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Ani’s Advent 2019! Fish, bullies and a letter from Darlene Foster’s Dot…

Posted on: December 19, 2019

Dot´s letter to Santa Claus is featured on Sue Vincent´s blog today, where she admits she hasn’t always been good. Dot and Sue´s dog, Ani have become blogging friends. Dot is helping Ani out so she doesn’t have to wear the awful reindeer antlers this year. Check it out. Merry Christmas from Dot and everyone at her house. Woof woof!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Dear Santa,

I’ve been wondering what my two-legs would like for Christmas. I mean, there are loads of things that would be nice for her, but she says there’s not much she needs.

But, today I heard her muttering. And I’ve found something!

She needs fish.

Not just any fish, mind… special ones.

And not to eat (though I am partial to a bit of salmon or tuna…)

You see, we’ve got this fish tank and she looks after it all the time, but one of the fish is a bully. Well, two of them really, but one of them just dashes at everyone when it is feeding time. This one bullies its mate…and she is really not happy about that! I mean the two-legs, but I don’t think the mate is either.

The poor little female fishy is getting battered. And that’s no joke. So, she’s done her research…

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19 Responses to "Ani’s Advent 2019! Fish, bullies and a letter from Darlene Foster’s Dot…"

Ani asked me to thank Dot for her letter… and wish you all a very happy Christmas. x

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!! xo

Merry Christmas, Darlene 🙂

Happy holidays!

And to you and yours, John. 🌲

So cute. I can see Dot staring at the fish. My dog–I’ll take him staying while I endlessly pet him as my Christmas gift!

Thanks, Jacqui. I hope you and your dog have a great Christmas.

Very clever and a lot of fun! Happy Holidays!

It is a lot of fun to include our fur babies in the Christmas celebrations. Have a great time with hour family and friends.

I can just about picture Dot observing and standing by the fish tank, she is so cute. Merry Christmas to you, Hubby and Dot, enjoy every minute. May 2020 be a very inspiring year for you😄

Thank you so much, Gilda. Dot says thanks too. She is a sweetie and we are happy to share our Christmas with her. Have a fabulous holiday season.

I remember Dot’s letter from last year. What a clever pup and so sorry to hear about the poison caterpillar. That must have been very frightening for all.
Holiday wishes to you and your whole family Darlene!

The poisonous caterpillar was very scary. The effects of being in contact are almost instant. They are nasty. So no walks in the parks from January to the end of March. Thankfully we have the beaches to run on at that time. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!!

Who knew such powerful little creatures existed? The beach sounds like a perfect spot for Dot to be instead. Happy Holidays!

Who wouldn’t love Dot staring at the fish? Adorable, Darlene!

Thanks! It is actually Ani staring at the fish. But if we had a fish tank I´m sure Dot would watch them as well. Dot´s letter is further on in the post where she confesses to not always being good. I agree she is adorable!! Dot says thanks for reading and have a great Christmas. bow wow

I knew it was Ani, I was just thinking how adorable it would be to see Dot staring at the fish. Love those four-legged fur balls! Woof woof, Dot. 🙂

Maybe I should get a fish tank. We used to have one years ago when the kids were small. I bet Dot would love it!! xo

I bet she would! 🙂

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