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Photo Prompt Story: Pablo’s Last Stand

Posted on: February 13, 2020

When Pete asked for photos he could use as prompts for short stories, I sent him this one of a church I came across in Spain, that no doubt had seen much history. What a marvelous story he created from my photo. Be sure to check it out.


This is a short story, in 1048 words.
It was prompted by the above photo, sent to me by Darlene Foster.

Pablo looked back at his platoon following in a ragged line. They were exhausted, clothes in tatters, and their eyes stared blankly ahead as they trudged along. Sixteen men, two young women, and a mere boy, with not a recognisable uniform on any of them. Even the armbands had lost their colour, now more pink than red. The rucksacks were slack and empty-looking, with little ammunition in them, and all the food had been eaten last night.

Pulling the cap tighter on his head, he tried to cheer them along. “Come on friends, once we get over the hill, you can rest”. He didn’t blame them for not being interested in his false enthusiasm. They all knew that they were probably going to an eternal rest. When Captain…

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28 Responses to "Photo Prompt Story: Pablo’s Last Stand"

Many thanks for the much-appreciated reblog, Darlene. I was so pleased to receive your photo for the prompt.
Best wishes, Pete.

I was blown away with your story and happy to share.

I read it on Pete’s blog, Darlene and thought it was excellent.

He did a great job using the picture.

What a great photo. Brings back many memories.

So many great old churches and buildings here in Spain. If they could talk, what stories they could tell.

How interesting: An author providing a visual prompt for another writer. What a novel idea and what a great story. Thank you, Darlene and Pete!

It is so wonderful how the writing community here in blog world join forces and inspire each other. It was a fun project to be part of. You must read some of the other stories Pete has written based on photos sent to him.

I’m sure that church has many stories to tell. Great photo for a prompt. 🙂

I know. When I come across old buildings like this, I touch the walls and feel all the others who have touched those walls over the centuries and think about all the stories within those walls.

An incredible story by Pete from your photo prompt, Darlene! What an evocative image and you sense the history!

I am so glad I sent him this photo. He did such a great job of writing a story around it.

Brilliant photo – incredible story!

They go so good together. Thanks!

Thanks Darlene for sharing Pete’s excellent story.

Thanks for sharing the story Pete wrote using your church prompt — which tells a story of its own. Very powerful photo!

I was so taken by that church and took a number of pictures, thinking of the stores it must hold. Pete made the picture come alive with his amazing story. Glad you enjoyed it!

I read Pete’s vivid story on his blog Darlene. It seems your photos gave him some intense inspiration. I recall seeing similar churches on our cycling tour in northern Spain.

It was in Northern Spain that we came upon this church. I knew immediately that it could inspire stories. Glad you enjoyed it.

Beautiful photo, Darlene. Pete’s story did it justice ❤

It certainly did. Thanks, Jacquie.

[…] Wow amazing photo and story from two different people via Photo Prompt Story: Pablo’s Last Stand […]

I thoroughly enjoyed Pete’s story. You sent him a great photo.

Pete did a superb job of creating a story from this photo.

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