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Merry Christmas and Q and A with D.G. Kaye

Posted on: December 24, 2019

This will be my last post until after Christmas so I would like to wish everyone a fabulous holiday season, whether you spend it with family and friends or if you spend it with yourself, some cookies and a good book! I will be spending Christmas in sunny Spain with hubby and Dot but thinking of my family and friends in Canada and all over the world.

I was delighted to be a guest on fellow Canadian author, D.G. Kaye´s blog, where I answer questios like:

Do some of your own character traits or personal experiences spill into your book’s characters?

Q and A with D.G. Kaye, Featuring Children’s Author Darlene Foster
December 20, 2019
Welcome to the last of 2019 author interviews. And I’m happy to send off the season with my featured author guest Darlene Foster. Darlene has recently released another book in her Amanda travels series – Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action. And Darlene is already working on the next book in the series! Let’s find out what she’s up to!

Read the rest here


However you spend this wonderful tme of the year, may it be full of Joy and Peace! Here is a great version of one of my favourite Christmas songs.

30 Responses to "Merry Christmas and Q and A with D.G. Kaye"

What a lovely way to end the year, Norah. I love Little Drummer Boy. And great interview!

Thanks, Jacqui! This version of Little Drummer boy is so good. I love the songs at this time of year.

Another lovely interview, Darlene, and how busy you keep. Congratulations on the Amanda in Malta story. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Festive good wishes, and thanks for sharing that video, all these years of hearing it, I’d not thought about how much feeling he put into singing it – and I loved the puppets.

Thanks, Cath for the good wishes. I love the puppets in the video. Put I have always loved puppets. Bob Seger puts his all into everything he does. Here he is a few years later, singing the same song. Old rockers never lose it. https://uk.video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=bob+seger+little+drummer+boy+lyrics#id=2&vid=441384e753fc27e4d9976fe83d52bfdd&action=click

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Thank you so much!! All the best of the season to you and yours. xo

Happy Christmas to you and yours, Darlene and wishing you all the best for 2020.

To you as well. Mary!! xo

What a delightful interview, Darlene! I enjoyed all of your responses, but picturing an aunt with her niece in a Model T Ford using their imaginations is a beautiful image. All children should be this lucky!

I am so pleased you enjoyed the interview, especially the story of my aunt (who is my age I should add) and me in that old Model T, traveling the world. We were indeed lucky.

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the Bob Seger version of Little Drummer boy, it’s rather good, isn’t it!

Thanks, Clive. All the best to you for this holiday season. I love that version.

Great interview from start to finish. And Merry Christmas to you and Debby! See you in the new year.

Thank you so much, Marian. Have a fabulous Christmas with lots of family, fun, food and love.

Just dropped in to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, Darlene. Not a version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ I’ve hear before – think I’m stuck on the Crosby/Bowie one!

So nice to see you here, Mike. thanks for the good wishes. Crosby/Bowie do a great job of the song too. Enjoy the holidays!

Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo, Darlene.

And to you as well. Have a wonderful day!!

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Merry Christmas! 🎄

Thanks. Have a great Christmas!!

You, too, Darlene.🎄

Thanks Darlene, Happy Christmas and more writing fun in the new decade.

Have a fabulous Christmas!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, DArlene.

It was great!! Thanks.

I have been enjoying your posts on Facebook over the holidays. Wishing you the very best in the New Year. Inspire on Darlene. I’ve said it before but you are the role model for making dreams come true.

Thank you for that, Sue. It has been an awesome Christmas here in Spain and I´m pleased you enjoyed the posts. I´m sure you had a wonderful time with your family as well. Nothing like Christmas with grandchildren. xo

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