for money and I love their promotional material. Going over to read your interview.

Thanks, Robbie. I had belonged to AllAuthor for a long time but it wasn’t until you recommended it that I became a paid member and it opened up so many more promo opportunities and materials. So glad I did.

Good to learn about these books and you. Books sound like good reads.
I’m an unpublished author that loves to read books in paperback/Hardback/print books. Also like to review these books too.
Love to try new authors, books and genres. Will try each book at least once to see if I like it or not.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Always great to hear from readers.

Congrats on a great interview that presented perfect questions to highlight your awesome book series!! Love it Darlene…you deserve it!

Thanks, Kirt. I was very happy with this interview. Great questions.

I love those promo images.

I am very happy with them. Thanks!

Fabulous interview Darlene. You do such a great job answering questions…Bravo! And as for that billboard …Amazing!

So interesting that you showed such natural ability and talent for writing at such a young age. For me it feels like it has taken years and years as an adult of blog writing to get to a place where I finally enjoy the process, well mostly the storytelling aspect.


Thanks, Peta. But you are a great painter, and I bet you always have been. We all have our creative niche. Your blog posts are informative and interesting. I always look forward to reading them.
I love how AllAuthor created the “billboard” ad.

This book I have got to get. Trying to get my library to order in the series if it’s possible. Loved the interview. Vivian will be in Madrid for the next few days so I’m guessing you two will meet up anyday. Make sure you take a photo. She is such a sweet lady. Have fun you two. 🙂 Wish I was there.

Yes, Vivian is in Madrid. Unfortunately, I couldn´t make it there to meet up. It would have been fun. I do hope she comes back to Spain one day and maybe you will as well. Then we can all meet up.

Yes it has been on our radar for a future trip. Who know! 😉

Wonderful interview, Darlene – and congrats on being featured! I wasn’t aware of AllAuthor, so thanks for the intro.

Thanks, Teri. AllAuthor is worth checking out.

Fabulous, Darlene. The photos are eye popping.

Excellent interview, love your images too. Have shared on Pinterest. Justine via #60 Senior Senisal

Thanks so much, Justine. Great to see you pop over from #60 Senior Senisal

How wonderful! What a lovely interview. Thanks for the introduction to AllAuthor too.

Thanks, Laurie. AllAuthor is worth checking out.

Love your book blog. So interesting. enjoyed interview.
Name’s Crystal come to you via Esme’s Senior Salon blog.

Thanks so much for dropping in Crystal. Pleased you enjoyed the interview.

Exciting to have your work showcased! Thanks for sharing. #Senisal

Thanks for stopping in Kim. It is very exciting!

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