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Do You Believe in Daydreaming?

Posted on: January 26, 2020

I have been invited to be a guest on Krysten Lindsay Hager’s blog where I talk about daydreaming. I have known Krysten since we both started blogging all those years ago. She has since written eight delightful books for Children and Young Adults about friendship, self-esteem, fitting in, frenemies, crushes, fame, first loves, and values. You can find her books on Amazon 

We both agree that daydreaming can come in handy for a writer.

Here is the article:


Happy to have author Darlene Foster back on the blog today with a guest post. She writes the  Amanda Travels adventure series and today Darlene is here to talk about something I do so, so often–daydreaming! 

Daydream Believer by Darlene Foster

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

As long as I can remember I have been a daydreamer. Daydreaming has kept me from being bored, lonely and unhappy. It has also been responsible for me accomplishing many of my goals. Many of them started as a daydream.

Read the rest here

Do you still daydream? 

43 Responses to "Do You Believe in Daydreaming?"

Terrific post! Bravo to you both on your success as Authors as well!

Thanks, John. I recall when we had published one book each. Who would have thought 10 years later?

Bravo to you! My granddaughter is a year or so away from getting all of your books…cant wait for her to be able to read them! I am a travel fanatic and love that you take young minds around the world!

I haven’t thought much about daydreaming. I’ll have to see what you think!

Thanks for your comment on Krysten’s blog. Studies have proven that daydreaming is good for you!

I think your daydreaming is more organized than mine. When I am not focused on something, my mind wanders all over the place. Maybe that shouldn’t count.

It is the same for me. But out of the mind-wandering comes the seeds of ideas. So it does count!

I’m going to try redirecting my daydreams. Mine often go down dark pathways to things I don’t want to face. Maybe I could apply some sunshine to twist things to a happier note. I’m glad you made me think of that.

I loved this post – as a daydreamer from childhood myself, I could really relate to it. I especially loved those teddy bear names and the influence of your teacher.

Thanks, Anne. I still have those teddy bears, although they now look the worse for wear.

Congratulations on being a guest post! Left comment there!! Strong believer in daydreaming and found your use of it as a child fascinating! Great post!!

I find your post quite revealing, Darlene. I think that daydreaming, in many ways, reflects creativity. People associate it with longing for something that has happened in the past, and that is not necessarily true.

There may be certain places when daydreaming isn’t helpful (driving, job interview, while attending a class, etc.), but some of my best ideas come when I’m daydreaming.

Daydreaming certainly can create great ideas. I must admit I have daydreamed at business meetings, in a class or workshop and even when driving but never in a job interview!

Great guest post! I’m totally with you on the importance of daydreaming. I also love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote. Thank you for sharing this important reminder.

Glad you enjoyed it!! I have always loved that ER quote. Happy to share.

I just wrote a response which seems to have vanished…perhaps it will reappear in which case you can delete this one…

I really enjoyed this post because I grew up on an isolated hillside in South Africa, and had a lot of time alone spent sitting on rocks and daydreaming and making imaginary friends.

I always enjoy reading you as you are such a natural and skilled storyteller!


Thank you so much, Peta, for those kind words. You can understand the value of daydreaming as your upbringing was similar to mine. (just in a different country!)

A great beginning, Darlene. I’m going over to finish reading.

Thanks for your comments. I thought you would relate to this post!

Great guest post, Darlene. Thanks for sharing your story and the importance of daydreaming. I love to day dream and do it often. I also love E. Roosevelt quote. Some day I hope to write a book from my daydreaming and travels. My blog is my playground for now #senisal

Thanks, Natalie for stopping over from #senisal. I’m sure, when the time is right, you will write a book about your travels. Blogging is a great start. xo

Love daydreaming, Darlene. Isn’t it a vital component of the writer’s tool-kit?

I believe you are right!!

Darlene, a beautiful post about your experience of daydreaming and I would say it’s a must for all authors!

My reaction to reading mirrors yours:

“Once I learned to read, I felt like I had reached nirvana.” It was an incredible sensation and I’ve never looked back!

Isn’t it wonderful how reading opens up the world to us? Yes, daydreaming is something inherent to an author.

This was a great post! I have always been a day dreamer, avid reader, and writer. I used to make up people and storylines too. It always kept life interesting.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. What a boring life we would have if we didn´t daydream.

You mean some people don’t daydream? I cannot imagine how that could be. Where do you get your ideas from if you don’t daydream?

I know! But I have met some people who don´t daydream, or maybe just don´t allow themselves to daydream. Hard to understand.

Maybe it was from a girlhood crush on Davy Jones (Day Dream Believer) but I was a huge daydreamer back in the day. Now I can’t add to a story until I can see it, daydream it. Sweet dreams Darlene.

I remember Davy Jones very well. What a cutie. I daydreamed about Bobby Darren. WE had a wonderful life together. Daydreaming up scenes for my stories works for me too. xo

I was always being punished at school for daydreaming. I still do it now. Perhaps creative writers are prone to this? Great post, Darlene.

I know, I always got in trouble for daydreaming too at school and at home. It served us well in the end.

[…] Do You Believe in Daydreaming? […]

[…] I love this question, I do daydream but its normally about my mansion with the indoor swimming pool and helicopter pad, pop on over and tell Darlene what you daydream about via Do You Believe in Daydreaming? […]

I have daydreams all the time but they are pretty banal. I mean, I want a fridge with water and ice maker in the door. I want a heated in ground pool. I’d love to have a mega play area for my daughter that would put McDonald’s playplace to shame. (Including a ball pit and Skee ball lanes for her, er, I mean ,ME.) I am a lousy housekeeper so I could use one to come in a couple times a week to keep my home below biohazard status. And ya know, what every normal person wants, a moat out front with hungry snapping gators and crocs to ward off visitors…huh? That’s just me?
Well, I am an animal person and crocs and gators have to eat too…
Mostly I just daydream about us having enough income so I can keep her fed, clothed, educated, and somewhat happy with the normal ten year old amusements.
And ya know, keep my furchildren/cats in catnip and food and toys that keep them from clawing the furniture.
I just want all those I love to have what they need and be happy.

We all daydream about different things. Happy daydreaming!

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