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Amazing Over 50s – Darlene Foster

Posted on: July 26, 2019

I was invited to be a guest on a great blog called Loving The Fifty Something

Read what I have to say about getting older and check out Sam’s interesting blog where she features other over 50s. 

Amazing Over 50’s – Darlene Foster

Amazing over 50’s

I am inviting and featuring ‘Mid-lifers’ who are enjoying life over 50 and who are happy to shout out about great health, fitness, lifestyles, work or their achievements etc, but more importantly who are embracing this time of their lives with pride and open arms.

This month I’m happy to introduce Darlene Foster as my seventeenth guest.  Darlene is an author and blogger.

Welcome to Loving The Fifty Something, Darlene

Can I ask you to tell us a little about yourself  

Of course, you can, but you might be sorry. I’ll try to keep it to the Readers Digest version. I spent a lot of time daydreaming and making up stories as a child. I dreamt of becoming a teacher, writing books, travelling the world and meeting interesting people. But as the saying goes, life happens when you’re making other plans.

Read more here https://lovingthefiftysomething.com/2019/07/25/amazing-over-50s-darlene-foster/

I’d be interested to learn your feelings about being over 50 if you are, and how you feel about becoming a 50 plus person if you aren’t.

57 Responses to "Amazing Over 50s – Darlene Foster"

Lovely, Darlene, going over to finish.

Thanks, Robbie. You have done so much already, just think what you will accomplish after 50!

Saw this at Sam’s, Darlene… a great interview.

You seem to have found a great balance Darlene, writing and travel, Canada and Spain etc. I remember well my own 50th birthday … a tragedy followed by a transformation and probably becoming more mindful for the next 20+ years!

It is often a turning point in one´s life. Becoming more mindful is always a benefit. It has been quite a while since I turned 50.

We’re in the same club!

I knew some of your background, but I didn’t realize how much your life changed after you were 50. Very inspiring!

Thanks, Anne. Some may call me a late bloomer.

You did plenty before 50, and then you zoomed in other directions. You are amazing!

Sure don’t look your age! Great interview!

Awe, thanks, Irene. It was good to look back and reflect on the changes that happened after I turned 50.

What a gorgeous picture. You, the flowers, the dog–how’d dI miss all that at 50!

Thanks, Jacqui. At 50 I would have never imagined I would eventually live in sunny Spain with a sweet dog and be writing books. It still feels like a dream sometimes.

I just left a comment at the “Over Fifty” website, but I’m not sure it posted, so I’m copying it here:

At 50, I was just launching into the teaching position I adored at the college. When I retired 21 years later, I thought the world would end. Not so! I discovered blogging in my 70s and now am publishing my first book, a memoir in September.

You are another person who didn´t stop just because you were over 50. That book is a long time coming but it will be so worth it!

Your interview was very inspiring to read. 🙂

Great post Darlene and Sam, congratulations. Xx

So glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to write as well.

What a great idea. I’m going over to read now.

Wonderful interview, Darlene. You are an inspiration!

It’s a GREAT post, Darlene. I commented over there. But I’ll say here that I became more of ME once I turned 50 and beyond. A few years after 50 I moved away from the life/friends/job/state that I loved for my guy’s career. I was devastated, but learned that past 50, we can still learn and thrive and expand our lives. I became a high school special education tutor – amazing! – and began teaching new creative writing classes, where I met fabulous writers. I published my first book of romantic suspense, then my second, and then MORE. There’s something freeing about reaching past the middle part of our life. xo

This is so true. We do become more of who we really are after 50. It is wonderful when we realize what we are actually capable of. You did so well! And continue to do so. xo

Some terrific advice, Darlene. As I inch ever closer to that mark, I (like you were) am sort of dreading it. You are a great example-that it’s never too late to learn, experiment, try new things, and best of all, have fun!

So pleased you liked this post. It really is a great time and I don´t know what I was so worried about.

Great interview, Darlene!

Thanks, Jennie.

You’re welcome, Darlene.

Lots of wisdom, Darlene. Experience is the best teacher. I’ve recently hit sixty, and for the first time in my life I’m paying to age. It isn’t a feeling of sadness as much as it is the feeling of wanting to check things off my Bucket List.

This is true and at 60 we still have the energy to do a lot of the things we have been wanting to do. So now´s the time! Thanks for dropping in and commenting.

[…] I am not there yet, but this was very interesting in how the mature person still loves living life via Amazing Over 50s – Darlene Foster […]

Darlene I enjoyed reading your thoughts on being over 50. I didn’t know you were a vegetarian. Although I’m not a strict vegetarian it is my preference.
This has been the best chapter of life for me as well. Less responsibility and more time to pursue the things we love.

It really can be the best of times, especially if your health is reasonable. It is what you make of it of course. Glad you enjoyed the post.

A lovely and inspiring post, Darlene. One of the best parts about being over 50 is seeing my children grown and establishing themselves, and allowing myself the opportunity to develop all kinds of new goals that I’d never dreamed possible in my 30’s and 40’s.

That is so true. Seeing our children and grandchildren become responsible adults is a gift after the childrearing days. And if we are lucky, they become our friends and supporters of our dreams.

I love the post and just left a comment on Sam’s blog. Thanks, Darlene, for sharing your inspiring story. #senisal

Thanks for checking it out, Natalie!

Such an interesting interview. A lovely combination of commonsense, reassurance and inspiration.

Thank you for those kind words, Cath.

Fabulous and empowering Darlene ❤

Thanks, Debby. You are another fabulous over 50 person!!

Aw shucks Darlene, thanks for that. ❤

Supermegawoman is exactly right, Darlene!

Awe, thanks, my dear writer friend.

This is a great interview, Darlene. I enjoyed learning a little more about you. I agree that turning fifty is an event to celebrate.

Thank, Norah. Oh, the wisdom of hindsight!

Nice interview Darlene. I think every decade of our life has something to off. After 50, I think we feel more comfortable in “our own skin”. You’ve had a rewarding and interesting life…keep enjoying it.

That is so true, Karen, every decade can be great. It hasn’t all been rosey, but I have always tried to make the best of every situation. I plan to continue to enjoy it.

Wonderful post, Darlene! Kudos on all you’ve accomplished and for keeping those years alive…

Thanks so much, Bette!

Christmas hugs & kisses! ❤

Merry Christmas wishes to you as well, Bette.

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