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Taking Orders

Posted on: February 2, 2020

Stevie Turner is running one more short story competition and here is my entry. I thought I would submit a young adult story this time. This will be the last time she will run this competition, so if you have a short story you would like to share, here is the information. https://steviet3.wordpress.com/2020/01/30/share-your-short-story-february-2020/  The winners will be included in an anthology. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

Darlene Foster

I have a problem. It’s not a big problem. In fact, I don’t even think it could be called a problem. It’s just I have this weird sense of humour. I can’t stop playing jokes on people and sometimes it gets me into trouble. My Mom says that for a fourteen-year-old, I should start taking life more seriously. Well, she needs to lighten up and laugh a bit more in my opinion. Honestly, she doesn’t have any sense of humour. So, the way I see it, the actual problem is that most adults just don’t get my jokes.

Our phone number at home is almost the same as a local Chinese Restaurant except two numbers are switched around. We constantly get calls for Chungs Restaurant and it gets very annoying. One day when I was home alone, the phone rang. I grabbed it expecting it to be my best friend Melissa who was going to tell me something about this hot new guy in class.

“Hello, I would like to place an order please.”

Not another call for Chungs. I was so tired of those stupid calls. So instead of saying, “Sorry you have the wrong number,” I said, “Yes, what would you like to order.”

The woman placed a large order for take-out food and I pretended to take it down. I giggled as I put down the phone. What a great joke. That will teach her for dialing the wrong number.

I went back to watching American Idol, eating taco chips and waiting for Melissa’s call. She finally called and told me everything she knew about the new guy. I forgot all about the lady and her order.

A few minutes after we hung up, the phone rang again. I was sure it was Melissa with something she forgot to tell me.

“Hi, Dude.”

“Hello? I placed a take-out order almost an hour ago and it hasn’t arrived. How much longer will it be?”


“Oh, I am so sorry, but we are running behind tonight as we are short-staffed. Two people called in sick. We will get it to you as soon as possible.”

“OK, thank you. I would appreciate it if you could get it here ASAP as my kids are hungry.”

“I’ll see what we can do.” This was turning out to be some good joke.

I put a bag of popcorn in the microwave so I could munch on it while I watched Desperate Housewives. Who knew when mom would get home and make dinner?

Twenty minutes later, the phone rang again. The same lady, but this time she sounded pretty stressed.

“Where is my order? We are all so hungry. My kids are driving me crazy!”

“I must apologize. We sent your food out with the delivery guy and he just called to tell us he had an accident and is tied up waiting for the cops.”

“I don’t believe it. What are you going to do about this?” She sounded POed.

“We’ll send someone else out to pick up your order and get it to you.”

“Thanks and please hurry.”

“OK, bye.” I started to feel bad. It didn’t seem quite as funny anymore. I wasn’t sure how to get out of the situation without getting into trouble. Why did she keep calling our number? She should have realized she had the wrong number by now. Served her right to be so stupid.

Fifteen minutes passed. I kind of thought she had figured it out. The phone rang and I hesitated to pick it up. It could have been Melissa again or maybe Mom. She was working late again.

“Hello, may I ask who I am speaking too?”

“Um, ah… Brittany.”

“Can I speak to your manager?”

“I am the manager.”

“No, you are not! I don’t believe you. Something funny is going on here.”


“Is this Chungs Restaurant?” Her voice got louder and she sounded really mad.

“Well, um.., it…it’s not. You have the wrong number.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place?” She screamed into the phone. “Can I speak to your mother?”

“She’s not here.”

“I’ll call her later; I have your number you know. I will tell her what you did you terrible, horrible girl.”

“I’m s-sorry. I guess I got tired of everyone calling here for Chungs Restaurant. I thought you would call the right number the next time. It..it was just a joke, er I mean a misunderstanding.”

“Well, it’s not funny. Wait until you have three screaming, hungry kids waiting for their dinner. see if you think it’s funny!”

She was pissed alright.

She called Mom later and told her what I did and of course, Mom got mad. I had to go to the lady’s house and apologize. I met her bratty kids so I understood why she was in such an ugly mood. Like, I am so never having kids. I also had to promise Mom I would stop playing jokes on people.

When I told the kids at school what I did, they thought it was funny. The new guy laughed when he heard about it and now he kind of hangs out with me. He’s OK but not as cool as I thought. He’s kind of boring actually, just like my life is now I can’t play jokes on people anymore.

52 Responses to "Taking Orders"

Highly original, Darlene! That will teach her…It’s amazing what teenagers get up to, eh. x .

Thanks, Joy! You should submit a shorty story. I’m sure you have a few in your files. You need to post it on your blog and then add the link to Stevie’s post. xo

I enjoyed this, Darlene.

Thanks! Anyone with teenagers will relate.

DH is bad for playing along when we get a wrong number. I warn him it’s going to get him in trouble but he only laughs 🙂
Enjoyed this, Darlene.

Thanks. You need to read him this story.

Ooh, this made me squirm Darlene! I hope Brittany goes on to redeem herself. 🙂

I’m sure she did and grew up to be a responsible adult! xo

We really can do some thoughtless things when we’re that age.

Now, that is worse than the classic Prince Albert in a Can crank call.

Yes, or “is your fridge running”? Not sure if kids do those anymore. .

I doubt it. With the advent of robo calls and spam, I think a lot of people don’t answer their phone unless they know who the caller is.

Cute, Darlene. Oh those nasty jokes…

Just a bit of fun can turn into something not so nice.

This is brilliant, Darlene! You had me guessing all of the way through!

Thanks! Pleased you liked it.

I loved your story. It was quite real to me. Before we moved to England, our home phone number was the same as McDonald’s except for one pair of transposed numbers. We were grateful the restaurant closed at 11 pm. Can you imagine if it had been a 24-hour one?

At the accounting firm where I worked, I answered all incoming calls. Any number of times people called to make a reservation. The similar number was the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. I told the callers they had mixed two numbers, and the number they meant to call was ….

It can be annoying after a while, can´t it? Teenagers can have a different way of dealing with things!

You made the story come to life.

The laugh last isn’t always the loudest.nicely told

Darlene its amazing to me that this story is NOT actually written by a 14 year old!! You obviously know your audience well. Brilliant. So enjoyed it and yup brought back memories of phone tricks and jokes we all used to engage in as teenagers with nothing better to do.


Thanks so much, Peta. Perhaps I have never got past 14 myself!! I think we have all been guilty of engaging in phone tricks as a teenager.

Teenagers do the strangest things, Darlene. I can remember doing naughty things like this as a girl.

It didn´t help that Brittany´s mom worked a lot and left her on her own. When kids are bored, they do stuff they shouldn’t. But we all did things we shake our heads at now.

Darlene, you capture the POV of the 14-year-old perfectly … her nonchalance, self-centred thoughts fit seamlessly into the story. I’m glad she got to see why the lady was so irate! Great engaging story!

Thanks, Annika. From a master at writing short stories, that is indeed a compliment.

That is right on with a YA story, Darlene. Well done!

Thanks, Jennie. I don´t often write YA, so I thought it would be fun to try.

Well done, Darlene! The story engaged me and kept me guessing all the way through. #senisal

Thank you so much, Natalie!

Brittany sounds a lot like a girl I had in school She always had a twinkle in her eye, but was often up to no good! 🙂

Thanks, Laurie. Brittany isn’t a bad girl, just bored and neglected like so many teenagers these days. I worked with youth at risk and found that once you got to know them, and found them meaningful work, they were basically good kids, just looking for validation. I hope that young girl kept the twinkle in her eye!

Great fun, Darlene, and nicely paced.

Thanks, Cath. It was fun to write this one.

hahaha so funny what young people get up to……yes we used to answer our phone with silly things…Bobs timber yard….etc etc…cant remember the others.

We did that too. Glad you got a kick out of this one!

Oh my, what an entertaining story and so typical of a teenager. I mean who hasn’t done that with wrong numbers as a young person, especially back in the day when there wasn’t even caller ID? You said this was the last time for Stevie’s short story competition so I wanted to let you know that each month I host a short story prompt link party. Would love to have you join us. The current one is open for entries until February 9 with the first sentence prompt as: The sun was shining brightly but then…

Thank you so much. Nice to see you here. I’ll check out your short story prompt as well.

Great Darlene!

Good one, Darlene! If that had been me, I personally would have hunted down that teenager, lol.

Good luck with the competition! What a meaningful story that I’m sure does happen in the real world. It’s entertaining, but carries a message.

Thanks, Patricia. I´m glad you liked the story.

Brilliant. Darlene, I feel your pain …I think I would have done exactly the same 🙂

You would have taken the order? Teenagers don’t like being messed around with.

No, they don’t it is a hard call…I suppose it depends on how brave they are

Great short story Darlene…I could feel the pain of that poor mom!!

I know. Teenagers don’t always think of the consequences of their actions. But we have all been there at one rime!

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