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Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action (7) by Darlene Foster

Posted on: December 10, 2019

A great review for Amanda in Holland over at Patricia Tilton’s blog today. Patricia reviews wonderful books and I often get ideas for book gifts from her blog. Check it out.

Also if you liked the cover of my book, Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action (Amanda Travels), please vote for it for the Cover of the Month contest on AllAuthor.com! Thanks!

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Children's Books Heal

Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action (7) (Amanda Travels)

Darlene Foster, Author

Central Avenue Publishing, Fiction, Sep. 3, 2019

Suitable for Ages: 9-12

Themes: Adventure, Travel, Holland, Mystery, Friendship


Amanda Ross is in Holland with her best friend Leah Anderson to visit the sites, while Leah’s father is doing business there. Top of her list is to visit and photograph all of the tulip fields. Amanda and Leah travel the canals of Amsterdam, visit the Anne Frank House, take pictures at Keukenhof Gardens, see windmills, and visit a wooden shoe factory.

Amanda is eager to find out what happened to her great uncle who never returned from WWII and was declared missing in action. What she doesn’t expect to find and fall in love with is Joey, an abandoned puppy. While trying to find a home for him, she meets Jan, a Dutch boy who offers…

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24 Responses to "Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action (7) by Darlene Foster"

I am always thrilled when I can recommend a good children’s book to friends, family and local bookstores.

Thanks so much!! Books make the best gifts.

Good synopsis, Patricia. I’ll have to drop in, see what else you have to say!

Patricia does excellent reviews of children´s books. I am so proud my book has been included.

I just picked up Amanda in Alberta, Darlene. I’m looking forward to reading that one, and perhaps I’ll give this one a look.

Thanks, Pete. I hope you enjoy Amanda in her own country. Let me know what you think.

Wonderful review, Darlene. The vote button didn’t work for me. I’ll go over and look for it on AllAuthor.

Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it. I’m so happy with the review.

I voted for your cover!! Have a great week!

Great review! I love your cover and am off to vote now!

Thanks!! Appreciate the vote. xo

Congratulations on the review, Darlene!

Thanks, Liz. Reviews are gold.

So I’ve come to learn!

A wonderful review, Darlene – and I voted – good luck!

Excellent, Darlene!

Thanks, Jennie. This review made my day.

I bet it did! Best to you, Darlene.

I’m delighted you liked the review. I certainly enjoyed your story! Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas Season as well!

What a lovely review of your book. Congratulations!!

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