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Dot’s Post on Fur Kid Friday

Posted on: November 3, 2019

While I was away in Canada, Dot was a busy dog. She was a guest on Victoria Ziglar’s blog where she was interviewed by Lilie the Westie. I think she did a great job and I’m so proud of her. Here is the post, check it out and leave Dot a comment.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Friends Of #FurkidFriday: Dot

Hi everyone. This is Lilie the Westie.

I’ve got another friend for you to meet today. Her name is Dot. So, let’s meet her, shall we?

Hi Dot. Nice name… Short and simple. So, Dot, how did you get your name?

My name is Dot because I have a large dot on my back. I was called Dottie when mom and dad adopted me, but mom didn’t like it so she shortened it to Dot.

That makes sense. What species and breed are you?

I am a Bodeguero, a Spanish breed. I’m part Jack Russell and part Fox Terrier. We were bred initially to keep the vermin out of the bodegas (wine cellars). Now we just chase cats.

You sound like an interesting dog. Mummy says she bets you’re adorable. So, can you please describe your appearance. I know you also sent a photo – which I’ll share in a moment – but please describe yourself too, for the benefit of those who can’t see the photo, like my Mummy.

I’m adorable, at least that’s what mom says. I have short white hair, with a few black dots. My face is white, black and brown, my eyes are chocolate brown and I have brown velvety floppy ears. I have long legs and have the shape of a whippet but not quite as skinny. I can run very fast and jump over walls and fences like a gazelle.

Enjoy the rest of Dot’s interview here:


I’m so happy to be back home with this clever little dog.

51 Responses to "Dot’s Post on Fur Kid Friday"

Aw. Dot IS adorable.

I so agree. Love her to bits!!

Yikes – How did my unfinished comment go through? Memo to me — slow down when typing. Here’s what I was trying to say: I second Jacqui’s comment – Dot is absolutely adorable!

I do that often too. No worries. Dot is a real sweetie!

Dot sounds like a lovely dog, Darlene. I believe you met my cousin in Vancouver. She said she bought a couple of Amanda books for her grandchildren.

I did meet your cousin. What a lovely surprise. Thanks for the card, hand-delivered! I thought I sent you a message, but I’m still in jet lag mode. xo

Dot is simply adorable, I bet you miss her when you travel. No doubt she misses you😄

We do miss each other but she is happy to be with her dad who she adores. She is my sweetie. xo

I’m smiling because my son has a noticeable dot on his lower back, and we call it Dot. “How is Dot today?” “Hello, Dot.” We’ve be referring to Dot for about 18 years.

That is funny. We felt Dot was a bit better than Spot, although some people will call her that.

Oh yes, I did read this over at Tori’s. For some reason, I can’t comment on her blog so I usually do so on FB. I enjoyed this post, Darlene, and shared it at the time.

Yes, you did. Even though I was travelling I did see it. Thanks so much. We love our little poppet.

Lilie and I loved having Dot over for a visit. Lilie always loves making new friends. 🙂

Dot loves making new friends too. Thanks for having her as a guest. xo

Darlene, you are full of energy and ideas! Lovely post!

Thanks, Ruth. It was fun to put together and of course, I so love my Dot.

I see intelligence in those sparkling doggie eyes!

She’s a smart cookie, that little one.

I’m so happy, Dot, that you got rescued, especially into such a good family. What a lucky dog you are! 🙂

And we are so lucky to have her as part of our family. It is win win for all of us. xo

This is hysterical. Heading over to Lillie’s to read more. 🙂

So nice to meet you, Dot! You are a very good writer!

Thanks, Laurie. Mom taught me well. bow wow

I read this last week – such a cute interview with Dot!

I saw your comment on Tori’s blog. Dot says thanks! bow wow

What a face – Dot is beautiful, and gave a lovely interview. Most enjoyable.

She is a sweetie. Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Simply adorable … an eloquent interview and so sweet!😀

Dot has a way with words!! Thanks.

Nice to see you over at Lillie’s, Dot…I was there the other month she is fun I am sure you are to…woof Saangchai …

We can all belong to the blogging dog club! woof, Dot.

Love that idea…woof, woof ..Saangchai

Love the interview….how cute!!!

Thanks, Kirt. It is a cute idea.

I just love Dot’s facial expressions. And I always laugh when people say that they can’t figure out what a dog is thinking. REALLY? They show us all the time. Okay, off to check out Dot’s interview….

Yup, she certainly shows me what’s she’s thinking. xo

Haven’t heard of that breed. She’s cute!

They are specific to Spain. She is a cutie alright and such a great companion.

[…] I do often wonder what my pets are thinking via Dot’s Post on Fur Kid Friday […]

So sweet! My new granddaughter is called Dottie 🙂

Such a cute name. I´m sure she is a sweetie too.

Very interesting interview! Hope your doing fine these days, Dot!

Thanks for stopping by. I,m doing fine, thanks. Getting lots of walks.

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