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Author Spotlight: Darlene Foster

Posted on: August 23, 2019

So pleased to be a guest on Amy Reade’s blog, Reade and Write where I give some advice to aspiring writers and talk about my upcoming release. Check it out!

Reade and Write

Today on Reade and Write I’m thrilled to welcome Darlene Foster, who’s here to talk about her newest novel, Amanda in Holland – Missing in Action, Book 7 in the Amanda Travels series (it’s available for pre-order now–it will be released on September 3rd). You will love the covers of these delightful books, and I love the idea behind the series because I enjoy reading stories set in places all over the world. Darlene’s books are a bit different from ones I normally spotlight on this blog because they’re written with a younger audience in mind, but so many adults love the books, too. And I think you’ll enjoy the interview as much as I did.

Congratulations on your next release! Tell us all about it. 

In Amanda in Holland – Missing in Action, Amanda is in Holland to see the tulips with her best friend, Leah, travelling the…

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22 Responses to "Author Spotlight: Darlene Foster"

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Thanks for reblogging!!

Brava! I recently saw a display of all your books, perhaps on Facebook: 7 + your piggy book.

You have a lot to be proud of, Darlene.

Thanks! Yes, I think it was on Facebook or Instagram. Hard to keep up. It made me stop and think. I guess I know what I´ve been doing the past ten years!

Sounds fun, Darlene. I’ll check it out.

Thanks, Jacqui. These are fun.

Bravo on the release of your new book!

Darlene each time I read a guest post I think, this will be the time there isn’t a new gem uncovered about you. Wrong again. I’m delighted to hear of your want to visit Australia and New Zealand. I have no doubt Amanda would love to explore there. I have visions of koalas and kangaroos as I write. I hope your dream comes true.

Thanks, Sue. Australia and New Zealand have been on the list for a while. You never know.

Congratulations, Darlene. This is fabulous.

Wonderful, Darlene, going over to finish reading.

Thanks, Robbie. I’m loving your pictures from the UK.

Wonderful interview, Darlene. Congratulations on the release of your new book! I also have Australia and New Zealand on my “to visit” list. I may have to break the long flights with at least one stopover somewhere.

Thanks, Natalie. It will be interesting to see who gets there first. It will be a long flight

A lovely interview, Darlene. Writing something everyday is such good advice. I’ll keep your success in mind when I can feel myself on the slide.

Thanks, Cath. Sometimes it’s not much, but even a little bit of writing a day, keeps you going. I admire those who can sit down and churn out 5000 words in a day. I tend to graze instead of devouring large meals!

I enjoyed reading this, interview Darlene! I left a comment over there but it looks as though it didn’t post unless it’s awaiting moderation.

You already know I admire you for your adventuresome spirit. I know Miss Charlotte will enjoy this book, too! Can hardly wait.

Miss Charlotte is one of my special fans. I´m so pleased she is still enjoying the stories. She might want to go to Holland after this one.

I didn’t know you wanted to visit Australia. You must go, and write the next Amanda story! Wonderful interview, Darlene.

It’s on the list and a great place for Amanda to have an adventure.

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