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New Year, New Decade – 2020

Posted on: January 3, 2020

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”  Edith Lovejoy Pierce

I love the start of a new year. It´s an opportunity to re-evaluate my life and set goals for the next 12 months. They may not all be met, that’s OK, life gets in the way. But if there are no goals, nothing gets done and you just sit there. At least that´s how it is for me and I’ve got to keep on moving! 

“Even though you are on the right track – you will get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

With that in mind, here are my goals for 2020.

  1. Edit Amanda in Malta:The Sleeping Lady and send it to the publisher
  2. Write Amanda in France
  3. Decide if I should continue writing Amanda stories or venture into something else.
  4. Write more short stories
  5. Write more travel articles
  6. Help others with their writing as many have helped me
  7. Work on my TBR list, read at least 40 books 
  8. Visit Venice
  9. Attend a family reunion in Alberta
  10. Travel to the UK and visit friends
  11. Organize my office
  12. Organize my computer files
  13. Learn more about writing and publishing a picture book
  14. Publish an anthology of short stories

My three words for 2020 are:

support – Support others in whatever way I can, as so many have supported me over the years.

connect – Connect with people, stay in touch, facilitate connections.

motion – Keep moving, physically and mentally.

My first goal of 2020 was to write this list and it´s done! I would love to hear about your goals and/or words for this year, the start of a new decade.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

I better get writing!

85 Responses to "New Year, New Decade – 2020"

I’ve already failed one resolution – cook dinner on time!

At least you cooked dinner! xo

I need a like button for Tidalscribe! Ha!

Me, this goals stuff is out of my hands. I just keep writing. Well, some marketing. Sigh.

That was a great response! You accomplish so much so whatever you are doing, keep doing it. Happy writing in 2020!!

Great list! I make New Years goals too. I especially like that you choose 3 words… I think I’ll try to incorporate that as well. Happy New Year and good luck with these goals!

Thanks´Shelley. I´m so glad we keep in touch. Some people just pick one word but I can´t narrow it down to one. Have a fabulous 2020!

I have a bad cold, and I’m totally in awe of your goals. Right now I just want to breathe.

So sorry that you have a cold. I hope you are breathing better soon. Have a good 2020 once you have the cold out of the way. xo

I love the idea of your 3 words.

Me too. Some people pick just one word for the year, which is great, but I have trouble picking just one. Happy New Year!!

Good luck with all your goals – especially the one about coming to the UK, as long as you include a trip to Scotland! I only have one – to get the Goldfish memoir written and edited.

Thanks, Mary. Having one good goal is enough. Good luck with it. xo

I’m into setting goals. Not to get set up for failure, but to remind myself where I’m trying to go. This looks like a realistic and doable list, Darlene.

The goals need to be doable. I use the SMART goal setting method. One I used to teach in life skills workshops. It works for me. It is important to be flexible and not beat yourself up if you don´t meet a goal. Have a great 2020.

Great goals and great word choices. Wishing you great success for 2020 and beyond!

Thanks, Debra. I am happy with the goals and words. Wishing you success as well. xo

Those are great goals. Good luck with them.

Great list, Darlene. Like another Anne has commented here, I too have a cold – and a random but very sore back. This is causing a bit of brain fog but my main aim for 2020 is to write more, keep healthy ( after this bit of a false start) and see friends and family as much as possible. Happy New Year to you.

Thanks, Anne. I hope you recover from your cold quickly so you can get on with the business of 2020! Your goals are great and I wish you all the best. Happy writing.

I admire your optimism in compiling such a list: if I did it, reviewing my failures in twelve months’ time would be so disheartening! Good luck!

Thanks, Clive. It is important to give myself permission to not meet all the goals and never beat myself up if you don´t. I always list more things than I can possibly do but I need choices. I´m weird that way!

Best wishes for accomplishing your goals for 2020!

Thanks for adding this link to Click & Run. I’m not into making lists but prefer to just take each day as it comes, otherwise jobs to do on a list would start nagging at my conscience every time I sat down to read a book or went outside for a walk!

I know, I’m weird but I’ve been a list maker all my life. Without one I feel lost. I actually include on my to-do lists things like, read a book, go for a walk, call a friend etc. It works for me!

Happy New Year Darlene! I love the introductory quote. What a great goal-filled post and I like your attitude towards being kind to yourself if you don’t meet all of your goals (this is so important). Thank you again for stopping by my blog, it’s a pleasure to meet you. As a reformed listmaker, I began a journey to self-discovery in 2019 and will continue doing so this year. My word for the year is “reframing” to help me silence my inner-critic, elevate self-compassion, and increase my practice in mindfulness. Have a fabulous weekend! ~Steph

That is a great quote, isn’t it? I love your word for the year. We all should practice reframing from time to time. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Stephanae. Have a great week yourself. xo

These are great goals for 2020, Darlene. With regards to branching into different writing, I suppose that depends on whether you still get the same pleasure from writing about Amanda. If you do, I see no reason to change. If you need a new challenge, then a new genre fits the bill.

Thanks, Robbie. I am so envious of someone like you who can write in a number of different genres. Maybe I need to step out of my comfort zone and try something different, although I still enjoy Amanda and her adventures and have more ideas. Perhaps I can do it gradually. Thanks for your valuable input.

Fabulous list, Darlene! Over the past couple years, I’ve also chosen focus words, but haven’t decided on one yet for 2020 – but I’m getting close.

Thank Teri. I seem to be able to list my goals with ease, but it takes me a lot of time and thought to come up with the words. Good luck.

Darlene, wow…I admire how organized you are. I usually have a small wish list in my head, but don’t tend to write it down. Perhaps I should, since it is great looking back and see what has been accomplished. I like your 3 words for 2020, I wish you a fantastic New Year.

Thanks so much, Gilda. I’ve been doing this since I was a young girl Old Habits die hard. By writing them down and then sharing them, I am more likely to get them done. It is more of a motivation exercise than anything else. I’m glad you like the words. Have an awesome 2020!

Happy New Year! You have your year cut out for you. Glad to see two more Amanda books. Loved the WW II angle in your latest book. Have you thought about Amanda visiting the Amazon, Costa Rica, Africa and other places around the world where she can participate in rescuing animals from poachers or visit a school built for girl’s in Africa or the Middle East etc. The skies the limit with your series — that’s what I love about it. Would love to just chat with you some time.

Thank you so much, Patricia. Your ideas are great. I have always thought I should only have Amanda visit places I have visited, and I have never been to those places. Perhaps I should rethink that. I would love to chat as well. Happy New Year to you as well.

I love what you write, but I see Amanda growing and doing more to make a difference too, no matter how small or large.

HAPPY 2020!! Hope you can do all of these plus more 🙂

PS-You are so organized!!

Happy 2020 to you too!! I am only organized because I make lists. Without them, I am a mess. xo

Wow! These goals are impressive. You rock, Darlene!

Awe! Thanks. It helps that I have so many that support and encourage me.

Count me as one of the many. 😍

[…] I also think its important to have goals, what about you? via New Year, New Decade – 2020 […]

I love the quotes that you added to this post. I haven’t made my list yet. 1, Finish my darn trilogy. There, done. Ha ha. Great goals, Darlene, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you met every one. Have a wonderfully productive, happy, and healthy new year. ❤

Thank you so much. All the best in completing the trilogy. It will be done when it is supposed to be done. Have a great 2020. ❤

Yes, there’s no rushing these things. 😀

I enjoyed reading your list of goals for 2020. Happy New Year!

Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you as well!

Happy New Year, Darlene. That’s an impressive list of goals, good luck with them. 🙂 Love the Edith Lovejoy Pierce quote, I must borrow that off you.

Thanks, Cath. Go ahead and borrow away. I probably borrowed the quote from someone else at one time. Happy New Year to you as well.

May all of your goals come to fruition!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!

Thanks, Kirt. And all the best for 2020 to you as well.

Perfect words and goals for you, Darlene. I also set my plans and goals for the year. All the best to you in 2020! #senisal

Thanks, Natalie!! Good luck with your goals as well.

Love your list Darlene. Not hard to see you’ll be one busy beaver. Good luck with your wonderful plans ❤

Thanks so much. It´s best to keep busy, keeps the dust bunnies out of your brain. xo

What a list, Darlene! You’re going to be so busy, but that’s good, right? I usually limit my own list to three or four items. For me it’s easier to concentrate on a few things I want to accomplish. I write them down, then put the list away, and at the end of the year I check how many things I accomplished. Usually I’m surprised that I actually did focus on them and didn’t just forget. That’s kind of reassuring. But you go ahead and plunge right in. Have a wonderful, creative year with lots of friends and some great trips–and of course new books!

Thanks, Christa. I tend to write the goals down and put them away as well. I always list more than I accomplish but I can always add them to the next year if I still want to do them. But you are right, it gives you something to focus on. Being busy is best for me. You won’t like me if I was bored. Have a great year ahead as well.

Darlene, good luck with your goals.:) I love your writing ambitions. Very cool.
It seems to me that the hardest one is to organize your computer files. Well, maybe not the hardest but the one that tends to be left for tomorrow.:)

I so agree. Organizing the computer files always gets left. I really need to buckle down and just do it!

Darlene, wow! A fantastic set of goals and I love how you are looking forward to helping others with their writing as well … your support here on WP is fantastic! Good luck with all your wishes for 2020 and I’m sure you’ll achieve them all. Have a most special time in the U.K. and may the weather be kind to you!

Your quotes here are superb and inspiring … The one from Dr Seuss is great when one is about to start flagging!

Hugs xx

I love that Dr. Seuss quote too! It should be framed and hanging in my office. Thanks for your good wishes. xo

All the best for 2020, Darlene. 🙂

Thank you, Kevin. Wishin you the same!!

I love the Dr Seuss quote and in fact that whole book of his. And all the others as well, although this particular book of his, we can I am sure agree is different to the others. Great list of goals for 2020 and even if you do half of those I am sure you will feel as though you have achieved something!

My personal goals are to exercise more and to get back into better health by eating a cleaner simpler diet. Too much temptation has led me astray and at ten pounds heavier than normal I don’t feel much like myself.

Have a wonderful year and hope it is full of joy and accomplishment both!!


Thanks, Peta. I wish you both all the best in 2020. I know what you mean, there is so much tasty, but not always good for you, choices of food out there. Christmas has taken a toll. Fortunately, my dog gets me out for long walks which helps. I have always loved that Dr. Seuss quote and that book. Great for all ages. xo

Somehow, writing them down really helps to attain them! Blogging them reeeeally puts our resolutions out there.
Happy New Year, Darlene!

I know. Now I really have to work on attaining these goals. xo

Darlene you are inspiring. So organized and setting such specific goals. Clearly it works so well. I especially love your goal of paying it forward and helping others as others have helped you.
To be honest I’m not sure what the year ahead brings. Both our Moms began the year in hospital and my Mom remains. I am in Saskatchewan in the hospital lobby as I write this. This chapter of life brings unexpected twists and turns. As I write I think a goal I have been working on is flexibility. 🙂

I am sorry to hear about your mom being in the hospital. This is always the concern with aging parents, one never knows. Flexibility is a great word for the coming year. GIve her my regards as I wish all of you a favorable 2020. Sending hugs. xo

Thank you Darlene. I’m just heading back to her room so will definitely pass on those good wishes. I appreciate the hugs from afar. Xo

Hi, Darlene – I like your NY goals and your WsOTY. They are all very inspiring. This year I didn’t set any NY goals. I also didn’t intentionally set a WOTY…but…. “invitational” keeps choosing me!

Sometimes words just choose us, don´t they? Have a great 2020!!

I make affirmations and also visioning boards, but I don’t make what some of us call resolutions. It ultimately works the same. I just don’t find a need to break them. Thank you kindly and whatever works is good for each of us.

Exactly, whatever works for each of us. I love vision boards as well. Thanks, Anne. Have a great 2020.

[…] Darlene Foster – New Year, New Decade – 2020 […]

I found you via Susie, so “Hi!’ Three words for the year? You’re an overachiever, aren’t you? I wish you well with all your intentions, knowing that you’re headed in a good direction. Cheers.

Thanks so much. I have been called an overachiever before! I have tried to slow down since I retired but old habits die hard. Thanks so much for stopping by, Ally

1.To write a book of short stories and get it published.
2. To visit my younger sister in the States.

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